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Destiny- Shimmering Sun - FrostTheWolf

One day, Sunset Shimmer wakes up in the middle of nowhere only to have a ghost tell her that she's been dead for quite some time. This isn't going to go down well. [Destiny/EQG Crossover]

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07- Strike: The Devil's Lair

By the time that we were briefed on the situation going on and the strike mission that Flash was having us undertake, we were already setting foot in the area outside of a place known as the Refinery. From what Ghost briefly told me, this used to be an old Cosmodrome mining facility that was now occupied by the Fallen. But upon touching down, the three of us could immediately tell that the Fallen were currently in a territorial turf war with the Hive that stretched out all the way to where the supposed entrance to the Devil’s Lair was.

Meaning that our first task was to navigate and fight our way through this crossfire of a mess before we can be able to set one foot inside. Which, sounds easy at first… but when you are trying to go through a battlefield where both sides in a fight hate you more that hate each other? Well, it leads to them wanting to focus specifically on you first and hold off on killing each other right away. And that was something we were coming across right now.

Indigo herself, was personally enjoying fighting through both the Fallen and the Hive. Wasting no time in trying to take them down. Aiming her hand cannon directly at anything that moved before firing a few shots and when she needed to reload, she switched to a sniper rifle instead. Waiting til things have settled down first before she took the chance to reload. Mac and I personally stuck with the weapon loadouts that we have been using for a while now in order to fight them as we continued to proceed and watch each other’s backs.

Eventually though… we made it inside and up the stairwell as we found ourselves in some tight corridors with some more Fallen trying to hide behind broken crates and concrete pillars. Nothing that a grenade couldn’t solve though if you threw it in the right place… and in the case of Indigo, since her grenade could be able to bounce like a rubber ball, it was able to skip over some of the objects the fallen were using for cover before detonating and taking down the fallen that were there. That and upon originally touching down on the ground, it split up into five projectiles that began to seek out three of the dregs in the corridor and a vandal in the back corner.

Yet, as we stepped out into an area that looked to have Fallen items everywhere aside from a tunnel that really looked to have belonged to the Hive, we soon realized that the way forward was blocked off by a laser gate that was set up by the Fallen. “Just great… now how are we going to get to those captives now?” Big Mac groaned, sounding rather frustrated by what was happening.

“There’s a shield generator that the Fallen set up… perhaps it’s connected to the laser wires?” I heard Winona speak up now. But before any of us could do anything, we soon noticed Indigo… actually call out her ghost and look back at us.

“If that’s the case, a ghost can probably disable it.” She said, before looking back at her Ghost. Who’s shell was white with some blue close to the middle and around the edges and was actually round like instead of my ghost or Winona. “Alright Sparky, it’s showtime.”

Yet, when we expected to hear a voice from the ghost, we instead heard a few beeps and gestures from the ghost before it got to work on the shield generator. Which… surprised all of us. Especially me. “Um… Indigo? About your Ghost…”

Of course, she personally took a deep breath before looking back at both of us. “If you were going to ask about my Ghost, the fact is that he can’t speak… upon my resurrection, a fallen dreg’s shock pistol hit him and damaged his vocal modulator. Meaning the only way he can speak to me is through gestures and messages he sends through my helmet. Right now though, he says that he can handle the door… but we should be prepared for a fight.”

That had me look back at Mac and Winona, before my Ghost decided to speak up. “Why’s that?”

“He says that the encryption is in layers… and once he starts, an alarm will trigger and cause the Fallen to swarm in on our location. Hope you two are ready for a fight because we need to cover him until he’s done.” The hunter told us as she had her revolver in her right hand and her knife in her left. For me, I turned to Mac as I made sure that my shotgun was locked and loaded before looking back towards Indigo.

“We’re ready.”

“Alright, get started Sparky.” We heard a confirmation beep from Indigo’s ghost as it began to try and hack the Fallen’s Shield Generator. Only a few moments after the Ghost started though was when we started to hear alarms. Prompting for multiple dregs, vandals and shanks to not only swarm in from in front of us, but also from behind in attempts to try and go after Indigo’s ghost directly. Leading me to step in and unloading a few shells into the dregs to prevent them from even landing a claw on the ghost.

