• Published 20th Mar 2018
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Destiny- Shimmering Sun - FrostTheWolf

One day, Sunset Shimmer wakes up in the middle of nowhere only to have a ghost tell her that she's been dead for quite some time. This isn't going to go down well. [Destiny/EQG Crossover]

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05- The Last Array

By the time we touched down in the Cosmodrome again, Ghost was beginning to pick up the whereabouts of the ghosts that belonged to that team of guardians that we were tasked with going into the Skywatch. Even though that team was said to have gone dark, the mission was for us to try and locate the ghosts that belonged to them to find those array codes. But it also meant that we were heading back through that hive breeding ground that we uncovered the first time we were here. Something that I personally wasn’t a fan of… but there wasn’t really any way around it at this point.

As we were riding on our sparrows back over there from the Mothyards, we soon began to see how quickly the hive had spread. Their forces were beginning to clash with the fallen as we had to not try and get ourselves caught up in the crossfire. Even though it was very likely that we were going to get pulled into the fighting the longer that we tried to avoid it. Especially when shots from both of them grazed our sparrows and also my armor around my right shoulder.

We’re getting close to the compound again…” I heard Ghost tell both of us as we were approaching the front of the lunar complex. “I’m picking up traces of that fireteam’s ghost on the other side of the complex… Winona, you getting any better readings?

No, I’m seeing the same thing you are,” Winona stated as Mac and I hopped off our sparrows and had the speeding craft run over a fallen dreg that was by himself outside. “I think the only way that we are going to get a better read on those ghosts is that if we go through the complex… again. And just when I thought having to handle that place once was bad enough.

“Ah hear ya,” Mac groaned as he prepared his Burst Rifle and looked back at me. “But if we were able to handle them once, then we can do it again Winona. Just tell us when ya get a better reading on those Ghosts.” With that, I grabbed my Auto Rifle and readied it before the two of us began to venture through the complex once more.

However… instead of being greeted by one particular side, we were both greeted to a turf war that was taking place inside the space that we found that wizard sometime earlier. The Fallen looked to have wanted to take whatever they could find from this place while the Hive were trying to push them out.

Instinct kicked in and with it, I threw out a grenade that landed right in the middle between three dregs. Burning them with Solar light and also making them easy targets for Mac to take down with a few bursts from his pulse rifle. There were two vandals in the far back and a few of the Hive Acolytes up front, but I shot down one of the vandals with my Auto Rifle and Mac had the other disintegrate with a fusion rifle blast. As for the acolytes, I took them down using the new shotgun I was able to get from Moondancer.

However… when I took down that Fallen just now with my Auto Rifle, it happened to drop something. It didn’t become clear at first… until I got a little bit closer and picked it up. “Guys… you’re not going to believe this… but one of those Fallen had a ghost.”

That… had both of our ghosts look in disbelief and even startled Mac as Winona scanned it for a moment. “It’s… dead.”

“Could you find out who it belonged to?” I asked, prompting my Ghost to scan it now before he turned to us.

“It’s… from that fireteam…” He confirmed for us. “But this one doesn’t have the codes to the Array. It says here that it belonged to someone called ‘Sour Sweet’, a human warlock that was with two others… Hmm…” That lead to Ghost scanning it once more before looking back at us. However… that name… for some reason, it was ringing around inside my head. “Got it! I’m picking up traces of two other ghosts right now close to the exterior of the Skywatch. If we hurry, we can get to them before they end up in fallen hands.”

“And like that, we can get the array codes… I’m liking the sound of this already,” Winona replied back before disappearing inside Mac’s equipment as my ghost disappeared too. They also marked where the traces of the ghosts we’re looking for are as we began to find a way out of this maze of a building, while we had to fight through more clashes between both the Fallen and the Hive. “Just a little bit more and then we’ll be out in the Skywatch.

Wait, out in the skywatch? I thought we were already there. “Hang on… what do you mean by that?”

The Skywatch is split between two buildings separated by a huge clearing,” I heard Ghost tell me as we were going through the doors that were torn open on one side of the building. “The signs of the Ghosts that we are getting are showing up in the clearing here, but I don’t know which fallen has them.”

“So just fight them until one of them drops something?” I asked.

