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Approximately three thousand years before the events of A New Hope, Anonymous and Sunset Shimmer are a pair of Mandalorian bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy. With their friend Rarity, they work together to hunt down wanted individuals for anyone willing to pay, while dealing with the corrupt Republic, the hidden Sith, smugglers, crime lords, and nosy Jedi.

Originally a greentext story for /mlp/, I decided to post a non-greentext version here.

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I heard that one of the Hutts there, Diamond Tiara

Now that’s just mean :rainbowlaugh:

Really enjoying this! My self-insert loving side is bummed it’s only Sunset that’s sensitive, but I’m still super interested in where this goes.

Overall super enjoyable was surprised it was ending that quick but feels perfect with a sequel coming.

Tatooine was once a garden world if I remember correctly, at least in legends. I think the Rakata turned it into a desert

"Last one out, get the lights"
Halo 3?

Good read, man. On to the next one!

10461433 Very true. But one simply cannot help but chuckle at it

Why did you make this an anon story?

Because I wrote this story on /mlp/ in 2015 as a greentext story. This version is a revision so it's acceptable for FiM.
Plus, Anon stories are my favorite kind of pony stories.

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