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"Why, as a child, I thought sharks were my friends. [In ominous voice] I know better now." -Professor Membrane


Ozpin had finally won, with Salem vanquished by Ruby Rose and her friends, his work was finally done. The brothers no longer needed him, his wisdom shall be passed on to Oscar and Ozpin will finally rest.

But just as he was about to crossover the light, a greater being had given him an offer. A chance to live one last time, reborn as something new.

In a brand new world, Ozpin is given a chance to live a lifetime free of his guilt. But everything isn't as perfect as he thought.

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Interesting so far. Proceed

Whoa, never seen this before.


Story's on the Future page with 8 likes and 0 dislikes, something we shouldn't be able to see unless the story has at least a total of ten likes or dislikes.

I suppose it makes sense. If it has enough engagement to make to the Feature Box, that moots the reason for the hiding.

I thought his...its real name was Ozma.

Well, I still say he as, AFAWK, Ozma has always reincarnated into men

There is that, though again, the bastard's not sharing many of his secrets, so we'll never know.

To the story itself, an interesting take on the character. He seems less...old in this incarnation than most, though some of that is I read CAA's stuff like Null, where he's part of the problem...or A Rabbit Among Wolves where he's just a delight and makes me laugh really hard sometimes. Otherwise, an interesting start to this one, with some grounding in both the RWBY and MLP worlds. Curious to see where it goes.

True, then again, most immortal types rarely share all their secrets

A like, for the idea, may read later, but still.

Hm, Hooves a lot more strange than the other guy

But aren't the Brothers evil?

Can I please get links to those stories?

Derpy followed him, obviously

I think he would have recognized Derpy's voice if it was her.
Probably Fluttershy, since she's the only one that hangs around the Everfree.

I'll follow for a bit


This reminds me of the Panacea problem from Worm.
If you had a gift such as the ability to sculpt and alter flesh or wield magic, what should you do with it?
Spend all your time helping others such as by healing patients at a hospital everyday and do little to nothing for yourself in comparison, keep it to yourself and keep it hidden to be used for what purposes you can, or do you try something else in an effort to not to let your life be consumed by this problem?

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