A few moments later though, we heard a few more beeps coming from Sparky as I turned back around. “Indigo, what is he saying?”

That was when the Hunter turned around and… shot at a fallen that was right behind me first, before explaining what her Ghost said. “He’s got the first layer of the shield down, but the fallen are getting desperate. They’re sending in exploder shanks to try and stop us.”

Now that was something I was unfamiliar with. “Exploder shanks?”

“You know… Shanks strapped with explosives? The fallen send them in to have them try and get close to us before-” Indigo spoke up, before turning around and shooting a glowing shank that, upon being destroyed, also blew up two other normal shanks that were right behind. “-before that happens. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Alright, point taken. And just as soon as she explained that to me, two more dregs soon tried to flank us from behind with an exploder shank not far behind them. Prompting me to throw out a grenade that landed on the shank, making it explode and incinerating the other two dregs in the process.

As for Mac and Indigo, both to them were taking down the numerous fallen that were coming into the room. Most importantly, Indigo was focusing her efforts on the Fallen Vandals that were trying to pin us down while Mac was getting up close and personal with the fallen dregs and shanks that were charging at us.

It only took a few more seconds until we heard some more beeps from Indigo’s ghost as we looked towards her and waited for her to translate what her Ghost was saying. “Sparky’s got the second layer down. But now we got both Fallen and Hive coming at us now. That and we got a Fallen Baron heading this way.”

That… did not sound good. “A baron?! Those guys are higher in rank than fallen captains. Only second to Archons…” We now heard Winona speak up now.

I don’t think that would be trouble for us,” I heard Ghost speak as we continued to fight off both the Fallen and Hive that were pouring into the room. “We did kill an archon before-

“Woah woah woah… you two actually killed an Archon?” I heard a rather surprised Indigo ask us while we were still in the middle of the ongoing firefight.

Perhaps we should talk about that later…” Ghost advised us, just as I felt something big crash down behind me. “That Baron’s here… and he’s trying to flank us!

“Not on my watch, you won’t!” Indigo boldly declared. As soon as I turned to look at her, she had arc energy pulsing all around her as she held onto a knife firmly before dashing towards the baron. Depleting it’s shield with a single swing of the knife before proceeding to attack it with a flurry of slashes. It was the exact same thing that I saw her do in the crucible… so this lead for me to think that must’ve been what her Super Ability was.

Mac himself, seeing how she was focused on that, activated his Ward of Dawn around the shield generator that we were defending and provide Indigo for a place to retreat to when her super ability had been depleted. “Thanks, big guy. I appreciate it,” She said, reloading her weapons while Mac still tried to maintain the dome for us as it was blocking incoming enemy fire. Now it was my turn to do something as I brought out my rocket launcher and stepped out of the barrier. Squeezing the trigger as I aimed my first blast towards the massive amount of hive and thrall that were all together in the same place.

I still had two more, but I needed to think about where to place them. Because not only did the Hive have a pair of wizards trying to bombard us with energy volleys, but we still had that Baron that we needed to take out. Even though Indigo’s attacks earlier wounded it and took away a lot of its health, it did not kill it. “Mac, do you still have ammo for your heavy?”

“Ya, ah do.” He replied back.

“Alright. Can you focus your fire on taking out that wizard?” I asked him, hiding behind a concrete barrier as I began to reload my rocket launcher. I didn’t even need to explain to him why because after the ward was down, he began to offload a storm of machine gun rounds into the hive wizard that was there and also the thrall and dregs that were both trying to attack him at the same time.

Which, allowed for Indigo and I to focus on the Baron. However, just as I was about to fire off another round from my rocket launcher, the Hunter spoke up and said something to me. “Save your rockets! There’s another way to take this guy down.”

“There is?” I asked, shortly before noticing that the shield on the Baron was back up now.

