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(Cover art by Weird Alicorn)

(NOTICE: As of 5/22/21, Special Chapters have been added to the story! They are denoted with SP and a number. They are best understood after having read the entire story, but have been written to fit their place in the narrative.)

"You've heard of it, haven't you? The Legend of the Two Sisters?"

Two thousand years ago, two sisters sealed away the world of demons by wielding its own infernal power against it. One thousand years ago, one of them was corrupted by her power and banished to the demon realm by the other. With the demon realm sealed away, the remaining sister faded into history, deciding to leave humanity free of their immense powers.

But with her virtuous sister long since a myth, the Dark Sister plots to return and conquer the land of mortals once more.

Standing in her way in the present day is Sunset Shimmer, a legendary demon hunter who was once a lowly high-school bully, but trained in the ways of the Light Sister to redeem herself. Half-human, half-demon; fully loaded with twin pistols and a huge sword, she runs a demon hunting service called "Sun Never Sets". Despite her history as a bad girl, she now uses her demonic abilities to challenge the forces of darkness with wit and style.

But also chasing the Dark Sister is her long-standing best friend Twilight Sparkle, another half-demon demon hunter trained in the light, but fallen to the darkness within herself. She's willing to sacrifice everything to stop the Dark Sister's return- even the rest of their friends. An unresolved rivalry stands between the two of them, and by facing her Sunset must learn what it means to carry the legacy of the Sister of Light.

Between the Dark Sister, Twilight, and all of the underworld being unleashed, Sunset has her work cut out for her.

But for her, the Sun Never Sets.

This story is mainly for people who want to watch the girls fight bad guys with big swords. 

This story is a re-invention of the world of FiM and EQG by a fangirl of games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and Resident Evil. A crossover in spirit, this story sees the MLP cast re-imagined as various kinds of demon slayers, with focus on mechanically intricate fight scenes and wild over-the-top action while still adhering to the cheesiness of both MLP and DMC's 
Power of Friendship and Family themes.

It's action heavy, leans way too hard on it's melodrama, and often references and recreates scenes from it's component games, so it definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea. That being said, I've attempted to make it as reader friendly as possible, so it's still understandable if you aren't familiar with Devil May Cry or related games.

In short, this story is about recreating MLP and its lore in a campy, action focused manner.

The violence is all video game-esque, written to be entertaining instead of graphic, and the gore attempts to be "soft gore", where grievous injuries are described in broad strokes and spectacle rather than in gritty detail. Mild language, suggestive themes, and slight horror aspects at times.

If this sounds like something for you, have fun! If not, have a nice day.

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nice work on both chapters.:twilightsmile:

Thanks! I hope to have the next few chapters edited and put up soon.

So... Sunset is Dante and Twi is Virgil in this tale of broken friendship... my hopes that all is mended between them with time, and my heartfelt expression of a job well done.

Love it so far. Would really like to see this as a game.

Nice intro I like that it's not a copy and paste of dmc 1 and that dressing scene from DmC Devil may cry getting included was great that was one of the best parts of that game.

Thanks! I tried to do my best show my love to the games while still keeping an original story. There'll be references, but no copy-pasting here.

I'm glad I get tired of always seeing an exact copy of something only ponified. Keep up the great work.

An apt summary, better than any that I could put together at least. I'm glad you enjoy it so far, and do hope you stick around for the ride.

Ha, me too. If I could make it happen, I would, but alas, I am but a fanfic author...

I love Trixie's spunk, she's got some feiry spirit and doesn't seem like she'll take any crap.:yay:


So Starlight's Nero? Neat.

And Twilight, maybe try LISTENING to someone else for a change?


Dammit, Twilight.

And Trixie and Starburst are Nico? Neat


To be honest, the Metal Gear influence only really comes up regarding characters who can't hack their way through bad guys- The primary crossover here is Devil May Cry, after all. But yes, those without superpowers have to rely on stealth (or letting another character fight) to survive battles, all of the supernatural stuff is pretty wild for them, and they're the most confused about what's going on in the story at any point. There's also a few direct character analogues and references to the games.

Though, I haven't figured out a good way to get live action videos to assist with my storytelling yet. I'm still working on that one. :P

Starlight's mainly Nero, with a little bit of Raiden from Metal Gear in there too.

And Twilight's certain she's got everything figured out and knows better than everyone else, so it'll take a lot to get her to listen.

Yep! Trixie is the 'bold, run you over with the van' half of Nico, and Sunburst is the 'brilliant genius' half.

Glad you're enjoying things so far!


Is Starlight's sword a tool for justice?


How do they scatter spare arms all over the city? I've always wondered that about Nico.

Not used in anger, not drawn in vengeance...

Meanwhile Sunset over here is giving her a lesson about bringing a tool to a sword fight.

In my head I imagine Nico's Crazy Taxi-style of driving leads to spare arms falling out of the van pretty regularly- Here in this universe, though, Starlight's going to have a single, fixed arm that just gets upgrades and maintenance, so I won't have to worry about scattering extra arms about. :scootangel:

(whoops both of those comments are you, my bad for the double tag)


Too bad Twilight didn't get that message, since that's exactly what she is.

How'd the arms get deep inside Qlipoth, then?