“That’s the only likely thing we can do right now,” Mac then spoke up. This time though, I watched him bring out the Machine Gun that he had recently gotten from the Gunsmith. “At least it allows for us to test out the new Heavy Weapons.” That… definitely got me thinking now and it really tempted me in trying to bring out the rocket launcher I had, but I thought that if I did, it would end up damaging the Ghost’s we were trying to find.

Mac though… did not entirely see a problem with that as I soon watched him race over to the largest group of Fallen he could find and begin to mow them down with Heavy Fire. However, that also happened to attract the attention of the Hive… Hunh, I guess I can try out the rocket launcher on them instead, just to be familiar with how to use it-

Found another one,” I heard Winona say again… shortly before adding something else. “Nope. No luck with that one either, even though it belonged to the second member of their fireteam… Well, at least it narrows it down a little. Let’s find that last one and keep going.” It was only a few moments after that though… and after blowing the living crap out of a swarm of hive with my rocket launcher that I saw something amiss.

“Mac, behind you!!” I called out, switching to my Auto Rifle to attack a vandal and two dregs that were wanting to get the drop on Mac. The two dregs didn’t really drop anything that would be seen as important. But the last one did… causing a dead ghost to drop as I picked it up and looked back to Mac.

“Hey Ghost, is this the one we’re looking for?” I asked him, holding it up so he could scan it properly. It only took him a few seconds in order to analyze it, shortly before giving the two of us some rather positive news.

“This one’s got the codes we need to access the array! Let’s get to the other side of the clearing and quickly.” No need to tell us twice, because we were already darting for the other building once Ghost confirmed this was what we were looking for. The doors to the next building were already open and once we were inside, several more fallen began to descend on us from the rafters as we fought them off in an attempt to make it to the control station.

According to both Ghost and Winona, it was at this control station in the Skywatch that we could be able to activate these codes and bring the array back online. As long as the Fallen haven’t sabotaged any of the technology in here. We had to shoot a few of them and take them out once we arrived and a few more after reaching the controls. But once we got there, we made sure to clear out the room so Ghost and Winona could be able to do their work.

“Okay, running through the codes now…” We first heard Ghost speaking to us, followed by Winona stating their progress. “Shor-resist security lattice verified… Cryptosystem negotiating complete… It’s working!!”

Both of us them heard a loud noise from outside as Mac and I ventured out to see what it was. To our surprise, we were beginning to watch the satellite array that Ghost and Winona just activated emerge from the ground and begin to activate. And seeing it, was rather… well, amazing. Because I had not seen anything that was like this before.

What was not amazing though… was what came next. We heard something that sounded like a severe grinding noise as Mac and I were looking up to see what looked like a tear in the middle of the sky… before something began to emerge from it. And something… BIG. “Those are Hive Tombships cutting through! Both of you, fend them off! The array is still running through the activation sequence.”

“If any of them interfere with the main controls, then that array shuts down!” Winona also told us, just as Mac and I both prepared our weapons and began to shoot at them. One thing I noticed while we were engaging the hive though was that we now could see what type of Hive enemies they were. Those that charged at us were known as Thrall, the ones who tried to shoot at us with the hives own weapons were called Acolytes, the floating ones were wizards and-

Wait, since when did the Hive have swords-? “Hive Knight, incoming!!”

That immediately had me look back at the hulking knight coming at us as I avoided a downward slash from the Knight’s blade, before trying to shoot it with my shotgun… however, despite firing two shells at him, it did little to harm them before they tried attacking me again. “Oh crap…”

Backing up, I was forced to use a solar grenade to not just hurt it, but burn any other hive that came into contact as I raced over to Mac. “We need to kill that Knight quick! I tried shooting it with my shotgun, but I can’t make a dent in it’s armor.”

“Alright, but ah don’t got a lot of heavy ammo on me right at the moment,” I heard the titan say to me. “Have you tried your rocket launcher?”

I took a second to check my ammo amount… but when I looked at it, what I saw did not give me a lot of hope. “Only have two shots left. If I use both of them on that knight, then I would just be wasting my ammo and not have it when I really would need something.”

