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In her successful attempt to stop Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer ends up in the universe of The Batman. Now, with the help of her mentor Zatanna Zatara and two best friends—Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley—she has to figure out her place in a brand new world.

Currently being written by Ackbarfan5556 and Produced/Developed by yours truly.

My personal thanks go to Pen Stroke and Burraku_Pansa for helping me bounce this idea around and suffering through my naming process.

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Zatanna Zatara and two best friends: Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley


Wanderer D

7099424 Indeed. It makes you wonder: "how, exactly, is that going to go?" doesn't it?

7099424 Oh, Poison Ivy, I just got that. Been ages since I´ve seen The Batman. While it did have its flaws, I still enjoyed it

Majin Syeekoh

Bu-bu-bu... Batman doesn't eat nachos!:flutterrage:

I'll still give it a once-over because I enjoy DC-related things along with EqG.

Wanderer D

7099474 I don't know what offended me more. That Batman does indeed eat nachos... or that Alfred's Nacho Recipe is somewhat famous.

Majin Syeekoh

7099485 I wasn't aware of the second part, having only watched The Batman sporadically. I just remember when the internet was in an uproar over #nachogate.

I did see Bruce Wayne eat nachos and it really threw me off, though.

Wanderer D

7099494 Yeah. I watched more of it though, and it sort of irons out. That thing was just... it sort of became an in-series joke as time passed.

Neat, interesting start here. Never watched this Batman animation, but its got Sunset in it, so it can't be that bad.:twilightsmile:

This feels like a beginner writer's, albeit a fairly good beginner writer's, HiE fic. Character transported to another world suddenly, everyone accepting this really fast, a 'mystery' subplot that will probably save the day at the climax(Sunsert using Chaos and Order magic, despite this being really weird), some main character angst

She took a deep breath and looked away, hugging her arms. Her previous mistakes came to mind. Leaving Celestia's side, fending on her own, sneering at offered hands, breaking friendships, chasing people away, hitting rock bottom and being pulled up. Did she have the strength to deal with a new life on her own?

that's going to be overcome with friendship, what's likely going to be some action scenes against an established villain(Changelings or Sombra in regular HiE, probably Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, etc here) where the main character and the ponies(here Zatanna and Batgirl) show how badass they are.

On the bright side there are minimal typos, and there cliché's, while there, aren't being smashed over your head.

She had a pounding headache, and felt week all over.

Should be 'weak'.

Wanderer D

7099591 Thanks for the correction, but I'll be blunt and say that your expectations are actually not right. While of course friendship will prove a big part of it, it's less of a classic beginner's "Big Bad" and, like I said in my blog, going to focus on character development for Sunset rather than simply turning her into a fighting heroine and ending with a simplistic resolution like you suggested.

Edit: I'd take this with a bit more grace, but I have plenty of writing experience to not write something so predictable.

Excccellent. More Wanderer D, MORE Sunset Shimmer.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *tries to do a joker laugh*

Oh god, please don't tell me Joker is going to get involved... the idea of Joker getting his hands on Sunset is scary.

7099596 I would have faith in you, but this first chapter reads a lot like HiE fics I've read that, while decent, are no where near what I'd expect of someone with 39 stories and over 4k followers.

Wanderer D

7099637 I'd say I've proven several times before that I don't write stuff like that, but, if that's how you feel about it, that's how you feel about it.

Edit: In fact, check in a few chapters from now, you might change your mind! :pinkiecrazy:

No offense but you're making Fate look like a zealot in terms of order vs chaos, mind you he does have a few allies that use chaos magic like Constantine, and Etrigan is a chaos demon but Fate works with him nonetheless.

Wanderer D

7099653 I am making him a bit more of a hard-ass, but not everyone can welcome Sunset with open arms :derpytongue2: There's a bit of juggling there with the character, of course... I'm giving him more reservations about her because his power gives him some insight into possibility and also his greater affinity with Order would sense the remnants of Demon Shimmer... while at the same time 10 years ago Zatanna would have immediately jumped on that as well. Handling him as a bit more "Order-zealot-y" works for the story at present, but fear not, he's not that extreme that it will become a real OOC threat.

This looks intriguing, but I must go.

The salmon I'm cooking needs me.

Edit: I'm meh at the moment. Might stay for another chapter.

7099666 He just feels like an overly paranoid Batman with Mad-Eye-Moody tendencies.

This is getting off to a good start! Can't wait to see what happens if Batman comes across Sunset. I wonder what will happen if she learns of his past and what made him into what he is today.

Wanderer D

7099691 Now I have this mental image of Mad Fate Moody shuffling around and staring at walls. Thank you.

7099694 :rainbowlaugh:Happy to oblige, here's some complimentary brain bleach.:twilightsmile:

7099637 Because popularity is the same as quality, right?

I'm always a sucker for an interesting crossover.

Yay, another Sunset fic from you. Though certainly never expected this kind of MLP crossover either, but very interested to see where this one goes.

7099783 You are a horrible person for reminding people these things exist.

Damn it Wanderer....I won't be able to take a crossover of this magnitude!


Interesting... I shall watch this. It'll be interesting to see how you get Ivy to be on friendly terms with Sunset...

Heh. Just watched a great majority of this series again on Netflix. I didn't get to see it much when it was still on air - but what I saw, I liked.

