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Not a serious writer, and occasionally I create or forget about loose ends entire. That being said, I never stop trying to improve.


Meet Level Ledger, your average, well-read unicorn colt. He has a talent with numbers and systems, which is why Pegasus Air was so interested in acquiring his talents. They use him to make sure their books are balanced. Both the legal ones...and the ones that'll never see the light of day.

Meet Midnight Song, your not-average, well-trained Thestral mare. Everything she sets out to do, she accomplishes with aplomb. When she rises a little too quickly through the Day Guard's ranks, her superiors decide she needs to cool off and learn a bit about how to be a mature member of the Guard. Not a bad idea, seeing as she's a massive flirt.

When Level's rent goes up, he needs to take a roommate or risk being thrown out into the street. A twist of fate will see these two souls coming together and having the time of their lives.

Now, if only one of them could tell the truth to save their life...

A collab fic worked on by myself and Ausbrony. We liked the setting of Las Pegasus and the villains of Pegasus Air a lot, so we put our heads and characters together, and this came from our efforts.

In lieu of a list of dates, I will simply say that this story tends to get featured every time I update it for a short while at least. And I am very happy about that fact.~

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Well written so far, but that is to be expected from you. I think that I like it.

I still am waiting for the sequel to 'The Betrayed' though...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Sounds like a big reference to The Betrayed, still waiting for sequel....

IT. IS. HERE!! Glory be, the chaos hath been unleashed!


We need to start a group of everyone waiting for that sequel.

6000391 I could make one, actually, I will.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

6000671 You drove us to this Thadius...it's all you...

I like this story, quite nice and easy to enjoy. Props.

Looking forward to this one. It shows a lot of "odd-couple" promise.

Well written and overall well done. I look forward to more of these seductive shenanigans!

my interest has been piqued.

Looking forward to the next update. :pinkiehappy:

Ohhh.... good start. Gonna follow and give you a like. :twilightsmile:

Wow,this story is interesting. I'll add it to favorites.

Really enjoyed the interaction between Song and Ledger. I also liked the character of Frederick. Hope to see more of this story.

“Partly from my youth, mostly a choice I made a while ago, but I am asexual now,”

Eh... being asexual isn't exactly the same as keeping yourself away from romance. It isn't exactly a choice either.

I think you got something here but HOLY SHIT when they were exchanging information I really felt like I was hearing two robots talk. No I mean... too serious? Dunno... maybe that's their style. Do you have references for each char? Would be appreciated.

I'm singing a high note~


I'm having a bad stroke~


I want to die soon!~


Get blasted to the moon!~


Where was I?

So this is interesting. Is Midnight trying to get Level drunk so that he'll reveal his secret?

Distraction? What? Where!?:pinkiegasp:

Oh, you didn't post the? Ah...


Haze of alcohol? ...I don't like the sound of that.

and the next day begins with both of them in a bed?

6082587 And Lever wakes up first, in his Changeling form.

6091192 oh the awkwardness and panic would be glorious.

Good interesting start. Lets see where this goes.

I am quite enjoying this so far. While i'm going to hold back on the favorite for now, you have earned a like from me.

You should do an m Rated side story

I loved this chapter. Watching Midnight get flustered by Frederick's charm and Ledger appearance/size was hilarious. It was also funny to watch Midnight's joy at having the "superpower" of getting Ledger hinny just by thinking about it. Also, the fight scene was great. Thanks for the chapter. PS: How do I contact Aus to ask for a peek of the original version of the chapter?

I SUMMON THEE AUS TELL ME THE SECRET!! (but seriously this is a good story)

This chapter was great. I really liked how adorable you made the interaction between Lever and Midnight. The Truth or Myth game was interesting (I'm confused, what does Midnight meant when she said she tried? Does that mean that she failed?) and it was adorable to see Midnight liking Lever's disguise of R63 Midnight and her addiction towards mangoes. You both did a wonderful job for this chapter

6130423 - Indeed. Midnight Song has made a pass at both sisters... at the same time~

I wanna read more now... I hate it when that happens.. Cause it almost never happens.

Good story so far, cute batpone, I'm looking forward to the next update.
Edit: Next, next update, consarned "I didn't sleep so I missed the update"

HRRK *Falls over foaming At the Mouth*

Nah, Frederick isn't a ling, but we bet the landlord might be...

Why are there not more likes on this? It's actually darn good!
Keep going! ;)

This chapter was great. Midnight's parents were interesting, especially with how loving Moon is and how overprotective yet caring Grissom acts towards Midnight. Hope to see what he meant by that last line.

Awesome, this is featured! First comment too!

❦Level Ledger❦

... Are those jalapeños?

I honestly have no clue what those are, I didn't write that. We can ask Aus when he next shows up.

6156567 They're literal hearts, valves and all, not the emoji "<3" kind, the kind from a medical textbook.

Ha! Called it! Estate is totally a changeling before we knew! Sometimes we still have that edge....
Being topped off like that could be handy. Hopefully it won't be needed, but you can never be too prepared, right?
Keep going! ;)

Just so you guys know, come Friday, there will be an extra scene for this chapter in the cloptional collection.

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