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Behold, the coming oblivion. 'Twas the end of our era, and the beginning of our great work. -Emet Selch


My name is Sunset Shimmer. In my lifetime, I have overcome numerous challenges alongside my friends when I was at Canterlot. Whether it was the Dazzlings, the Friendship Games, the Everfree Forest or reclaiming my memories, I was able to overcome such obstacles with the help of my friends and those I cared for.

However... I never expected that I was to be needed again long after I closed my eyes and passed on. And in the time I was gone, everything changed.

Because that was when Humanity discovered the Traveler... had their Golden Age and began to explore the cosmos... and the collapse that caused everything from before to come crashing down. Now humanity and also those that I remember as my friends reside in the Last safe city on Earth. And with no way to go back to Equestria, it's my duty in order to make sure I fulfill my new role as a Guardian. As a new defender of humanity.

No pressure, Right?

A Destiny Crossover story set in the EQG universe. Something that I have not actually seen done before so I thought... why not?
Gore and Violence tags are so that you know what you're getting yourself into.
Destiny belongs to Bungie and Activision
MLP and MLP: EQG belong to Hasbro
Thanks to NightStream for helping me set up some of the characters in the story and also looking things over for me. You're the best.
Cover Art drawn by me.

Popular Stories tab reached on day of release AND a feature? You guys are awesome

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this story is cancelled. Mainly because Destiny has changed a lot over the years and the more that happens, the more that D1 feels like a distant memory. I had ideas for how to have this story stand out, but I didn't want to make it feel like a carbon copy of D1. Sorry everyone :fluttershysad:

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I am interested! Let's see where this goes!

Glad to hear that you like it. I got more things in store for it, so stay tuned

Very interesting, will her ghost have a name or just be referred to as ghost

That's to be determined. Some Guardians name their Ghosts as a way to give them identity and to not confuse them with the ghosts of other guardians. Because even though two ghosts may look similar (despite using different shells), not all ghosts are the same. Not to mention that Sunset... hasn't given a lot of thought on it

I remember when I first did the beginning quest (I was using someone else's Xbox at the time, lol), had a blast doing it

Allies encountered so far: Twilight, Applejack, Flash Sentry, Big Mac and Vinyl

So Rainbow's an Exo... But how does she not remember Sunset?

You changed AJ into Scootaloo at some point.

“She’s got a point.” Thanks for the reminder, Ghost. Now… which one is the brake-?


Okay, we’re DRIVING NOW!!!

I get the feeling a little Hellsing Ultimate Abridged snuck in here...

There's a reason for that. The number that's next to an Exo's name is seen right now as a reference to the amount of times that a Exo's memory has been wiped. This is shown through the dialogue in the original Destiny from Banshee-44 (The Gunsmith), and also from one excerpt from the Lore behind the Perfect Paradox shotgun in Destiny 2, A gun that belonged to an Exo Titan named Saint-14.

I mourn that I will never reach the heights you have. To me, you represent everything a Guardian can become. Yours is a thriving City. So different from mine. My whole fourteenth life I fought to make my City yours. I never finished.

Does that help clarify things?

Excuse e, will this story include the expanded content (Taken King, Dark Below, House of Wolves, Rise of Iron ect.) and/or Sunset in Destiny 2? Or just the primary game?

It will cover those too, but we need to get through the primary game first, don't we?

Indeed, I was just curious. Hey, if your willing, a cameo wouldn't go amiss. Just a male Awoken Warlock Sunset bumps into.

“Well… we’re lucky enough to have found this ship out in the Cosmodrome… but if we are ever going to be able to fight outside of earth, we need that warp drive that Scootaloo was talking about,” Ghost told me… but what he was saying almost sounded completely insane. “We’ve handled the fallen once… I bet we can do it again.”

It's supposed to say Applejack in the end, you switched to Scootaloo.

Seriously? I thought I fixed that.

Should be alright now...

It's good now. And as a Destiny and MLP EQG fan........I'm hooked, plz update soon

Void Light? That’s… a new one. Then again, I only learned to throw grenades that look like a mini sized sun a few hours ago. But… what exactly was the third one? Ehh, never mind. I gotta focus. Though, the sounds of gunshots and the sight of smoke in the air told us that we were not far from where this guardian could possibly be.

So, Sunset is a Sunsinger. Funny. And if I remember right, the other two are Void walker and (my favorite) Stormcaller. Plz, plz tell me Sunset becomes a Stormcaller. And lemme guess, Sci-Twi's a Voidwalker?

