A Forgotten Trooper

by SonicTeam34

Chapter 28: An Adorable Invasion

The next morning...

Strider cracked open his eye lids, rubbing the sleep out of his face with his hands. Strider quickly put his armor back on, ignoring the faint smell of eggs that still remained on it, and put his helmet on over his head.

Strider pressed a button which opened up the transportation bay doors, allowing sunlight to shine into the Gunship. Grabbing the silver tool box, Strider hopped down from the transportation bay and over towards the area where the right wing rested.

Strider still didn't know how the left wing was gonna go back onto the Gunship, so he decided to fix the right wing first. However, once he was closer to the wing, he noticed something hovering over it.

"What the heck is that?" Strider questioned out loud, not knowing what he was looking at.

A spherical white creature with green eyes and four wings eyed him with a smile. It didn't look dangerous, but something in the back of Strider's mind told him to be careful.

Strider slowly set the tool box down and grabbed a hammer, before approaching the creature cautiously. If it had fangs, then it didn't show them as it continued to smile and watch him.

Strider rose the hammer up as he got closer to the creature, before he finally spoke.

"Uh, hi? What are you doing over here? I'm pretty sure that Fluttershy doesn't have any of you in her care." Strider stated.

The creature looked up at his visor with confusion in its eyes.

"Well, your sort of in my work area. I don't want to end up attacking something that looks happy." Strider exclaimed.

The creature seemed to get the idea as it flew away from the wing and towards Fluttershy's cottage.

Strider lowered the hammer, glad that the creature left him to work. Strider knelt down and used the hammer to pry out a broken slab of metal, before picking the metal up and seeing if he could somehow repair it.

Before Strider could decide, the sound of a door being smashed open caused him to spin around and stare at Fluttershy's cottage. A massive herd of those creatures had just busted open the front door and flew right into Fluttershy and her friends who happened to be standing right in front of the door.

"What in the force did I miss!?" Strider questioned, dropping the hammer into the tool box.

Strider rushed over to the transportation bay and grabbed the DC-15S and primed it, before rushing over towards the swarm.

The group of ponies quickly spotted the trooper rushing towards him. "What the heck is going on?" Strider asked.

Twilight Sparkle stepped forward, before answering. "We might have a Parasprite infestation on our hooves."

"Parasprite?" Strider said, looking up at the swarm.

"Don't worry, i'm on it!" Rainbow Dash claimed, putting goggles over her eyes and taking off into the sky.

Rainbow Dash spun around in the air, creating a makeshift tornado which sucked the Parasprites into it. Some Parasprites escaped the tornado, flying away towards Ponyville.

Strider quickly aimed the DC-15S at them and pulled the trigger. A few blue plasma bolts shot through the air, each one narrowly missing the small target.

Strider was about to fire again, but Fluttershy pushed the DC-15S down, sending the bolt into the ground.

"What are you doing?" Strider asked, breaking Fluttershy's hold on the blaster.

"Even if these creatures are bothersome, you shouldn't hurt them just for doing what they don't know is wrong." Fluttershy claimed.

Strider grumbled under his breath, but lowered the blaster. That was, until Pinkie Pie walked up towards the tornado with a pair of symbols. The symbols broke free of the string they were on and flew into the tornado, breaking it up.

Next thing they all knew, the entire swarm of Parasprites were flying towards town.

Strider and the others rushed off towards town which had already begun to panic once the Parasprites began eating their crops and food.

Several ponies watched in horror as the food they were either selling or eating was gobbled up right in front of them by the Parasprites.

Strider and the group stood in the middle of the panic, watching as ponies screamed and hid their food. One stallion however was watching as a group of Parasprites eat up a crate full of pears.

"How are we suppose'd ta round up all of these critters before the Princess arrives?" Applejack questioned, watching a few Parasprites eat up a basket of muffins which was being carried by Derpy, who looked down in confusion as to what happened to her food.

Before anyone could answer Applejack, the orange farm pony's eyes widened as she realized something. "Mah apples!" She cried before taking off towards Sweet Apple Acres.

Twilight frantically looked around, before an idea popped into her mind.

"I know, i'll just cast a spell to make them stop eating all the food!" She claimed, before igniting the spell.

Several pink rings flew through the air, causing each Parasprite that it touched to halt what it was doing.

Strider looked down at a basket which had an apple inside as well as a Parasprite. After a few seconds of sniffing, it appeared to of worked.

Before the group could sigh with relief, the Parasprite ate the basket instead, spitting out the apple.

Strider face palmed, shaking his head. But then a thought shot through his mind.

The Gunship.

"Oh no, if they eat the Gunship then my way back to the Republic is lost!" Strider stated, priming the DC-15S.

Right before Strider could rush off, Fluttershy stopped him by standing in his way.

"Please, don't hurt them." She begged.

"Sometimes, the only way to keep something away, is to make it." Strider countered, leaving the group of ponies in the dust as he rushed off.

If Strider was fast enough then he might be able to get a better vantage point. Strider just had to get back before they ate through the ship's mainframe.

As Strider passed a cart that was being eaten, he spotted a cowering Apple Bloom, trying to shove Parasprites off her bow which had several bits chomped out already.

Strider quickly aimed the DC-15S up, careful to not hit Apple Bloom. Then, he pulled the trigger. A blue bolt shot from the chamber and through the air right against one of the Parasprite's wings. The Parasprite fell to the ground, clutching its hurt wing, before the others quickly fled the scene.

Strider knelt down next to Apple Bloom and extended out his hand. "You alright?"

"Yeah," Apple Bloom claimed, letting Strider help her to her hooves. "They just went after mah bow."

Strider looked around at the streets which were full of Parasprites. How would Apple Bloom get out of here? Strider spotted an alley and pointed at it.

"See if you can hide in there until the Parasprites are out of town." Strider instructed.

Strider watched as Apple Bloom took cover in the alleyways and waited until she was out of sight, before continuing to rush towards the Gunship.

Strider ran up a hill just in time to see a pack of Parasprites advance towards the Gunship. Strider fired at the pack, causing the creatures to scramble away.

With the new time he had just bought, Strider rushed over to the Gunship and set the DC-15S down in the transportation bay. He needed something bigger.

Strider opened up the cargo hold and grabbed the Z-6. He dragged the chain gun out of the cargo hold and turned around, ready to unload on any critters that wanted to take a bite from his hard work.

Right on cue, a massive ball of Parasprites emerged from the hills. They got closer and closer, before stopping as they spotted Strider.

Strider didn't know if they were wondering what he was holding, or what he was doing, but Fluttershy's words began to echo through his mind.

"HEY! LISTEN UP!" Strider shouted out to the Parasprites, whose eyes quickly locked onto him.


When the Parasprites didn't leave, Strider primed the Z-6.

"So be it..." With those words, Strider activated the Z-6, spraying a wave of plasma bolts into the swarm.