“My grenades can disable that shield in a heartbeat. Once it’s down, take your rifle and fire at it’s head. Baron’s are a lot like captains and because of that, they have similar weak points… Trust me, I’ve fought captains before and this guy’s no different.” She told me, switching her hand cannon for her sniper rifle as she tossed her grenade. Disabling the shield and causing the shield to stagger. “Now! Hit him with everything you got!”

Doing what she said, I aimed at the Baron’s head and began to open fire with my auto rifle while Indigo fired off shots from her sniper rifle. After a bit, Mac himself soon joined in and used his machine gun to help wear down the baron and effectively take him down. But we weren’t exactly done yet because we needed to get rid of everything else in the room. Which really didn’t consist of much considering the fact that the only enemies that were left in here were a few of the hive Acolytes that were still around, even though we did finish off the rest of them.

Though, around now was when we heard a few beeps from Indigo’s ghost again, shortly before disappearing. “Good news. Sparky got the shield down and we can move on.”

Great job,” I heard Winona compliment Sparky in response. “Now we can get going and try to reach those Devil’s before they try harming anyone else. Especially those captives from the city.

“Right…” I heard Big Mac say for a moment as he went off ahead without looking back… leaving Indigo to stop for a moment and look at me.

“Um… not to sound rude, but what’s up with him?” Indigo then asked. “He’s been… well… acting different since we took on this mission.”

“You’ve only been on one mission with us.” Ghost pointed out.

“Yes, but I have seen him interact with you and the tower’s shipwright long enough to know that something doesn’t seem right,” She stated, before looking back to us now. “So, could you fill me in on what’s going on?”

Well… given what she said, there was really no use of hiding it at this point. “Mac told me that sometime ago, his youngest sister, Applebloom, was kidnapped by the House of Devils and he’s been on an endless search to try and make sure she was rescued before they could do any harm to her. When we took down that Archon I mentioned earlier, he thought that his sister was among a series of goods that they were transporting. Unfortunately though, we were not able to find her.”

That… had surprised the hunter, before looking at me. “So wait… if that’s the case… then what Commander Sentry said about the hostages from the city…”

I nodded my head at that. “Yes… I don’t know the full story about his sister, but what I can say is that whatever the case is, it’s his motivation to stop them before anything bad can happen to him.” Shortly after I said that though, we turned to the end of the corridor to notice Mac trying to call out to us. Like he wanted for us to see something that he found.

Then, Winona spoke up as both Indigo and I raced on over to catch up with him. “Guys… I got good news and bad news… which would you like to hear first?

“What’s the good news?” I asked, just as Winona came out to speak to us directly.

“Well… the entrance to the Devil’s lair itself is on the other side of this Battlefield. The map’s calling it ‘The Blast’ and it’s crawling with Devils everywhere.”

Okay… that sounded more like a mixture of both good and bad. But if that’s the case… “What’s the bad news then-?”


That’s the bad news…” Wait… is that a freaking spider tank?! How the hell are we suppose to destroy something like that!?

“Oh brilliant… a Devil Walker. That’s the last thing I want to deal with before fighting a servitor,” Hold on… Indigo has fought them before? “And just when I think that having one pop up in the middle of the Cosmodrome while on patrol is painful enough.”

“Have any advice for taking it down?” Big Mac asked.

“It’s got heavy armor around its body, but its weak points are the legs,” She explained to us while pointing at them. “Enough firepower, whether it’s bullets or explosives, can cause the walker to be immobile if you rip the plating off of them. When it’s been damaged enough, the front hull of the walker exposes the core engine that’s under the head… My advice? When the engine is exposed, use rockets. Some of the rocket launchers that the vanguard and the gunsmith have been issuing out to guardians were made to counter them.”

“What about the legs? Aren’t they considered vulnerable too?” I asked her.

“Only while they still have the plating on. If you try to harm a leg that doesn’t have any plating on, it just does less damage to the walker. Plus, the only times that you can be able to stagger a walker is when you shoot the plating off.” The Hunter clarified for me, before looking at the two of us. “Any other questions?”