“Hang on a minute!” I told her, waiting to see what would happen as my grenade exploded. Unlike with the captain from last time, where there was some kind of shield protecting it, this one did not have anything like that. “Mac, this thing doesn’t have a shield. We can still hurt it!”

You suddenly gender swapped Big Mac. Might wanna change that ASAP.

“We need to see the Speaker.”

Oh, SHIT. I wonder who the speaker'll be though.

I'm callin it! Thats Pinkimena

Hmm... Funny thing, but we haven't seen Pinkie in a while...

Both of you will be surprised by who it actually is

This fimfic is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Dang it Indigo... You're being stupid!

So....these are the same characters from EG and they lived through all the canon movies and specials, right? Why does Indigo not remember Sunset from the Friendship Games?

That's complex... because the time between that of the EQG canon and this is separated by several centuries. Plus, Indigo only see's her now as someone who tries to take the credit for something a friend of hers sacrificed her life for rather than 'that one girl from Canterlot High'

Shaxx is best comentator.

Agreed. Or as he would say it... "I'M ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!!!"


I'm sorry but I never saw crucible as proving anything cause I met people who rocked in crucible but could not clear the maze in croata's end or even get to the templar in VoG. So as far as I'm concerned crucible should have been strait cut as wasted data.

Leading me to wonder… was someone trying to keep something out… or keep something in.

The answer to that question... is Yes.

Once it was open and I stepped through the gate, Ghost began hovering over… wait… is that a gun?

Ah, the Khvostov... The one gun over every other I wish they'd bring up to Destiny 2...

Despite the hand cannon seeming like a good choice, it would only work if an enemy had come too close to me.

BLASPHEMY! You would not Believe some of the Ranged shots I've pulled with a Good Oll' Hand Cannon. My favorite from D1 has to be my God-Roll Imago Loop, but the Hawkmoon comes in at a close second, and despite friends telling me that there are now better options out there in D2 I've yet to find a gun more reliable than the Better Devils.

The scout rifle may seemed powerful, but it didn’t seem to be… well, something that could work out for me.

Just wait until she gets her hands on a Vision of Confluence or The Conspirator.

Ok... the Vanguard...

Flash has to be a better Titan Vanguard than Zavala... I know the guy's supposed to be some sort of ancient bada:yay:, but I swear in D1 the stick up his a:yay: had a stick up Its a:yay:. The beginning story for D2 managed to extract that second stick, but the first one is still lodged up there quite firmly, and as of the the Warmind expansion I've had the epiphany that Zavala is a man who's mindset is of the bent that his only tool for fixing problems is a hammer, and when your only tool is a hammer everything looks like a nail. In contrast, Flash's character is much more relaxed. He can be serious when he needs to be, but he also knows that sometimes Rigid Discipline isn't the appropriate attitude to take to a situation, and how to listen when others have an idea he didn't think of and incorporate it into the plan.

I'm not sure if I would like Ikora or Twilight more as a Warlock Vanguard TBH. Ikora has a very Mystic air about her, and always seems to know what's going on before it happens. Whether this is as a result of some sort of secret spy network of hers or if she genuinely has minor precog abilities is up for debate. Twilight on the other hand seems the type to be much more into study and unraveling the mysteries of the Universe. Much more introspective but genuinely concerned with the well-being of her Guardians. Not to say that Ikora isn't, but I'd say Twilight lacking Ikora's "I know a Secret" attitude would make her more concerned with the "Now" and how to improve it than looking for guidance in what could be or searching for answers in the long lost past.

Cayde-6 Vs. Rainbow-6 (Also I See What You Did There)... Can I have them Both? Hunter Master Race for Life here, and I honestly can't decide who would be the better Hunter Vanguard. Rainbow's obviously going to be going the whole "Blade-Dancer/Arc-Strider" as opposed to Cayde's Gunslinger. The thing with Hunters though, is that we don't really do the whole "Organization" thing. It's why Both Rainbow and Cayde can get away with their seemingly lackadaisical approach to their duties that so frustrates their Vanguard Counterparts. At the absolute Most, an experienced hunter may take a less experienced hunter "Under Our Wing" for a a while in a sort of pseudo, Highly informal, Master/Apprentice sense. More often than not though Hunters that aren't a part of a dedicated Fire Team do their best work when left to their own devices independent of the rigid command structure found in the Titan Orders or the quiet study and contemplation found among the Warlocks. Hunters Do. It's as simple as that. While the titans plan their strategies and build their walls, and the warlocks consult their texts and search for answers, Every hunter knows without needing to be told that nine times out of ten going with our gut and saying to h:yay:l with the rules is the best way to get results and create opportunities that the other Guardian Classes can then exploit while we move on to the next mission to push the line forward.

