• Published 20th Mar 2018
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Destiny- Shimmering Sun - FrostTheWolf

One day, Sunset Shimmer wakes up in the middle of nowhere only to have a ghost tell her that she's been dead for quite some time. This isn't going to go down well. [Destiny/EQG Crossover]

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01- Eyes up, Guardian

For a long time, things all around me felt… cold. I felt as if I was coldly drifting aimlessly for… well, who knows how long. The only thing that I could be able to remember exactly was my name. And all I could see now though were… images of… places… people? Things? I don’t really know how to explain it… but for some reason, these things I were seeing were important somehow. Pictures of me with other people… enjoying each other’s company… but I could only remember brief pieces of these moments as everything was going by so quickly.

I did not know what really to think of this. I mean… I was not sure how I found myself in this place. But I felt as if I wanted to get out of here. Escape. I did not know why or how, but I wanted to just get out of here… Wait a minute… Is that a light up ahead? Am I in some kind of tunnel?

Could that be the way out? I could hear something on the other end speaking to me, but it… sounded different. “Is it possible?

Was… someone talking about me? Who was there? Someone, please answer me! I found myself running, almost as if I wanted to escape this place. As I ran, my body slowly began to heat up, burning through me as if I was on fire… But I didn’t care… I wanted to get out of here. I wanted to see daylight.

I wanted to live.

And then, I heard it again. As I found myself reaching the end and everything around me turned to white. “There you are.

When I opened my eyes… everything around me was barren and dry. The area around me was barren and cracked, broken and destroyed. There were rusty cars and broken trees everywhere, along with dust getting all over my-.

Wait, what happened to my clothes? And why am I-? “Guardian.” Hunh? Who said that? “Guardian? Eyes up, guardian.”

Instantly I looked up, only to find myself staring directly at a floating… metal… thing? And whatever it was, scared the living crap out of me. Especially when I realized that it was talking to me. “It worked. You’re alive! You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for you.”

“Gah!! W-who are you?” I asked, sheerly out of panic. I mean, who wouldn’t panic if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and woke up to finding a talking robot thingamajig talking to you?

At first, it’s answer seemed simple. “Well, I’m a Ghost…” Then it became confusing. “Actually, I’m now your ghost.” And then if that wasn’t crazy enough, the next piece of news… Ghost shared felt like getting hit by a speeding freight train. “And you… well, you’ve been dead for a long time. So you’re going to see a lot of things you won’t understand.”

“Wait, I’ve been dead-?!” Before I could ask anything as to how exactly did I end up dead… or for that matter, how in the world was I alive, I heard an ear piercing howl ring through the air as I shivered for a moment. “W-what was that?”

“Oh no… this is bad,” I heard from this Ghost of mine as he turned back to me. “This is Fallen territory, we’re not safe out here. I need to get you back to the city… Hold still.”

“Wait, wha-?” Before I could comprehend what he said, I saw Ghost… disappear right in front of me. Causing me to look around for a moment, before saying something. “Ghost? Where are you-?”

Then, I felt some kind of electric buzz in my ear for a moment, before hearing a voice again. “Don’t worry, I’m still here. Right now though, we need to move and fast. Get inside the Wall. It’s just up ahead.” Before I could even ask, that’s when I saw what he was talking about. It looked like one of the biggest barricades that I had seen in… well, ever. How was something like this possible?

More importantly though… How long have I exactly been dead for?

That had to wait for another time though as I heard another one of those shrieks again, causing me to jump to my feet and run. Criss crossing through rusted and broken down cars. Despite the massive size of this wall I was running towards, there was a small opening to the left of what looked like a massive gateway. Leading me to wonder… was someone trying to keep something out… or keep something in.

Upon entering the wall and going up a staircase, I took a right turn and came across an open pathway with broken windows illuminating the light from the sun. While I was moving though, that was when I heard Ghost speak again. “Okay, I’m going to need to find you a weapon before the fallen find us.

“Fallen-?” Before I could finish my sentence, that was when I heard the metal pylons shift and the sounds of something running against metal plates directly above us.

Quiet… They’re right above us…” He warned me, before we moved into the next room and up some more stairs as Ghost soon appeared next to me. This time though, he was shining like a flashlight as he illuminated the path forward for us, reaching a catwalk that looked out into what was the interior of the wall, before looking towards me.

