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Greetings and bienvenue, I am Michael Ravencroft. Writer and artist. From the obscure, to the known, from Comics, to Tokusatsu, nothing eludes my creative eyes. Hark the Raven.


This story is a sequel to MLDC Origins: The Guardian of The Green

"I was once the greatest of knights in the kingdom, I served our Queen Amore faithfully and without question. I had the love of a woman, who was my friend through childhood. I also had the privilege to learn of magic under the great Starswirl. However, I destroyed all of it, in succumbing to the darkness, used as a weapon to hurt those I loved!"

"As punishment, I was cursed, to forever live, and to forever be bound to a demon...this is how it all began."

"Gone, gone, the form of man...! Arise the demon, Etrigan!

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Okay. YOU MADE GROGAR FUCKING SCARY. Not hard but.... it's a SPECIAL BRAND of scary.

I want MORE Etrigan Crossovers!!!!!

nothing like some Slayers magic to go around

where it’s people enjoyed many an advancements
try for a more challenging shot, something the distance
These buggers are change form each attack
making a some sapphire crystals form behind her
made a grab for you ample assets and
Another creeper tried to descend from the tries in a sneak attack on Sombra
for the darkness to send it’s minions after us
It’s malevolent rays shined over all in
adored her and showered her in praise and lover
blue-green shade, to just plane blue

1. Its.
2. Something in the distance.
3. Changing.
4. Extra A.
5. Your.
6. Trees.
7. Its.
8. Its.
9. Love.
10. Plain.

Swift Sparrow and Sombra had tracked over many miles, the Crystal Kingdom was already a distant speck on the horizon, against the looming mountains that laid ahead of them. Many a laugh was had at Sombra’s expense, when the crystal warrior left the stables and was covered in soot, with this long black hair frizzled from the electrical discharge of Radiant Hope’s lightning spells.

This is a repeated paragraph.

not flesh and blood, it’s temporal body
has on this plain of existence
lose his grip on their plain of existence

1. Its.
2. Plane.
3. Plane.

Two of the largest circles melded together and produced a beam of fire and lightning that roared towards Grogar. The demon ram flinched for a moment upon seeing the large column of power headed his way, quickly, he raised a barrier and allowed the beam to crash upon him. The force generated by it smashed the demon ram through one floor after another, making him grunt from the effort of maintaining the shield. Cracks began to form on the barrier’s surface, making Grogar grit his teeth in anger that a mere human witch was doing this much damage to his shield. Before Grogar knew it, he had been hurled several feet down until he struck bedrock, still being pushed down by the beam.

Repeated paragraph. Again.

7997638 There probably would be if he didn't rhyme so much, kind like how Zecora isn't shown a lot because she speaks in rhymes, ALL. THE. TIME. I mean, heck, in the Justice League Dark movie, Etrigan had a few speaking roles, but the majority of the time he just burned, punched, and slashed things.

8000594 8000683 Corrected, and again, thanks for spotting those mistakes. The repeat was most likely do to my copy paste, looks like I lost my place when I was doing that. :twilightblush:

Your stories are amazing, I never get tired of them. I enjoyed them so much that I created 2 DC ponies (that's what I call em) of my own. (I only made them for the fun of it not for a story) I want to thank you for the laughs, thrills and LOTS of tears. Can't wait to see what's next.

Wait a minute is Swift Sparrow a Speed Force user?

Wow this entire story was just epic. Etrigan is one of my favourite comic book characters and you more then did him justice. I really like how you characterised Sombra and Radiant Hope and Sparrow was fun getting kind of a YJ Kid Flash mixed with Rainbow from Firestorm Crisis. Speaking of which I get the feeling if Sombra teamed up with Sunset and Twilight he'd see parallels between them and himself and Hope.

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You have to write mlp eg stories with Sombra/Etrigan! This is a awesome character modification and how Sombra is working at CHS. Good luck on your stories that you may be writing yourself. Happy holidays! :)

Etrigan rhymes

Change Change O Form Of Man!

Release the Might from Fleshy Mil?

Boil the blood in heart or fire!!



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