The only thing I can say other than that, though, is that Rainbow probably has a better relationship with her fellow Vanguard than Cayde does, mostly because of the lingering wisps of their friendships before they died and became Guardians, partly because Flash is more predisposed with tolerating Rainbow's antics because of said previous friendship, and partly because despite her laid back attitude Rainbow still knows how to recognize and behave when it's time to get serious.

Actually, there's a new bit of Lore introduced in the Warmind DLC about the Exos, where the number is actually an indication of how many times they've been "Rebooted", not memory wiped, to stave off the effects of the human mind rejecting their new Exo shell. A side effect of these Reboots is that there is a risk of memory loss from before they were rebooted. As your Ghost says after scanning a tablet behind Banshee in the Tower, it's a miracle he remembers anything at all given how many times he's been Rebooted.

Cayde himself suffers some of this, though not to the degree Banshee does. If you read his journal entries from his Stash Chests every week, you find out that he used to have a family before he became an Exo, in particular a "Son" named Ace who he's not sure was actually his son thanks to the reboots.

Valid point. Though, it's still early in the story and she doesn't quite have access to those weapons yet. (Also, I like your feedback on the story so far. Thanks for the input.)

True. I remember sticking with a few Crap Scouts or Autos until I found my first halfway descent blue Hand Canon. I remember being Highly disappointed when I had to let it go because I'd out-leveled it.

The Fallen looked to have wanted to take whatever they could find from this place while the Hive were trying to push them out. And before

Sentence cuts off...

The Devil's Lair... I Really hope they get there in time, for Apple Bloom's Sake if nothing else...

Also, How is Apple Bloom still alive? I can see Mac, since he's a Guardian, and AJ's probably also a Guardian (Titan at my guess), but fills a more auxiliary role because she's more valuable as the Vanguard's head Shipwright, unlike Holliday who's just a Civvy. I know that the Traveler "Tripled" the lifespan of normal Humans, but it's still been longer than that since the Collapse, and Apple Bloom would have died of natural causes by now if she didn't die then, which logically makes me believe she has a Ghost of her own, and is therefore Also a Guardian (A Titan in Particular, Part of Fire Team "Crusader" alongside Scootaloo [Hunter] and Sweetie Belle [Warlock]), which makes me wonder how she (and possibly the rest of her Fire Team) got caught up with the captured Civilians...

As for Fire Team Harmony, Indigo makes an interesting addition. I wonder if she'll go full Nightstalker when it gits that far, or if there will be another hunter that joins their Fire Team when they get into the Raids who will take up the Bow when the Taken show up on their doorstep.

[Apologies in advance for the impending nerd-gasm.]

You obviously know Destiny well enough to make such a smooth adaption to EqG, but if you have any questions about the Nightstalker it's My Meta! Seriously, before The Taken King I was almost Pure Gunslinger, only going Arc for the necessary bits of the Crota Raid but as soon as I unlocked that Bow, I fell in love with the subclass mechanics and haven't looked back. I loved making cross-map shots at area mini-bosses in Strikes, or at that first group of Fallen in the War Machine sequence of the WotM Raid or hitting everything during Legions when running VoG again for Gits and Shiggles and just spewing orbs out like mad while everything explodes around me due to the tether damage feedback loop. The first half of the Destiny 2 Campaign was almost physically Painful for me before I finally got access to my Bow again and Orpheus Rig only makes it that much better than it was before.

True... but in Destiny, there are other sibling relationships that are just as complex. I'm just trying to make things unique and different with this story and not have it be strictly 'by the book' like with Destiny. The story will still be the same, but I wanted to have the characters and the guardians be engaging, have personalities and reasons for why they fight... In the case of Mac, the only family members he has left are Applejack and Applebloom and he fights as a guardian to keep them safe.

There are a lot of details that I can't exactly reveal yet, but I already have thought out a lot of characters for future chapters. If you would like, we can talk more over PM and I can share a few more details there

Only if you want my opinion on something and think my insight would genuinely be helpful to improving your story as a whole. :twilightsmile: Otherwise you keep your story yours and I'll continue to aimlessly speculate and ask pointed rhetorical questions. :moustache:

Good to know. I was just offering. I'm always open for feedback

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