“Hang tight. Fallen thrive in the dark, we won’t. We need more light,” Well, that seemed kind of obvious. I mean, it’s almost pitch black in here. So some more light can definitely help. “I’ll see what I can do.” Wait, what did he mean by that?

Around that time, Ghost just floated off to what looked like some kind of… contraption of sorts as he mumbled something to himself. I honestly did not pay much attention to that… but I immediately paid attention to him once the light came back on… and the shrieks from before were a LOT closer than when we were outside. “They’re coming for us!!”

“What did you do?!” I shouted, personally panicking right now.

“I don’t know, but what I do know is that without a weapon, you got nothing to defend yourself out here,” He told me, before proceeding to scan the contraption to some kind of gate as he got it open. Once it was open and I stepped through the gate, Ghost began hovering over… wait… is that a gun? And why are there a bunch of bones and a skull around it?! “Here, I found a rifle! Grab it!”

Okay, at the time, my head was thinking about how the hell was I going to learn how to use something like this in such little time. But, going on instinct, I grabbed it and held onto it as I moved around another corner. My heart was beating extremely fast now as I was trying to make sense of what was going on and where I needed to go.

Yet… what Ghost said next didn’t help me with concentrating. “I hope you know how to use that thing.”

Which… lead to me saying something back at him. “I hope so too…”

“Wait… You haven’t used something like this before-?” Ghost questioned, sounding surprised to hear that from me. But that was before we saw… something move ahead of us. “What was that?”

“I… don’t know…” Right around now, with all the craziness that was happening, I was personally thinking that I was going insane… But it was then, as I was looking around, that I saw a wheel at the corner of my vision on the left hand side. “Ghost? What the heck is this… thing?”

“Um… that’s the radar you have installed in your helmet… and I’m picking up some movement…” He told me, just as I was close to reaching the end of the straightaway for where I was at. However, it was then that I heard Ghost say something in particular as the center of my radar had a red dot in the center. “It’s… directly above us.”

Oh no… I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

“Guardian, look out!”

Immediately, two creatures dropped down ahead of me. One being mere feet away from me. And their appearance alone told me that they weren’t human at all. The first one lunged at me with a knife in one of its arms and a pistol in the other. Trying to stab me with it’s knife while the other one shot at me with it’s own pistol. Right away, I could see the electrical energy radiating off of the blade, causing me to back up and try to get some distance away from it while I scramble to properly aim with this weapon I was holding.

“Come on… come on…” I grit my teeth, trying to focus as I aimed back at these two alien freaks. One of them looked to be pulling out something and prepare to throw it at me. Quickly pulling the trigger, I opened fire at both of them, taking a couple of moments to try and catch my breath after doing so.

Internally though, I felt sick. “Guardian, are you alright?”

“No…” I spoke, looking back to him. “I… don’t feel alright. Even though they aren’t human… I… haven’t killed anything before…”

“Guardian,” Ghost tried to talk to me. “I know that a lot is going through your head right now, but I need to make sure you understand something… The Fallen are responsible for killing many survivors they come across, and they will attempt to kill us too. Guardian, if we are to get out of this, we need to be able to work together… okay?”

I thought this over for a moment, thinking everything so far and what Ghost told me, before finally replying back to him. “Okay… but don’t call me Guardian.”

“But that is what you are. You are a Guardian-.”

I sighed back, before looking at him once again. “It may be what I am, but it is not who I am… If we are to work together, then you need to know me by my name.”

Ghost looked at me for a moment, before looking away… and then back to me. “And what is your name then?”

I looked back to him, while also gripping onto the handle of my weapon as I told him my name. “Sunset. Sunset Shimmer… Now that you know my name, let’s go find a way out of here.”

“Right away, Gua- I mean Sunset.” Ghost corrected himself, fading away again as I left the small corridor and began to enter another wide open catwalk. From the rafters above, three more of these creatures from before dropped down in front of me and began to fire their pistols at me. Forcing me to take cover behind a box and return fire back at them. However, right away, after taking out the first two, I could see that the third one of these creatures had four arms instead of two. And this one had a much more complex firearm that it was using to try and draw me out of cover.

