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Sometimes, the hero is the villain.


The Commander has a lot of titles, and a lot of different names. Hero, monster, killer of the Council, savior of the Citadel, first human Specter. One name is definite between all; Shepherd.

Equestria is a peaceful world, one yet to even reach space travel. Yet, even a galaxy away, they are still affected by the defeat of Sovereign. They don’t know it, but they need not just a symbol, but a warrior.

Deep in the Void, the makers of the Reapers conspire to make an endless cycle of destruction within a universe to secure energy.

All shall be thrown into conflict together. Shepard will either lead a new flock, or let them be devoured by the wolves.

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Statement: You have my attention.

Well, this will be interesting to explain to the ponys.

I don't know anything about Mass Effect, but I do like the scenario of Fluttershy getting invested in an alien board game and culture. :yay:

Well. I like this

Wanderer D

Definitely a different approach to the Shepard situation!

And Wrex teaches Flutters, of all ponies, of the blessed Dakka. Heh.

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