“Yeah, what other things should we keep in mind, besides the cannon on the hull?” Big Mac pointed out now as we both looked at it. Once again, Indigo had another answer for us.

“Well, now that you mention it, there are three things that come to mind,” She explained to us. “First, it can deploy shanks to attack us or draw us out from behind cover. Second, it can drop shock mines if we stay in one particular place for too long. And lastly, when it’s covering the core engine, it will emit a huge electrical pulse meant at pushing us backward… The one big flaw though is that it only has enough firepower to keep an eye on one guardian at a time.”

That… soon gave one of us… or more specifically, one of our ghosts an idea. That ghost being mine. “So… in theory… if we have one guardian get the walkers attention… then the other two can focus their fire on the legs while it’s back is turned.”

Indigo herself… looked rather surprised upon hearing that. “Wow… I never actually thought about it like that. But I’m liking the sounds of this plan… Though, who do we use as the decoy?”

“Um… I think that’s kind of obvious,” Winona soon spoke up, looking back at both of us now before turning to her guardian. “Mac’s armor is a lot sturdier and can handle heavy fire. Let the two of us get its attention and then you guys can take out the legs. When the core’s exposed, let us know and we can all attack it together.”

That definitely sounded like a good plan. And it looked like Indigo was on board with it too. “Alright. Looks like we got a plan. Let’s go take that thing down!”

Immediately, Mac took off to the left, even charging through and smashing some dregs and shanks in order to grab the Walker’s attention while Indigo and I went the other direction. Going towards what looked like an abandoned building on the far end of the Blast as Indigo threw a grenade up there to take out the vandal that was perched up there while I began to focus my fire on the leg plates of the walker on it's left side. Most specifically, the leg in the middle, which was where Indigo also began to shoot at once there wasn’t any fallen that could try to interrupt us right now while Mac was still getting the walker’s attention.

Fortunately… we were able to get somewhere. Because after using up two clips of ammunition from my auto rifle, the plate on the walker’s leg broke off. Staggering it as it fell forward and it revealed the walker’s weak point. “Core’s exposed! Hit it with everything you got!!”

After hearing what Indigo said, I immediately glided into the air and got out my rocket launcher. Aiming directly at the core and pulling the trigger as the rocket made a direct hit. Mac and Indigo were also doing the same thing, but before we could finish it off, an electric pulse circulated around the walker as its hull closed back up. “Nice job guys, we almost got it!” Indigo told us as she switched back to her hand cannon.

“What’s the plan now though?” Mac then shouted back. “Do we need to expose it’s core again to take it down?”

“No. We damaged it enough already from the looks of it,” The bladedancer spoke up as she began to fire at it’s other legs now. “If we focus on the legs again, it won’t last much longer.” Shortly after hearing that, I began to shoot at one of the other legs with my auto rifle as Mac focused on another one of the walker’s legs with his pulse rifle. We moved out of the way of any mines that were dropped and also managed to redirect our attention to some of the shanks that the walker was calling on to help him so we could get them out of the way before they became a hassle.

Eventually, after destroying some of the shanks that were trying to interfere with our objective and refocusing our attention on the walker, the three of us were able to take it down as the mechanical tank began to explode and break down. Sending pieces of it flying everywhere and also taking out a few more fallen in the process, while also opening up the path forward. It was likely that the fallen had blocked off the path to not let anyone else enter, but now that the walker was down and the metal plate that was protecting its head knocked the door down, we could now proceed further into the Devil’s Lair. “Great job guys… I have to admit, for your first time handling a walker, you two did rather well.”

Hearing that from Indigo seemed… surprising. Especially since I never expected her to compliment me after acting like a bit of a sore loser when I won against her in the Crucible. “Well, we couldn’t have done it without you explaining to us how to fight it in the first place.” I replied back. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Just helping out the fireteam.” She replied casually, walking over the walker’s cannon that was lying on the ground now and going around it’s dislodged head. Waiting for both Mac and I to catch up with her as we entered through the newly opened path inside.