Rolling out from behind where I was hiding, I took aim and fired again, until I was beginning to hear a clicking sound from my weapon. “Here! Reload, quick!!” I heard Ghost speak to me as a clip similar to the one that was attached to my weapon formed in my hands. Leading me to reload my rifle as the four armed one charged at me. By the time the clip was in, the creature was so close that all I could do at the time was punch it to get some distance between us before I fired a shot at it’s head. Causing it to rupture and disperse into a white like glow.

Nice shot, keep it up.” Ghost told me as I ran across the bridge that was in front of me to get to the other side.

“Ghost, how much farther until we get out of this place?” I asked once I finally reached the other side.

We still got a bit of a ways before we finally find a way out. The Fallen have cut a path through here, so it’s likely that they placed traps in here,” Well brilliant… what else is there about these guys that I don’t know about. “Although… it appears that they left one of their treasure troves out here… Let me crack it open for you.

Ghost soon emerged from out of nowhere again, scanning what looked like the lock on the cache we come across as the lid soon popped open. There was a blue glow for a brief moment, but from the sounds of things, Ghost seemed… pleased. “Well, that’s a relief… we found another weapon for you to use. Should come in handy when in tight quarters.” As he said that, I placed the Rifle I had on my back as Ghost materialized what he was talking about. A sawed off shotgun along with a few shells to load into it. A task I was beginning to do as we proceeded forward.

Until… “Stop!! Don’t move!

“What?! Why-?” As I lifted my head up, I could see the exact reason why Ghost told me to stop. A red laser wire blocking the path ahead. “Oh… What… are these?”

Fallen Tripmines. Rigged to explosives,” He warned me as I looked at them carefully. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up when Ghost told me that these things were wired to bombs that could possibly kill me. “Whatever you do, don’t touch them.

I looked at them for a moment… and noticed that there were a second set of tripmines farther down the hall. “Ghost… is there a way to disable them? Because I feel that if we just sneak past them, one of those… things can pop up out of nowhere and knock us back into them.”

I… never thought of it that way, to be honest…” He admitted to me. “One likely possibility though is that you can try to shoot them from a distance so you don’t get hit by the blast when it detonates. Aim for the small connector on the top left column and on the pipe near the right. I’ll mark the targets now.” It was seconds after I heard him say those words that I saw what looked like two squares in front of me. Marking the specific points that they were at so I could be able to shoot them as I took aim and fired.

Nice shot.

“Thanks for the help…” I replied, before hearing what sounded like movement. “Ghost… these things are… what you call ‘Fallen’ right?”

Yes, that is what they are called.

“Right, so…” At this point, I began to carefully move through the halls, this time with the new weapon Ghost gave me at the ready. “If I were them… where would it be possible for them to attack me if they wanted to ambush me?”

That might be a complex question depending on what location we are talking about…” Oh come on, I didn’t mean it like that. This should be an easy question. “But… based on what I’m getting on my motion trackers, they are moving through the tunnels under us and in the air vents above us. Keep an eye out for any floor grates because they might use that for an ambush.” Well, that was a much better answer than I originally thought I was getting. And at least I now have an idea of where they might be coming from.

And just after the first set of trip mines, that was when one of the fallen that Ghost was talking about dropped down from an air shaft in the ceiling while two more emerged from the floor grates right in front of me. Immediately, I fired one shell at the first one, before moving to the left and shooting the next one. The third one was farther back and not close enough for me to hit with my Shotgun, so I switched back to my rifle to attack him from range. Taking him down in a series of shots.

Nice work, but we got four more dregs at the end of this corridor.” Ghost notified me… yet, one thing about that did not make sense.

“Um… this might be the wrong time to ask, but what’s a dreg?” I asked. Ghost seemed silent for a moment, before speaking back up again.

Out of all the fallen that we have encountered so far, Dregs are the ones that have two arms,” As he said that, I noticed what he was talking about as I took aim to not only take them down, but disable the second tripmine set that was blocking my path. “I would explain further, but right now, I think a short explanation is the more logical approach here.

“Fair point,” I sighed, reloading my rifle again while also taking the chance to reload my shotgun so I don’t run out of anything too soon. “What about the one we encountered that had four arms though?”