Ah... Well, since they're going downwards through the Qlipoth, gravity takes over and they just kinda bounce and fall where they may? My headcannon doesn't have all the answers, but it's a funny thought nonetheless.

HAH spike is bladewolf I like that, I like that a lot.


I was sitting there thinking "What is spike in the EQG world? A dog? I can make that into something cool."

"What if he was a robot"

"A robot dog"

"With a sword on his tail"

"Yep, Spike is now Bladewolf"

Kinda hoping Twi gets her teeth knocked in at this rate.

I kinda want Spike to have a plasma cannon in his mouth like metal gear ray does. BTW the cannon the FENRIS units in MGR use is a railgun not a lightning gun.

Fenrirs also had chainsaw blades for melees rather than straight blades- but Spike's a bit of a unique model. His loadout is intended to be relatively low-collateral, but seeing him shoot a plasma beam out of his mouth would be pretty cool!

I love Devil May Cry and I love MLP. So already you got someone following this.

Also, I bet the song Sunset was playing was this.

I actually listened to it while reading the fight scene. Pure magic.

Another DMC/Pony fan! Thank you for reading , and yes, this is exactly the story for you. I'm so glad you enjoy it!

Though Devil Trigger is an awesome song that goes with abosultely everything, the song I imagined Sunset playing was this one:

(you still can imagine whatever song you like best though)

I think the genre fits her personality and attitude, but this song specifically reflects her character arc regarding Twilight throughout the story. (It's not just because I made her have the same music tastes as me, I swear)

Though now you got me thinking of what the themes of the other characters would be....

I love Paramore, so don't worry.
So is Twilight going to go full Vergil, or will she be redeemed later on? Just curious.

I don't want to give a definite answer cause I don't want to end up changing my mind on it later. However, it's not off the table. The core of her character is not absolutely opposed to Sunset, like Dante and Vergil are, in fact, they're quite similar. Their in-show iterations are good friends for good reason. This version of Twilight thinks she's just doing what she has to, so the main things putting redemption in question is whether or not she'll be willing to believe otherwise, and if Sunset even wants/will be able to offer it to her when the time comes.

Also, she's not the true antagonist of the story, the real threat is the demon invasion. All of the playable main characters are wanting to put a stop to that.

tl:dr; I dunno, I haven't got there yet

Well, I'll read on and hope for the best.
Who knows, maybe I might write my own Devil May Cry crossover sometime in the future. Probably when I'm done with my Spider-Man/MCU crossover. And my RWBY crossover. And my Power Rangers crossover. I do a lot of crossovers.

"Uh, well..." Flash stuttered. The SRAPH higher-ups frowned on the use of magic, due to its unstable nature, but more importantly they didn't understand it well enough to use it practically. It didn't help that they rejected help from groups of magic users that offered it to them. "We don't need magical stuff."

Well that's stupid. If you're gonna face some of the bigger demons, you're gonna need to use everything you can against them.
Also, hate to break it to you Flash, but you're gonna need something with a bit more OOMPH than that pea shooter you're packing. Might I recommend you borrow the Doom Slayer's Super Shotgun?

With that out of the way, good chapter.

SRAPH as a whole are stereotypically skeptical/afraid of magic to the point where it hinders them at times. They have some big guns at their disposal, but they weren't aware of the scale of the threat when they sent Flash in to check it out.

Flash is less skeptical, but even if he had magical gear, maybe even the Super Shotgun, he knows he's still outclassed by nearly everything around him just by being human. And he's good, as far as human standards go, but Sunset is on a completely different level. Without her around, he can't take demons head on.

As you may have noticed, he's not really based on a DMC character, he's the beginning of where other titles begin to cross into this world...

Awesome! I love the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Doing as she was told, the demon's energy formed in her palm, swirling until it materialized into her a huge tube of black metal with pink highlights along its top, and imagery of several brightly colored balloons on the side. A long barrel protruded from the front, and the words 'PARTY TIME' were engraved along it. A handle protruded from the bottom, forming a trigger where it met the body, and also formed into the stock. Sticking out from the side in front of Sunset was the priming handle, and atop the body was a scope. She was holding a cannon, a huge, scoped cannon.

Now THAT'S a Party Cannon. Dante would love that.

The story’s really starting to pick up here. The plot is building I like that I like that a lot. I, guessing that that Knight is either Luna herself or some kind of familiar of her kinda like the tantibus

I think the Party Cannon is the only one of the demon weapons in the story that's a direct upgrade to one of Dante's- his equivalent being Spiral from dmc3. But yeah, he'd have a crazy time with the party cannon. Probably would get along well with Pinkie's demon too, for that matter.

Yeah, now that our cast is introduced and have their goals set out I'm gonna try to keep the story moving along, i dont want it to drag too much. What exactly the knight is will be revealed later, but you've got the right line of thinking, picking up on the connection to Luna.

Loving the story so far and I'm in full agreement with AJ's demon. Twi really does have her head up her ass, maybe some neck and shoulders as well.

Is the Hellsoldier base on Doom Slayer?

Yep! There will be a bit more to them, but their armor and fighting style is directly influenced by Doom Slayer's.

Thank you! I appreciate the support, you've been here leaving nice comments since the beginning, and I'm glad you've enjoyed enough to stick around. Really means a lot to me.

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