However, once we made inside… things began to look rather unsettling. For one thing, there were bones everywhere. At the bottom of the stairs, along the sides of the halls and even skulls put on top of metal pikes to make it resemble that of a trophy. All of which… made me nervous. Because if these were the remains of previous people that the fallen had sacrificed… then I was worried that we might not make it in time to save the prisoners the fallen devils held captive.

Soon though, we reached a huge metal door that had Fallen Banners at the entrance as it began to open partially. But right away… I could tell something was off. There were many fallen within the vicinity and they looked to have been preparing for some kind of ritual of sorts-

“H-hey! Get your claws off of me-!!”

Immediately, I saw Big Mac bolt through the door before we could discuss some kind of plan. “W-winona! W-what-?”

That was Applebloom we just heard! The fallen must be preparing for a sacrifice,” Winona told both Indigo and I before noticing that the fallen were looking at us. “Focus on the Fallen right now! I’ll deal with Mac.

Both Indigo and I nodded at that and looked at the amount of fallen that were present, before the two of us split up. Indigo immediately took the left side of the concave and I covered the right, shooting several dregs while destroying some shanks and using a grenade to catch a vandal by surprise. Our primary focus was that we were seeing some streams of energy come from certain fallen as what looked to be the ‘servitor’ that Flash had told us about was floating by itself. So if they were providing energy for it to gain power, then the most ideal way of stopping it was to eliminate them.

And after taking down what was left of the fallen on my side, I met back up with Indigo in the middle. “Everything clear?”

“Yeah… any sign of the big guy at all?” Indigo then asked. “I mean… I know what he’s doing is important but…”

That had me raise an eyebrow as I looked back at her. “But what?”

“But I have a bad feeling about what will happen now that we took down all the fallen that were trying to provide this big servitor power in exchange for ether,” Wait, what were they trying to get now? “Ether to the fallen is like oxygen for us. They need it in order to breath and without it, they suffocate-”

Um… I hate to interrupt you…” I heard Ghost say to us, just as we heard a much louder noise echo throughout this concave. “But we got a big problem.

“H-how big-?”

Think Prime Servitor big…” Now was when we both looked in front of us to see exactly what Ghost was talking about. And that was the fact that the servitor that was previously floating in the center of the lair. It’s eye locked onto us now as it was beginning to glow. “It’s going to attack! Move!!

Both Indigo and I ducked for cover instantly as the eye blast from the Servitor decimated a crate that was originally where we were standing. “How in the world are we supposed to fight that!?” I asked, looking back at Indigo as she was hiding behind a steel beam that held up the platform we were standing on right now.

“We need to hold that thing off until Mac gets back here!”

“Okay, but how?!” I told her in response.

“Have your ghost contact his! In the meantime, try to aim for that servitors eye in the center! It’s not just where they draw power for attacks, but it’s also their weak point!” The bladedancer explained, bringing out her sniper rifle to fire three shots at the servitor before needing to reload her weapon. My Ghost seemed to listen to what she said and immediately began to focus his efforts on contacting Winona, while I tried to aim my weapon at where his eye would be and fire accurately.

However, it was while we were trying to do this that several other fallen began to try and come in to support this servitor, which was coming up on my visor as ‘Sepiks Prime’. And one of them did something that immediately caught my attention as they lobbed something towards my teammate.

However, it was around this moment when I realized what exactly the Fallen threw at her as I looked towards her in fear. It was a shock grenade, and one that landed directly behind the bladedancer’s feet. “Indigo, get out of there! There’s a grenade behind you!!”

Immediately after realizing that, the hunter jumped out of her hiding place to avoid getting hit by that. However, in doing so, it revealed her current position to the servitor as it fired off several blasts from its eye that exploded on contact. Powerful enough to cough up smoke as I couldn’t help but stare. W-was she okay?