You mean Vandals?” He asked me. “They actually have six arms, but two sets of them take hold of the weapons they are using. In any case though, both Vandals and Dregs can be problematic if they try to outnumber you.” With that in mind, the two of us entered the end of the corridor and were greeted with a rather huge hall. The place looked to have seen better days, but the one thing that caught my attention was that there were a lot of these Fallen that Ghost had been talking about camping out here.

And soon, all of them had their eyes on me. Just brilliant… “You got four Vandals and five Dregs. The vandals in the far back can hit you with their Wire Rifles while the others are dual wielding shock blades.

“Okay… so what exactly is the plan?” I asked now, trying to find someplace to take cover as they began to shoot at me.

First off, take out the Dregs. They might only have pistols and a shock knife, but they can also throw grenades,” He informs me as I peeked out from cover and shot down the first two Dregs I could see. “Second, the Vandals with the blades will likely try to get close to you so they can cut through your gear. Save your shotgun shells for when they get too close for comfort.

“What about the two in the back?” Peaking out, I took down the other Dregs. One that was preparing a grenade and had tossed it before I could take it down. Leading me to abandon the cover I was at so I wouldn’t get hit. The two vandals with the blades looked to have hidden themselves behind the concrete pillar that was close to where I was originally at as I switched weapons and took them down with two shotgun rounds.

Close the gap between you and them. They’re snipers, but they’ll be forced to try and reposition when you get too close.” Ghost advised me. Even though that plan almost seemed… personally crazy. Nevertheless, I didn’t really have a lot of options at this particular time, so all I could do was take his advice. So, I ran directly towards where they were at.

To my surprise, Ghost was actually right about how they would try to react. One of them tried to take a swipe at me in order to push me backwards, leading me to duck out of the way and shooting him point blank with my shotgun. As for the other one, I switched to my rifle and shot the other vandal around the shoulder to offset it’s focus on me, before taking another shot and watching it’s body rupture in response.

Finally though, after I had taken them all down, I was able to capture my breath at least. Ghost was able to materialize in front of me again, looking around at the hall all around us before turning his focus to me. “I knew that the fallen were crafty, but they had a much tighter hold on this place then I thought… We’re almost out of here though. Just a little bit further and then we’ll be in The Divide.”

That… had me confused for a moment. “I’m sorry, the what now?”

“Oh… Right,” Ghost said for a moment, before looking back at me. “The Divide is one of a few places here that’s stretched out across Old Stalliongrad… It’s a lot to explain, but there’s a reason why we’re going out this way.” Listening to him, I followed him through what looked like a broken down wind tunnel as the two of us reached the opening at the end. Immediately after coming out though, what I saw was… beyond my understanding.

What looked to be buildings that would be stores were in ruins, numerous shipping containers of different colors were littered all over the place, concrete barriers were scattered everywhere and there were even some broken down tanks just as I was taking everything in. “This… used to be an old Cosmodrome. There’s gotta be some kind of ship we can use in order to get out of here.”

“Ship? What kind of ship? Everything around here looks broken.” I asked, confused by what he was talking about. However… Ghost did not really have the time to explain what he meant to me as we looked up in the sky and saw a massive hole tear open. Whatever it was, it knocked over several of the huge towers that were standing and caused the ground to violently shake. Almost making me fall over.

Wait… what the hell is that thing?!

“Oh no… this is really bad,” Ghost told me, disappearing as I heard him speak in my helmet again. “Fallen ships… and this close to the surface! We need to move now!!

I was already moving before he even told me that. As they were offloading their troops, I was taking cover behind the massive shipping containers. Moving from one container to the next in order to get out of their line of sight. There was a hill of dirt that I ran up in order to get on the roof of one of the buildings that once looked to be some kind of store. But now, I was using it as a vantage point to fire down on them. Taking them out one by one until there was nothing left. The ships were already gone by the time the fight was over.

But there was no way that I wanted to be here for when they were to come back. “Ghost… I don’t suppose you have some kind of plan as to how we’re going to get out of here?”

I do… Well, sort of…

“Sort of?” I asked, surprised to hear that.

About 12 percent, give or take,” He told me in response. “I’m picking up signs of an old jumpship not far from here, but I need to get closer to see if it’s of any use. Not to mention that the fallen could be scraping it clean for anything of value they can find.