This could prove interesting...

okay, i'm not sure who Pamela Isley is, but i like the story so far. look forward to seeing more

I saw this and thought, "Oh, it's one of those." Then I saw which Batman series it was based on. "Hey, actually it's been a while since I watched that one it was pretty good and I haven't seen a crossover with this one before." Then I saw who the author was. "He's actually pretty reliable for a good story. He'll probably do a good job with it." Now to actually start reading.

7100071 Well, in the show she and Barbara Gordon were really good friends before she became Poison Ivy.

7100204 She is the Batman's version of Poison Ivy, a teenaged eco-activist black bloc type who gets in over her head and ends up going Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. Also friends with that setting's Barbara Gordon, they're both much younger than the usual portrayal. In fact, I seem to remember them being more middle school than Rainboom age. Barbara was the breakout show-stealing character, made that version work after a shaky first season or so. But it's been a while, so that's all IIRC.

7100331 I haven't seen this version of Batman. No worries, I was thinking more of the The Animated Series continuity.

Ohh I like this very much so far. You have my attention. :pinkiehappy:

A good start. I look forward to seeing where you go with this: will it be more of a character piece (I'm looking at you Poison Ivy), or more of an action adventure fic?

It shall be interesting to find out.

Great start and love the plot.
Look forward to more, but question will we get to see what happening in Sunset's former home, and how Canterlot High handling this?
And what f Sci Twi?

It was good, but it felt a little rushed in a few places. Her conversation with zantanna kind of went all over the place and didn't really flow to me like a natural conversation.


Are you going to make concessions for those (me) who didn't watch The Batman on WB?

A breakdown on how chaos/order magic works vs harmony magic?

And are you going to keep it contained to Gotham or go on a dc tour?

Last q, have you ever come across any of wentworth360's stories on fan fiction?

I applaud your decision on getting sunset grounded instead of... Wandering Gotham.

Personally, the DCAU Batman will always be the definitive animated Batman to me (and everyone else, since they keep pulling Kevin Conroy in to do the voicework whenever they can), but I like The Batman and this looks pretty interesting.

I don't think I've seen any DC or Marvel crossovers yet, but so far this seems very good. I can't wait to see where this leads.

I wonder if Sunset Shimmer is destined to be some sorta multi-dimensional traveler?

7100949 I read a story where she is actually.

Wanderer D

7099881 Magnitude should be the name of a villain. Cue name puns every time he/she appears.
7100071 like 7100331 said, them being friends already makes it easier in some way, but I still have to see how they get along.
7099599 he'll eventually get involved. When doesn't he?
7100302 Hopefully that all cumulatively works to a good experience!
7100344 There's an episode where Barbara starts attending Gotham College, so I'm placing her and Pamela in high school. :pinkiecrazy:
7100406 I'm going to try to get a balance. Of course it being Gotham we'll need heroes and villains, but Sunset is not going to jump into a cape as easily as Barbara does.
7100636 I'll think about it? The idea is that clearly her original home is not in danger anymore, but I mean, there's always the appeal of seeing what's going on in her absence and a lot can be done to the feels with that. ATM, however, there's no intention for that to take place unless Sunset-relevant plot requires it.
7100655 Thank you, I'll go over the dialogue again and streamline if necessary.
7100707 In order: 1 & 2) Sunset is a stranger in a strange land, so she 's going to be our watson for things like DC magic, villains, heroes, locations and such. And of course being a secret nerd she'll be happy to discuss the nature of magic with Zatanna and spoiler as the story goes. 3) Sunset is going to be mostly grounded in Gotham. She'll live there, have most of her adventures there, etc. She might meander about a little if the plot requires it but that's where she's based and staying. 4) I'm afraid until now, I hadn't heard of wentworth360. I see however, that he writes a lot of DC-centric stories with a few with Zatanna in them, is that why you ask?
7100789 I also prefer the previous iteration, but this one provided a lot of nice plot devices and aged down most of the cast, which works better for this story... also, I'll be honest, I like this Batgirl more right now than I did the previous one.
7100829 There's a few out there, I hope this one lives up to expectations!
7100949 Only in that she's jumped three times, but no plans for something a-la-Lyra's Quest or Sweetie Chronicles.

7101075 would you care to share the title and author? I am intr.igued

I was never really into Batman's portrayal in The Batman, I get that he is a young Batman right now but he just feels so inexperienced (if not relatively incompetent) compared to what I am used to. Although to be fair I've only seen the first two seasons. If it weren't you writing this I'd probably skip it, but since it is do you think I should watch the remaining seasons to really understand what is going on? I don't think Zatara has been shown at all in the first two seasons, for example.

7100829 Go look up Let Them Wonder,by Onomonopia. It has Wonder Woman visiting the EQG universe and her adventures that take place there. It's a fun read in my opinion .

Wanderer D

7101126 Well, the story in The Batman really takes off with Batgirl IMHO. So watching her episodes might give you an idea of where I'm going with this and this characterization of her. Batman also centers down a lot more into our idea of The Bat in that season. Zatanna didn't appear in the series however, but I am basing her off of her regular character, and same with other DC universe characters that did not appear in the series that I might be using.

7101122 well, she isn't the primary character and it's a sequel displaced fic, still sure you want it?

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