“Well, mah only suggestion is that you use your primary for right now,” Mac told me as he fired a few rounds from his pulse rifle to kill a few incoming hive thralls and an acolyte as well. “Next time we’re at the tower, we need to grab some Ammo Synthesis.”

Now that had me a bit confused… because I was unsure as to what exactly he was talking about. But I just thought that it would be easier for the both of us if I just add that to the ever growing list of things that I would ask Ghost about later. Right now, I needed to fight off these hive that were trying to close in on us and the best way to do that was to use my Auto Rifle. Turning them into ashes with each thrall and acolyte we shot down. Though, despite that, there were still a lot more of them as well as three wizards and two of those knights with the swords charging at us.

“Mac… provide me some cover fire.” I told him, switching my Auto Rifle for my rocket launcher as I came out from behind a concrete pillar. The titan himself nodded, using his firepower to focus on the thrall that were trying to come after me so I could focus on the knights. Aiming my rocket launcher at them before firing as that single shot hit the knight directly in the face.

One knight down… one more knight, three wizards and every other hive that was here attacking us to go… Wonderful. Let’s just hope that we have enough ammo for our weapons to deal with this horde because running out right now would really be problematic. Though, the more that I was fending them off and the more I kept eliminating each of the hive, some of them happened to drop what looked like colored bricks. Small white ones, medium sized green ones and big purple ones.

“Ghost, what the heck are those bricks all over the ground?”

It took a few seconds, but soon, Ghost had an answer for me… and what he said was something that let me breath out a sigh of relief. “Those must be ammo blocks. They normally drop from Fallen, but if the Hive are dropping them too, then that can help you two significantly since it can replenish a small amount of ammo for your weapons depending on which one you find. White is Primary, Green is Secondary and Purple is Heavy.”

That had Mac and I both look at each other with a surprised look on our faces… before deciding to race out from behind cover and directly get ourselves involved in the fight. As we passed over the ammo blocks, they were transmated into our weapons and the rounds inside each block were added to our reserves. Providing more auto rifle rounds, shotgun shells, and even an extra rocket for my launcher and more firepower for Mac’s MG. Which was a big deal, because now we did not have to worry about running out of ammo while we were fighting off the hive.

It even allowed for me to finish off the other Hive Knight with the extra ammunition I picked up and allowed for Mac to shoot down some of the wizards that were annoyingly floating around all over the damn place. We were finally beginning to take the fight back to them, throwing out grenades and pushing them back as we took down their forces one by one.

Of course, there was one thing that surprised me when we were dealing the last of the Hive. They were unleashing a massive barrage of bolts at us, but instead of backing up, Mac urged for me in order to get behind him. Just as he threw his hands outward and encased us in a dome that was… well, it looked to have been created by Mac’s light. But… what was this? “Mac, what is this?”

“You mean this?” He said, pointing at the dome as he was reloading his machine gun. “This is mah supercharged ability… or super for short. All Guardians have one and it’s charged through combat… As a Defender, mine is called ‘Ward of Dawn’. It’s an impenetrable barrier, but it only lasts for half a minute.”

“By impenetrable, you mean?”

“They can’t hit us while we’re in here, but we can’t hit them either… Ah say it’s a fair trade off though since it allows for us to ready our weapons again.” Mac told me… and leaving me with one other question.

“Do I have something like that too?”

“Ah think so, but it varies depending on what kind of guardian you are,” The titan told me as his heavy weapon was finally ready. “Now let’s worry less about that and focus more about taking down the last of these pests.” I couldn’t agree more on that notion as I readied by rocket launcher and also reloaded my auto rifle. As the Ward faded, we began to open fire on the last of the hive that were attacking us. Some trying to hide from behind old crates that the fallen once had here. But it did not suite so well for cover since we were able to either throw a grenade over it or just go around it.

Eventually… we took them all down while only maintaining a bit of damage to our armor. But when we heard Ghost and Winona speak to us, it wasn’t to congratulate us at all… but more to show us something that happened after we fended off all of the Hive. “Guys… you are not going to believe what just happened.”

“Um… we got an array online and we linked it to… other colonies?” I asked, vaguely trying my best to recall the details of the array itself.

“That was what we were trying to do, yes…” Winona replied back. “But guess what… at the last moment, Rasputin took control of it. He’s not letting us in… but from what we can tell, he’s connecting to defense constructs all across the system. Meaning we might have a chance to stand against the darkness now.”