“Lead the way then.” Shortly after saying those words, I saw another one of those markers that Ghost had used earlier when pointing out the trip mines. Following the marker lead me to having go through some tight and narrow corridors, which made me extremely cautious. Especially with the fact that some of these could be hiding beneath my feet and readying an ambush.

However, we were not met with any surprises… mostly. The one thing that was different though were a bunch of what looked like floating metal machines. Ghost called them ‘Shanks’ and also explained to me that each one of them had a small plasma turret attached underneath. However, they weren’t really considered as much of a threat and could be easily taken down with a few accurate shots or a well placed shotgun round.

Yet, it was as I eliminated this last group that I felt something… strange. Almost empowering if I were to be specific. “Ghost… Something just happened…”

What do you mean?” He asked me.

“I don’t know… I just felt something… warm surge through my body. It feels… rejuvenating though.” I explained, looking at my hands for a moment to try and get an understanding of what was happening.

It must be the Travelers Light. I’ll explain it later, but you might be able to channel some of that power right now. Whether it be conjuring grenades or scorching anyone that come too close to you,” I heard him tell me. “You are a Warlock, after all.

“I’m a what-?”

It’s a specific kind of Guardian,” He explained as I slowly proceeded through the enclosed hallway, only to find broken down computers and machines. “Warlocks are those who studied the arcane energies of the Traveler and are able to harness its power in a physical form.

That… only made me think one thing in my mind as I felt something click inside my head. “You mean… like magic?”

In a sense… but not exactly in those terms,” Ghost replied back to me, all while I was trying to see how exactly could I be able to use this… ‘Light’ that he was talking about. “All guardians are powered by the light of the Traveler… Though, I think it may be best to save this conversation for later. You got company, dead ahead.

Looking up, I immediately noticed that we weren’t that far away from what appeared to look like some kind of hangar. However, the one thing that did immediately stand out was that there were a massive amount of fallen in here. Dregs, Vandals and Shanks. The icon that Ghost had for me was right above the ship that they looked to be trying to salvage. But their attention seemed to be less focused on that and more focused on me.

As several of them were charging at me though, I felt a warm surge of power flow through my right hand, taking the form of what looked like a burning sphere. After a couple of seconds though, I soon threw it out towards the group of dregs and shanks that were slowly encroaching upon my current position. Watching it expand outward as it hit the ground and trapped several of them in the burning orb and allowing for me to shoot them with my rifle.

Yet, I couldn’t exactly stay in one place. “Sunset, on your left!!

Turning, I immediately had to duck as a couple of Fallen that were armed with Shock Blades tried to charge at me from my blind spot. And if it weren’t for Ghost’s warning, they would’ve gotten to me. Grabbing my shotgun now, I had to fire off two rounds in order to get them away and attempted to try and throw another one of those orbs again… but nothing happened.

“Ghost, what’s going on?” I asked him, trying it again before having to switch to my rifle after the second attempt failed. “I tried using that ‘Light’ like the first time around, but nothing happened!”

Sunset, stay calm… When using abilities powered by the light, you can’t just throw out grenades like that. You need to give your light time to recharge first,” Oh, so that’s the reason why. It… kind of makes sense, but it’s going to have to be something that I need to get used too.

Taking a moment to find cover behind a metal pylon, I reloaded my shotgun and just kept my rifle on hand. Taking down some of the fallen that were coming at me before shooting at the Vandals in the far back of the room. It took a few minutes in order to clear out the room… but our troubles were not over yet. “Sunset, stay on guard. There’s still one more Fallen here.

“Seriously?” I asked. Personal note, just where are these guys coming from if they are able to move in here so quickly? Then, I turned around to notice a Fallen that was… well, different than the ones that we have encountered already.

Not to mention that after shooting a few shots, this one teleported a short distance away. Whether it was to run away from me, get a better vantage point, or to try and shoot me at a closer distance, I couldn’t tell. But around the time he had teleported, I felt the same energy from before return to my left arm again… and that, soon gave me an idea.

When I took a few more shots and forced this one to teleport again, I threw a grenade right at the point where he would materialize. Therefore, keeping him stuck in place and not able to move anywhere. “Well… Nice job taking that guy down. Now… let’s see if I can get us out of here,” With that, I felt my left hand come forward as Ghost materialized this time. Beginning to scan the jumpship that was held up by several cables that suspended it in place. “Well, I got some good news and bad news… Which do you want to hear first?”

