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As an agent of the Jedi Council, Revan Vao, distant descendant of Republic Hero Mission Vao, has seen some of the worst examples of sapient behavior that the Republic can offer, when a freak occurrence forces her to crash on Equestria, she is stuck with no way home. Now she just has to adapt to a land based upon Harmony and Friendship and filled with talking ponies.

A HiE-style Star Wars/MLP crossover.

Featured on 07/09/16, thanks everyone! :pinkiehappy:

Final edits and revisions (hopefully) finished on 02/13/17 06/23/17.

Rated Teen for (mostly fictitious) language, innuendo, violence, and Cloud Kicker. Romance tag for later chapters, and Gore tag for a few specific chapters.

This work is a not-for-profit endeavor, no copyright infringement is intended, please don't sue me or any other party that distributes this work.

Chapters (34)
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Comments ( 345 )

6892869 Thanks! (And you can't have Revan for your Sith legions, she's mine :pinkiecrazy:)

Not really a Star Wars fan, but I like that Cloud Kicker needs a warning now.

6897576 A properly portrayed Cloud Kicker always needs a content warning :pinkiehappy:

Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark! And you have my attention...

The mystery deepens...
Looking forward to the next chapter!

Hmmm... So both Luna and Revan have suffered similar experiences and are in need of healing... Interesting... I look forward to the next chapter!

Well that happened... Seriously, ponies should know by now not to surprise the war scarred soldier...

6983806 :rainbowlaugh: Yea, they should. Still, in the ponies defense I honestly doubt any of them had caught enough of Revan's behavioral clues to realize just how twitchy she was. I suspect Twilight will stay up and do some additional research on the matter now that she's gotten a firsthand (firsthoof?) view.

Geez... That was intense! Let's hope she pulls through....

7005462 What, do you think I'm the kind of person who would kill off Sweetie Belle and/or my central character? :trollestia:

7010062 No, I'm just saying that I hope she pulls through this, I know you wouldn't kill off anyone

Man, she's a regular Houndini, she survived a crash from a ship and getting mauled by a Timberwolf!

7036517 :rainbowlaugh: Yea, Revan is one extremely tough lady :pinkiehappy: Still, with all her scars, she has been paying the bill for her narrow escapes.

I sense shipping.... Awesome job on the chapter as always!

6892932 ...Wait, I thought Revan was a guy. When does the implied/offscreen sex happen, if it happens at all?

7092688 Actually, cannon Revan is a guy, while Revan Vao has always be a girl who was simply named in honor of the original.

Now you have me concerned ... was this just a minor misunderstanding, or do I have to go back and double-check the wording of the last 10 chapters?

7092688 I went back and made it a bit clearer that Revan Vao was merely named after Revan (the Revanchist). Thanks for drawing my attention to the issue :pinkiesmile:

Dang, the feels in this chapter...
Amazing work as always, keep it up!:twilightsmile:

7114411 Wait, I actually managed to pull off "feels"? Go me! :yay:

“Not really, but let’s get this dog and pony show over,” Revan immediately facepalmed, “And that means something completely different here, doesn’t it? No, don’t tell me, let’s … just get on with it.”

Probably means something perverted... :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Dorath deleted Apr 13th, 2016

7121767 I'm pretty sure that's were Revan's mind went :pinkiehappy:

The younglings scribbled down her response, and then it was apparently Scootaloo’s turn to ask a question, “Did … did you have any idols growing up?” The little pegasus practically flinched, clearly expecting another grim answer.
Revan’s cheerful laugh eased the younglings’ minds as she propped herself on her good arm and grinned at them, “An idol? Oh, yes, when I was your age, I loved my mother’s stories about Mission Vao, my ancestress. Just a street rat from the lower levels of Taris, but she fought alongside the Jedi warlord Revan, my namesake, the second time he saved the Republic!” she leaned back so she could hold up two fingers in emphasis.


7140136 :rainbowhuh: Not the response I would have expected for that particular passage ...

What the... How was Rainbow at the old castle if she was in Ponyville?!

7156882 Don't forget the mention of Nightmare Moon. I'm guessing it was a vision or perhaps some kind of dimensional rift or time distortion such as the stunt Glimmer pulled. Can't wait to find out, this is pretty interesting.

7157093 Glad you're enjoying it :pinkiehappy:

What time period of starwars is this in?

7158788 The timeline is rather flexible, so the story could take place anywhere between roughly 300 years after the Galactic War (so about 250+ years after everything that occurs in the Old Republic MMO) and a century or two before Darth Bane formalized the Rule of Two (about 1,000 years before Phantom Menace).

So, Revan Vao's life occurred anywhere between 3593 BBY and 1100 BBY, +/- 28 years.

Comment posted by nospeedy deleted Apr 26th, 2016

After a time, the splashing water quieted, but the three ponies’ sensitive ears could hear the moans that replaced it, and then faint words, “Oh fingers, how I missed you. Oh, yes…”

.Ooohh :trollestia:

7161374 Hey, now, that could have been perfectly innocent! Revan could have just been releaving muscle tension ... or psychological stress from being in an unfamiliar form ... or ... you're not buying any of this are you? :pinkiecrazy:

7161374 *wiggles non existant eyebrows*

Damn... That was definitely something! Awesome work as always!

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