“Well, I think Commander Sentry’s going to like the sound of that…” Mac stated as he looked back at me. “Let’s go back and tell them the good news.”

Hall of Guardians

When we finally got back to the tower, the two of us immediately walked down to where Flash and Twilight were at in order to report in on our progress. However, this time around, that’s when the two of us saw a completely new and different face. One that had a helmet with a broken horn and what looked like a fur mantle on the shoulders. However, unlike with Zavala, we could not exactly see this ones face.

“Commander… I’m sorry, but did we come at the wrong time?” I asked, unsure whether or not we were intruding upon a conversation that was already taking progress.

“No actually…” I heard Flash tell us in response. “I was telling Lord Thunderlane about your mission to get the array back online… were you successful?”

“Well… we did get the array online,” Mac then spoke up before looking at them. “But according to what Winona told us, Rasputin has control over it now.”

“Rasputin… and just when I thought all the warminds were destroyed during the collapse,” We now heard Lord Thunderlane speak. “But for the likes of you to stand against the malicious forces of the hive and prevail no less? That definitely shows that you two have talent.”

That… made me a little confused. “Um… My apologies, Lord-”

“Just call me Thunderlane. No need to be polite.” He insisted, before allowing me to continue speaking.

“Sorry…” I said once again, before clearing my throat and beginning to speak. “I’m just confused about what you mean exactly about ‘you two have talent’.”

“Well, you don’t fear vanguard operations. So, that same kind of skill can be demonstrated within the Crucible!” We heard him boast. “Tell me, what is your name Warlock?”

“My name? It’s Sunset… Sunset Shimmer.” Of course, once I said that though, that was when I heard Thunderlane let out a deep sigh for a moment… Oh this is not going to end well, is it?

“I see… One of the competitors in the crucible has been talking about someone like you…” That… had me confused, before looking back at him and asking a question.

“Me? What do you mean?”

That though, was when we began to hear someone new enter the room as they spoke up rather loudly. And when I turned around, that’s when I saw who it was. It was the same hunter from before… “Oh, I think you know pretty damn well what I’ve been saying… fake.”

“Excuse you-?”

“One of my friends was on the original mission that they were running for dead orbit, the same one that you happened to pick up on and then claim all the glory from it at the end,” She snarled at me, holding the same knife in her hands. “My friends and I have been guardians for two years… Two years and their light was extinguished by the hive. Do you think that this is some kind of joke to you?”

“N-no! What are you even-?”

“If you think that you can be seen as a guardian in my eyes after all of this, then you are wrong… You have no strength… you’re just lucky to be in the right place at the right time and you don’t care about the sacrifices other guardians made.” The huntress snapped at me, before she removed her hood. Her azure hair smoothed backwards as she glared directly at me now.

I could only say one thing to her then though… whoever this person was. “You’re wrong… I can fight. It has gotten me this far and I am still alive because of it… I did not do anything to invoke such accusations from you… but if you will provide me the chance to prove it to you, then I surely will.”

Yet… all that did was cause a rather menacing grin to form on the hunter’s face as she looked directly back at me. Bolts of electricity surging around her right hand and also around the blade she was carrying. “Hmph… Very well then. My name is Indigo Zapp… and I challenge you to prove yourself and your so called strength in the Crucible!!”

Author's Note:

And with that, this chapter ends... and now, we introduce who that mysterious hunter is. Indigo Zapp.

Unlike that of Sunset Shimmer and Big Mac, Indigo Zapp is a hunter of the BladeDancer subclass and before the incident with the Last Array, she was friends with another guardian named Sour Sweet. However, when Sour Sweet was killed as part of the fireteam that was originally going for the Array, she see's Mac and Sunset's accomplishments as not a sign of strength and triumph, but more of sheer luck. So, believing that she would not last in a fight against other Guardians that have proven their strength time and time again, Indigo challenges Sunset to a match in the Crucible to prove herself.

Game Mode: Rumble
Map: ???
"The enemy is everywhere... Prove your merit through pure combat. Kill everything, but watch your back."

I hope you enjoy this chapter and look forward to what else I have in store coming soon.