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This story is a sequel to Of Magic and Machines

When I was a child, I was told stories of many things. From stories of a girl with fire like hair that overcame numerous obstacles and hardships with friends to that of a warrior who fought against monsters with swords and sorcery. Back then, I took these as stories that were merely for entertainment... but over time, I began to learn that these stories were actually true. Especially when I learned that some of the heroes of those stories were from my own family.

My name is Naoto. Naoto Kurogane Nocte. I live here in Canterlot City with my two siblings (Noctis and Dawn) as well as Sunset Shimmer and her doppelganger, Eventide. For the most part, life has been rather... quiet. But ever since the start of summer break, things around town have been... weirder than normal. For one thing, my siblings are going to some sort of school that (based on research) doesn't even exist... Secondly, Eventide's been acting a lot stranger lately and seems to be overdoing everything. And third, after coming across what looked like an old locket and meeting someone named Midnight, I now learn that I have magic.

But with it, I now unknowingly placed a target on my back... and those who are coming after me will stop at nothing to go after the people I care for the most. So I need to be able to learn how to control these new abilities before anyone I know gets hurt. Whether it's friends, those who are close to me... or whoever is on the huge family tree that I'm somehow apart of...

Did I also mention that I have a manifestation of Sunset's evil consciousness stuck inside my head?

The Third entry in the Nocte Trilogy. The first two entries being 'Swords, Sorcery and Shenanigans' and 'Of Magic and Machines'. This takes place a LONG time after the events covered in the second book, so I recommend reading both of them to understand the characters in the story.

Credits to Everything shown (And yes, I do mean LITERALLY everything in this regard. There are so many characters in here from different series that there wouldn't be enough space to tag it all) and to all the authors who helped take part in this. I do not own MLP or any of the characters that are referenced in this story (Trust me, there are a LOT and two many for me to recall at this very moment). This is also a way of me saying thank you to all of my readers and to those who helped me reach over 500 followers. It's because of you guys and you checking out my stories that you make this possible. This took about half a year or more of planning and it's thanks to you guys that I can finally let you see what's next in the series.

Also, a big thanks to the creative mind that is Brony Parasite. He helps in a big way for this story as my co-author, so I want to make sure that he gets recognized for this too.

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Comments ( 8 )

Hoo boy...
So Nicko's about to reap the rewards of his actions...

Well, that we will have to wait and see. Just to let you know though, this is a much older Nicko though than where we left off in 'Of Magic and Machines'. Many things won't exactly quite be the same, especially when you get to see him at his occupation. Because yes... Beacon is going to be an essential element to this story.

This is awesome. I like how you're using Naoto.
And his a Blazblue emblem

looks like the mark the main charicter of evergrace had on his hand....

If you mean the crest that's on the cover, that's based on the same symbol that's behind Naoto when you select him from the character select screen in Blazblue- Centralfiction

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