When the smoke began to clear, that was when I heard something. “Sorry ah’m late…” Next thing I know, I see Mac standing in front of Indigo with his Ward of Dawn active as he looked back at the two of us. “Winona told me you two were in trouble… but ah had something ah needed to take care of first.”

Before I could ask him anything though, that was when I saw Sepiks charge up a stronger eye blast and fire it at Mac’s dome. At first, I thought that the dome would hold… but as it turned out, the blast was enough in order to break the barrier and force both Mac and Indigo to reposition themselves.

“So what’s the plan?” Mac asked.

“Shoot the eye, avoid it’s attacks-” Indigo told him just as we… Wait, where did it go? “Aw crap… Keep an eye on where it is! I think it can teleport!”

It was a few seconds later that we saw Sepiks reappear much higher up now as it began to rain attacks from above us. Forcing us to seek shelter from under the catwalk that we were previously standing on so that way we can be able to shoot it and not have it hit us with its incoming eye blasts. From cover, I switched out my shotgun for the Gozen-C sniper rifle that I still had and began to fire at the servitor’s eye. Paying attention to when it fires it’s eye blasts so I could avoid them and then re-engage from a safer position.

That was how the plan was for the most part. Shoot the eye, avoid the attacks, relocate when it teleports. Rinse and repeat. However, the longer that this continued, the more that we had to take into account how much ammo we had left. Because even though we were hurting him, we did not have a lot of spare ammunition left for if this firefight continued to draw out any longer.

And that was something we realized when Indigo tried to fire off a round from her hand cannon, but it began to click as she looked around. “Aw crap… I’m out! Cover me, I need to find some ammo and quick!”

At that moment, I nodded and used the chance to get up to the highest point on the catwalk above Big Mac and Indigo. Activating Radiance, I began to run around and throw numerous grenades that I can channel at Sepiks in an effort to keep its attention away from Indigo as she searched for any spare bullets she can find. Of course, I was only able to throw a few grenades at the servitor and also incinerate a few fallen that tried to attack me when I wasn’t paying attention, but the risk was worth it when I heard the sound of hand cannon shots going off as my super began to diminish. “Alright, I’m back in business!”

“Geez, how much damage can this thing take? It’s really beginning to annoy me.” Mac grumbled as the titan came back up top alongside the bladedancer. Though, around the time that I mentioned that, I looked through the lense of my sniper rifle and began to notice something along the edges of the servitor’s eye.

“Guys, I can see cracks along the outside of the eye… If we keep this up, that’s servitor’s going to break open any minute.”

“Let’s make that happen sooner!” Indigo proclaimed, bringing out her Rocket Launcher and firing it directly at Sepiks. Causing the cracks along the eye to get bigger… and having me get out my rocket launcher as well. Sepiks fired off another eye blast at Indigo to try and prevent her from reloading, but Mac stepped in and took the hit for her. Shortly before firing off a heavy rain of bullets from his machine gun as they hit the servitor directly in the eye.

Then, both Indigo and I fired off one last rocket from each of our weapons and upon impact, the servitor broke. Beginning to spin out of control before exploding into multiple pieces as the prime servitor was done for. “Alright! We did it.”

Great job, team!” I now heard Winona reply back. “Now let me contact Commander Sentry so we can tell them that the strike was successful.

Though… that made me think of something as I looked back at Mac. “Wait… didn’t they tell us that there were captives here? I don’t see any-.”

That was when all three of us heard a… different voice. “H-hey! Is it safe to come out now? Everyone’s getting nervous in here!”

That left Indigo and I looking at each other, puzzled for a moment because we were unsure about who that was. But for Mac… well, we saw him with an expression of relief on his face. “Yes, the coast is clear sis.”

Upon hearing that, the doors to a separate room not far off from where we were opened up as several people began to come out. The one that got my attention though was a girl that looked to be almost just as tall as Applejack, but had her hair tied off in a bow. She looked to be carrying a shock pistol from one of the fallen dregs. But that was not the thing that shocked us the most.

