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Scootaloo has a lifelong goal, a goal to be a hero just like her idol Rainbow Dash. But being a young filly who is rather known to be the cause of accidents and destructive ideas really puts a dent in that. If only she could just get a chance to prove herself. It turns out that the chance does arrive, in the form of a strange watch from outer space which is able to turn Scootaloo into different aliens, each with their own powers and abilities.

Maybe she could be the hero of Equestria after all...

Aliens, Omnitrix and CMC are not mine and belong to there rightful owners.

Hope you all enjoy!

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 33 )

Will you be using original aliens?

Yep, Scootaloo's starting with the original 10

so this is set before the wedding?

kinda nice story so far, so should Scoots tell Twi about the weird bug ponies that can transform? bet that will change the wedding abit

"Oh yeah... forgot about that." Sweetie Belle stated.


heh, so will Scoots give them the same names as Ben will or she gives the aliens different names? you know Four Arms, Diamond head... and Big Chill for the ghost one

I’m just curious, why did you’d decided for this story to take place before the season 3 finale? Since Twilight is still a unicorn working at the library.

Ok, before season 2. Holy shit.

That’s Ghostfreak you uncultured swine.

This is looking pretty good, though I do think it would be a bit more interesting if it was more of a fusion of her base form and that of the aliens. Because the alien forms do seem to change depending on the user.

Going off my earlier comment, since you have already modified the aliens a little, with her colours where you can, perhaps at some point her alien forms evolve to look less like a humanoid, and more like a pegasus.

An interesting idea, but that's not how the Omnitrix works. Yes the aliens can age along with the wielder, but the whole point of the device is to store alien DNA in order to keep species from going extinct. Azimuth revealed this at the end of season six of Alien Force. So the Omnitrix shouldn't change what the aliens look like, no matter the wielder. Clothing and gender wise, yes the aliens are modified by that, but appearance, they stay the same.

Still, interesting idea. :twilightsheepish:

Alright then. At least you explained why. Still a little disappointed that we can't get a pony Heatblast or Diamond Head.

Maybe one day Scootaloo might tamper with the Omnitrix, resulting in the DNA being scrambled until it is fixed. The idea isn't completely gone from being added to the story. :trixieshiftright:

Thanks for understanding, and I hope you'll enjoy the story!

well crud, in 2 days Scootaloo have to fight experience bounty hunters.. also when is she going to name her aliens?

Well, in fairness the DNA is inherently altered, Ben's forms are all the absolute top of that species and his human DNA does actually effect them, that's why most of them have green eyes.

It's an arc in a way but at the same time it's turning x species into y, that's not a perfect process (Even thought they could have made it one without much issue)

Hmm... What would Scootaloo name Heatblast... Flamebrain? Firepit? Hotshot?

She has a case of early onset Alzheimer’s, the poor girl. Luckily it only effects her in crisis scenarios.

Yeah, cause Ben turned into an anthro Wildmutt when he used it. I believe it’s just the reboot Omnitrix that does that, and only with non-sentient creatures seeing as the only time it did it was when a squirrel used it.

Ghostfreak... What to call Scoot’s version... Ghostess? Spook? The Spectacular Spectre?

Hmm... Fishstick? Slaughter Trout? Chomper-Fish?

So she’s finally opening up her the secret to Rainbow Dash.
Kind of disappointing, was hoping it would be a kept secret between the CMC until the final confrontation with Vilgax where the secret will be revealed.
Was also hoping for some character drama like Rainbow not trusting any of the aliens, not knowing it’s Scoots.
Oh well, still interested on what happens next.

Comment posted by SonicTeam34 deleted Dec 29th, 2019

Please keep going I want to see more and I hate when creators abandon their projects!

Alright everyone, I've returned with news about the story. With some nasty writers blocks and the idea from TheFVGuy, i've decided to do some tweaking to the end of the last chapter i've posted so far. Don't worry, the next chapter shouldn't take to long to be released with my new set on how the story should roll.

Thanks for sticking with me and this story!:derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Flame Heart deleted April 25th

Wait. I'm not up to date on the reboot. Are you saying Ben lost a powerful dna weapon to a SUQIRREL?!? :facehoof: Also this is great story, I'm really enjoying it so far. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by FairyKirby deleted May 1st

Temporarily, during a whole slew of time travel nonsense.

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