A Forgotten Trooper

by SonicTeam34

Chapter 4: The Clone Wars

"The Clone Wars is the galactic war between the Grand Republic and the Separatists. The Republic is led by the Jedi Order, While the Separatists are led by Sith Lords and corrupted business people." Strider explained to Fluttershy, who set her tea cup down on the trey in front of her.

"What's a Jedi?" She asked, not recognizing the word.

"A Jedi is a person who uses the Force for peace and justice." Strider said, recalling the Jedi who led his battalion into battle. It was so satisfying to look over cover and see that green blade slice through Battle Droids.

"The Force?" Fluttershy questioned with a quizzical look.

"Your species doesn't know about the Force? This planet really is isolated from the rest of the galaxy isn't it." Strider muttered to himself.

"Well, the Force is like an energy wave that is created and flows through life. Jedi and Sith lords can tap into this wave and use it in battle." Strider said, wondering if Equis even knew alien life existed beyond their stars.

"So the Force is everywhere?"

"That is correct, anyways, back to the Clone Wars. The Clone Wars started when the Separatists created an army of droids to help them take over the Galaxy. The Jedi countered this army with an army of us, Clones of a Bounty Hunter called Jengo Fett."

Fluttershy seemed to be shaking a little, her eyes filling with fear. "D-Did those Droids k-kill?" She stuttered.

"Yes, yes they did. They were programmed to destroy the Republic and anyone who supported them or were against the Separatists." Strider explained, quickly realizing that this might not have been the best idea to talk about war with a pony who looked right out of a kids book.

"W-What happened then?" Fluttershy asked, no longer in the mood for the tea she made.

"Us clones fought against those droids all across the galaxy, both taking tolls on the others battalions," Strider said with a grin. "We sent those clankers back to where they belonged, in a junk yard."

"So you fought with other clones who were your brothers across the galaxy against these, S-Separatists?" Fluttershy simplified. Strider nodded. "S-So, you saw your brothers...die...and kept going?"

Strider's grin vanished. "That's the cost of war." He said coldly.

"That sounds awful, seeing your brothers...and...." Fluttershy never finished, tears forming in her eyes.

Strider wanted to say something, but what could he say? Not knowing what to say, he instead moved his hand over and patted Fluttershy's head. "Sorry, I shouldn't have brought this up. If you want I can leave and let you have some spa-" Strider's words were drowned out as a loud smashing sound emerged from outside the front of the house.

Strider's soldier instincts quickly rushed into action. He grabbed his helmet, put it back on his head, before grabbing the DC-15A off the bookshelf and rushing out the door.

Strider bursted out the front door, switching the safety off the blaster before rushing towards the source of the crash. That was when he noticed a small crater that had been created on the other side of the bridge. He cautiously approached the crater, blaster pointing forwards.

The crater was full of dust, masking whatever had made it from view. Strider got closer, waving away some of the dust, before tightening his grip on the blaster as movement went past his visor.

"Who's there!" Strider shouted into the wave of dust. "Identify yourself!"

"Ouch, I really need to stop doing that." A female voice muttered through the dust which was beginning to fade.

Striker spotted cyan fur on another pony who was flapping her wings to get rid of the dust. She had a rainbow mane and tail and another strange mark on her flank. She didn't seem to notice him until the dust around him faded away. Her magenta eyes widened as Strider's white armor came into view.

"Who in Equestria are you?!" She asked, before locking eyes with the blaster that was now pointing right between her eyes.

"Another one? Well, Fluttershy did say this planet was called Equis," Strider reminded himself. The pony's worried look vanished instantly as he said Fluttershy's name, and she sprung towards him with extraordinary speed.

Strider didn't have time to react, before the blaster was knocked out of his hand and the pony slammed against him, sending him to the ground. The pony landed on top of him, staring directly into his visor.

"You better not have done something to Fluttershy, or your gonna be in a world of pain buster." The pony threatened.

Instead or replying with words, Strider slammed his helmet against the pony's face, knocking her off him. He scrambled back to his feet, scanning the area for his weapon. The pony recovered from the headbutt much quicker than he though and charged him again. He rolled to the right, before turning quickly and grabbing the pony's multicolored tail, cutting off her flight.

Strider pulled the pony towards him and locked her in a headlock, increasing pressure around her neck. The pony struggled hard, trying to break free. But Strider was a lot stronger, keeping an iron lock on the pony. Before he could do anything, he heard a voice from the cottage.

Both Strider and the pony stopped fighting and looked up at the cottage door to see Fluttershy standing there, a worried expression across her face.

"Could you two please stop? Your scaring all the animals, and me." Fluttershy exclaimed.

Strider let the rainbow maned pony out of his headlock, before walking over to where his blaster had landed.

"Rainbow Dash, sorry about that. Um, what brings you here?" Fluttershy asked, trotting over to the cyan mare.

"Well, I was gonna remind you about that chorus of birds that your gonna be conducting for the Summer Sun Celebration wanted to do a little more practicing," Rainbow Dash said in an annoyed tone. "But 'that' thing decided to have a wrestling match instead." She finished, batting an angered eye at the trooper.

"I'm terribly sorry about that Rainbow, he's just not from around here and wanted to know a few things. Your um, landing probably startled him." Fluttershy explained.

"That, was no landing." Strider commented, checking the DC-15A over to see if it had been banged up by the fall. It seemed to be ok.

"No offence Fluttershy, but you need to teach some of your animal friends manners." Rainbow Dash stated. That made Strider freeze.

He turned around, his glare masked by the visor. He was so tempted to take a shot at that pony right now, but his conscience got the better of him. He instead went back to work checking over the blaster.

Fluttershy was about to comment, but Rainbow Dash had already taken off back into the sky and off into the distance. The yellow mare sighed, before trotting over to Strider.

"Sorry about that, Rainbow can be a bit, short tempered at times. I'm sure she'll come around." Fluttershy assured.

Strider muttered something under his breath, before getting up and looking over in the direction Rainbow Dash had flown off to. Over a few hills were several houses that quickly formed a village. Strider didn't have to be a Jedi to assume that more ponies would be all over the place in that town.

Strider was to focused on the town that he didn't notice Fluttershy tapping on his armor at first. When he did, he turned around and looked at the mare, his frown masked by his helmet.

"Um, you said you um, came from the Everfree Forest?" Fluttershy asked.

Strider looked over to the forest he had come stumbling out of that night. "Crashed there, but I ain't going back in until I know what's lurking around those trees." Strider stated.

"Well, um, i'm not sure how Ponyville would react seeing you, but I need to practice with some of my animal friends for the Celebration. You can stay here until i'm done, of you can come if you want." Fluttershy exclaimed. "B-But if you are gonna come with me, t-then could you please leave your, device here? It, wouldn't sent great signals to anypony."

As much as Strider wanted to argue, he knew she had a point. If he showed up in the middle of a town where they didn't know what he was with a weapon, they would not exactly think nicely of him. The last thing he needed right now was for what seemed to be the common population be scared of him.

"Fine, I would like to check that town out." Strider said, switching the safety on and walking back into Fluttershy's cottage.

He set the blaster down on a nearby table inside, before shutting the door behind him as he walked side by side with Fluttershy towards the town.