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Celestial king turles

I turles have the power of the celestial all will bow before me. Lol jokes aside I’m just a small author on a big site I hope you ponies enjoy.


A son saves his father, and both are whisked away. In their journey, a new world is found. New friends are made. A new threat rises. A new power is uncovered. And the first chapter to a new legend is written. Part one of the "To Walk the Sky" series.

Co-written by Nasubrony and proofread by the Psychopath.

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More solid than I would have guessed, but if there aren't ponies in the first update your story might get taken down. You should hurry and get the next chapter done soon or re-upload it so you don't get into trouble

“I don’t believe it!”

“That… is why you fail.”

In one chapter twilight and her frands see vaders face

I'm going to help you with this story by giving you Chatter idears

I think they give you a chapter or two for the benefit of the doubt. They do give you a chance to get some background in.

That being said, there was one story I ran into recently where after several chapters, I started to think they gave it way, way too long. It was supposedly on Equestria, but I couldn't see it anywhere. I was like, What the hell does this have to do with Equestria?

They did pull pretty soon after that.

“Not telling you too much about humanity's special power, but I can give you a big hint! It is pure, concentrated spite.” -Knight Breeze

What if Darth Vader/ Anakin didn’t die on the Death Star but instead escaped with his son.

But what about Han and Leia?

Their role comes in later. I mean way later.

It kinda feels like the fandom forgets that Leia is his child too. Like, her dad blew up her planet and killed everyone she ever cared about. That's not something that she can easily forgive when you think about it. It'd definitely make family get togethers awkward.

And now, for some reason, all I can picture is them playing pictionary and Leia reenacts her planet being blow up. My brain does weird things at night.

Thanks you for telling us, though we kinda afraid now and why might end up posting chapter two early.

This is very well written- going to follow it through!

Correct on most respects except Vader DIDN'T blow up Alderaan-- Tarkin did.

(Though to be fair, even in universe people gave Vader the credit)

Nice delving into what some of the legends material did

Great story so far keep up the great work

Poggers! I like this!

Well now, this is very interesting. Reformed!Vader and Luke heading to Equestria, and not a single anthro tag in sight!

Very interesting indeed.

Good story so far, the characters are believable and the pacing is fine. The only issue is some weird spelling errors.
"Sitting in the cockpit, Luke once again began to meditate, centering and grounding7 6th himself in the Force"

How did those numbers even get there? :twilightsheepish:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:nice work got a laugh:twilightsmile:

I thought I deleted that when I went through the chapter.

Oh I'm interested now. This is really good. Can't wait to read more

As Venerable Ro already Sheevposted: I will be watching your fic with great interest.


I don't think this is a good idea. Let the author do as he/she pleases.

Hmm... This is interesting. Alright, I'll ride this train at least till the next stop. See where it's going.

Alright so guy’s we will upload Chapter 2 this week. So that way we don’t get in trouble. Also my story is co written by Nasu brony.

So far, seems pretty cool. Vader redemption stories have always been common, but most seem to fail in one way, or another, when representing his change. This one seems pretty decent so far, so I'll be tracking it for the next couple chapters. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

This is promising and so far looks excellent. Getting an editor or proofreader (if there’s not one already) would be nice, but it’s not unreadable. Followed, and I hope to see more soon.

I meant you need to credit them in the description of the story itself so everyone can see.

Also, get rid of that 76!

  • Stories that are not related to My Little Pony. Your story must be related to the MLP universe at the time of submission, or else it will be rejected.

Doesn't this story break that rule? I thought a story had to have some connection to the universe at the time of posting? I remember, once, I tried submitting a story and the first two chapters had nothing to do with ponies, it was denied because I needed some mention of them. :rainbowhuh:

That rule is now mostly ignored. Also it’s pretty obvious that the planet with the strong force signature is Equestria

Most fics I see is where he still acts a lot like the man who has murder more men then there are grains of sand

Oh I am loving this idéa!:raritystarry:
Can't wait for more.:pinkiehappy:

Considering just what Anikin (Vader)'s relation to the Force, he doesn't really need to get into his armor to access the force, he could hace done it from the Bacta tank.
But then Drama wouldn't happen...

Well it’s not that just for reasons. Yeah he could have done from the bacta, but he didn’t he would be by his son helping him. That’s part of the redemption along with other things that will happen.

I've never seen the rule ignored before. :moustache:

I have, and the story that did it got taken down later. It was a completed anthology series of short horrors called "Outside Your Door" that only had two mentions of MLP, those being Celestia's name mentioned twice. It didn't use terms like "anypony" didn't mention any other cast members didn't mention unicorns, earth ponies, pegasi, or any species at all in the MLP series, or even Equestria itself. Hell, it didn't even mention wings, horns, or hooves. I know, I checked and triple checked to make sure. If you took out those two mentions of Celestia, which were only used as swears, it didn't talk about alicorns or describe her in any way, then it wouldn't be an MLP story.

It got reported and taken down, but I think that was mainly because it was a completed story. If this story actually mentions ponies or shows their viewpoints in the next chapter, then I think it'll be safe for now. I'm willing to give the author the benefit of the doubt since CKT, unlike the author of Outside Your Door, understands that they need to quickly follow these rules and is actively working on the next chapter right now.

The other author knew the rules, had it explained to them, and insisted that it didn't matter and they got their story revoked. I have hope that CKT isn't like that and will post the next chapter soon. I'm sure the Mods are letting this sit and wait until they think it's been up too long without any MLP elements to justify it on here.

I doubt that. The rule isn't really up for debate. If chapter 2 has ponies all over then great, but chapter 1 does not and it was submitted that way. Not like I'm gonna report it, but just saying that it is still a rule. :rainbowdetermined2:

Yes we are working on chapter 2 so no worries okay and thanks.

Bro that's just being an ass, the story has only one chapter you Gotta give time for the introductory chapter if chapter 2 doesn't include ponies then by all means report it

Dude things take time, and please don’t report our story at all. If you don’t like it then go away.

give the guy time stop throwing the rules in his face it will include ponys just calm down this has the potential to be a great story so dont ruin it

This story is looking good. For those whining about the story having no ponies just wait, alright? Have some patience and see what chapter two brings.


I don't understand what pointing out what the site's rules are is "being an ass". We've all had to follow them. I've wanted to write stories where a few chapters in you meet no ponies yet, but it's still a rule. I think you should apologize. :twilightblush:

It's not the fact that we're impatient. A rule is a rule. If don't have to all follow it, then why's it there? :rainbowderp:

I think you replied to the wrong comment. :twilightoops:

Everyone is bitching and moaning about there being no ponies like, hold the fuck up this takes time. I've even seen stories where they spend a few chapters without them and they are still on the site.

There's a lot of typos in this, but the actual content of the story is very well written and I'd love to see more of it. Make sure to read over your chapters a few times once you've written them just to catch small mistakes like that.

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