“Uh… Good, I guess?” I said, because I was unsure what exactly he meant by that.

“Well, we’re lucky that the fallen haven’t picked this ship clean and it should be able to take us to The City,” He replied back to me. “Bad news though is that since this ship hasn’t made a jump in centuries, so we won’t be able to break orbit…”

Okay, but that doesn’t answer the main question in my mind right now though. “Can it fly though?”

Turning around, Ghost looked… rather confident. And… did he just nod to me? “I believe I can make it work. Just give me a second…” With that, he… faded into the ship. Almost the same way that he was able to do that so far with me. Though, it was only a few seconds later that I watched the entire ship just… roar to life right in front of me. Lights on the side of the ship were burning brightly, I could hear engines roaring and soon, the cables that originally suspended the ship in place broke off.

And there I was, watching in awe as I saw it float in place… momentarily though. “Alright, we’re all ready to go…

Yet, the moment he said that was when my radar flashed red. Directly behind me. Turning around, I saw that a pair of fallen had just crawled out of a huge space in the wall… followed by one that was much bigger in size. And was glaring directly at me.

Before they could be able to take aim though, I heard Ghost once more. “Okay, bringing you in!” I did not fully comprehend what he meant by that… until I felt myself being pulled inside the ship. Landing right in the cockpit as Ghost was handling the ship’s controls. I also felt the helmet that was originally on my head coming off, allowing for me to feel my hair again. “We can take care of those guys later. Right now, let’s get you back to the City.

“Um… Ghost?” I asked, a question forming in my head after he originally said that. “What city are we actually going to?”

“Well… there’s a lot to fill you in on, but this city is referred to as the Last City… mostly because it literally is the last safe city on Earth,” He explained, guiding the ship through some snowy mountain peaks and through a bunch of clouds. Right now, I was both confused… and also in awe at what was going on. I never really experienced any form of flight like this before, so watching everything zip past me was… breathtaking in a sense. “And it is the last place on earth that’s under the protection of the Traveler.”

That… had something click in my memory from earlier as I spoke up. “You mentioned that name before. What is this Traveler? Is it a person?”

“Actually… No,” He replied back. “The Traveler is… much different. In fact, you should be able to see it right around… now.”

That was when I saw exactly what he was talking about… and I was blown away by what I was seeing. This Traveler was not a person… but a giant white sphere that was in the sky, hanging over what looked like a city that was on the tower wall. Just… what was this thing?

Before I could even ask Ghost, I felt myself fade out of my ship again and then land on my feet once more. Finding myself in a plaza like area as I took the chance to look all around me. There were many people here… including some that looked to be mechanical constructs as I was beginning to comprehend everything around me.

“Welcome to the last safe city on Earth, Sunset,” I heard Ghost tell me as he floated along the left side of my body again. “This place once took centuries to build… Now we are counting everyday it stands.” Ghost soon floated behind me, causing me to turn around again as I looked all around me. “This though, is the Tower. And it’s the place that Guardians like yourself call home.”

I… was pretty much speechless right now. Mostly because I was still trying to process a lot of things. But I did remember Ghost telling me that there were a lot of things that I might not understand, so I guess that makes sense. “So… What do we do now?”

“Well currently, I sent the jumpship we got to the shipwright for the time being so she can make some repairs on it,” He told me, leading me down to what looked like a stairwell in the middle of the courtyard. “For now though, I think we should have you meet the Warlock Vanguard. She’s a good teacher, so perhaps she can help answer any questions you might have.”

Internally, that made me let out a sigh of relief as I followed Ghost down to what he called the ‘Hall of Guardians’. Mostly because it served as the base of operations for the members of the Vanguard. Which, from what Ghost told me, consists of a lot of other guardians like myself.

“There we are. The Warlock Vanguard should be just over here-” Though, before he could finish his sentence, we both heard a voice speak up from inside the hall.

“Sunset? I-is that you?” When I turned my head to see who it was, my jaw dropped almost immediately. And I can only be able to say one thing in that moment.


Author's Note:

"An ancient weapon, battered and worn - but it still fires true. Perhaps it's been waiting for you." -In Game Description, Khvostov 7G-02

And with that, the story of our guardian begins.