What shocked us the most… was that there was a Ghost over her shoulder. Well, it didn’t come as a shock to Mac… but to the rest of us, it did. “Winona… Is Mac’s sister…?”

Winona, who was now floating by us now as Mac walked over to where his sister was, soon replied to my ghost’s question. “Yes… She’s a guardian too. However, unlike Mac, Applebloom did not entirely know how to fight or what kind of light she could wield. Mac wanted to teach her, but with the vanguard asking him to take on tasks, it did not give him time to be able to properly teach her how to fight.”

“And that’s something ah’m gonna fix,” Mac soon told the two of us as he and his sister walked over. “Applebloom, these are my companions, Indigo and Sunset. They helped me come here so we could rescue you.”

“Nice to meet you two!” She said cheerfully, holstering the pistol she was once holding onto as she shook both of our hands. “Though, ah wish ah could have done that in someplace other than the middle of a Fallen lair. Who knows if any of those devils can still be crawling around here.”

“Ah think that can be arranged,” Mac now said as he looked up into the sky as what looked like a ship from the tower was coming in. A huge cargo one with plenty of room for everyone to come on board. “For now though, let’s go home.”

After the strike on the Devil’s lair, Big Mac told Flash that he wanted to take a momentary break from the Vanguard. His reason? Well… with Applebloom being back home, Mac thought that if she were really serious about wanting to be a guardian, then she would need the proper training for it. And Flash agreed, going as far as to volunteer to assist Mac with the training too. It made sense because from what I could tell, Applebloom looked to be that of a titan herself. However, something told me that she was not going to be like other titans.

Indigo herself decided that, even though working in a team was fun, that she needed to do something a bit more competitive. And with that in mind, she jumped right back into the Crucible. Leaving me with my Ghost as I was with Twilight, looking down on what was underneath the Traveler. The remnants of the last city.

Though, it was during that moment that I decided to ask something. “Hey Twilight? Can I ask you something?”

“You just did.” She said, giggling a little bit as I let out a deep breath.

“No, I mean… I wanted to ask you a question. It’s about Ghosts…” I told her, while my Ghost just looked at me for a moment. “Well, more specifically their names. Do guardians pick the names of their ghosts?”

Twilight, thought about it for a moment, before looking to me. “Sometimes… It’s a complicated subject. For you see, Ghosts can be either Male or Female and it’s the guardian who chooses the name for them. For example, one of the most well known heroes of the Tower back in the day was the Exo Titan named Martyr-14 and he referred to his ghost as female. There is… one other example that I can think of though.”

When she said that, she stopped for a moment as I waited for her to say it. “One other example? Who?”

That question though… had Twilight looking around for a moment, cautiously, before looking back to me. “My old mentor… and the former Warlock Vanguard before me. However, it’s not something that we can discuss openly. But I think you get the main point though, right?”

Nodding my head, I looked back to my ghost and smiled. “Yeah I do… and I thought of a good name for mine now.”

“Oh?” My ghost asked. “What did you decide on?”

“Ray.” I simply replied back. “It’s the first thing that came into my head.”

“Ray… Hunh, I actually kind of like that name,” He said. “Of course, it will take some time to get used too.”

“Well, the two of you got some time to kill before we need you for another assignment,” Twilight told the two of us before heading back to the hall of guardians. “If you want to get some rest, go on ahead… Otherwise, there are tasks in the Cosmodrome you can do if you are on patrol.”

After hearing that, I looked back towards Gho- I mean… Ray now as he looked back at me before asking something. “So, where to next?”

Author's Note:

Sepiks Prime cast a great shadow over our City. With its destruction, the Fallen Devils will grow weaker. But we must stay vigilant. The Fallen are crafty. They'll find ways to survive. They always do.
-Commander Zavala, Destiny

And with that, the first strike is in the books. As for some of the characters that were mentioned, they will become important later on, whether it's with events that occur later on in the story or if they tie directly into the lore. For now though, we're done with the current missions on Earth... but not jumping ahead with the story just yet.

You'll see what happens in the next chapter. :raritywink: