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It was supposed to be just a short vacation across the portal so all of Twilight’s friends could finally meet their counterparts. Instead, the Elements of Harmony find themselves in a world where clean water is a luxury, corporations are governments unto themselves, corruption is rampant, technology is making people obsolete, and not having the right papers means you don’t even exist to the Powers-That-Be.

At least they still have each other.

Final edits and revision (hopefully) finished on 04/23/18 05/11/18 10/29/18.

A crossover with the Kazie 5 animepunk setting, mixed with Shadowrun. Rated Teen for (mostly fictitious) language, violence, some innuendo and some gore.

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 11 )

Very interesting Shadowrun crossover. Wish there were more of them. I suppose I will have to wait until the next time you post a new chapter or so.

7840289 Thanks. :twilightsmile:

I've started work on the next chapter, but since I'm splitting my time and energy between two stories, it could be a bit before it's ready to post ...

Just started reading, as a Shadowrun fan I'm quite interested to see where all of this goes ... :)

Maybe?:twilightsheepish: I can see the potential, but I don't currently have anything in my head, and I don't want to make promises I can't deliver on ... so, someday, hopefully?

*raises a mug of Or'zet in the author's general direction* Ripping shot there, chummer, cheers to you! Gotta say, I loved it

Not often one hears about Kazei 5, I should pass this to my friend Surbrook, he'd be happy to hear about someone using part of his world book!
Not oft you find another person who knows the HERO System

If you do, please tell him that I think Kazie 5 is an excellent setting book, and I look forward to running (a modified version of) it one of these days.

Certainly will, he's been a big help with the rpg book I created, having written a number of the creatures in the beestiary within it, so its always great having another pro to discuss game dev with!

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