A Forgotten Trooper

by SonicTeam34

Chapter 33: Old Forgotten History

Princess Luna smiled as the moon rose into the sky. Once it was in its proper place, Princess Luna stopped it and looked around at the night she had made. Several well placed stars sparkled, outlining a few shapes for anypony to spot. She could safely say that this was one of her best nights.

"Good job Luna, good job." Princess Luna told herself, gazing out at Canterlot below her tower.

As much as Princess Luna wanted to stay and look out into the night, she had a job to do in the dream realm. With that in mind, Princess Luna trotted off the balcony and into the tower.

However, before she could reach her bed, she noticed a guard at the door. The guard was one of Celestia's Solar guards, his golden armor sticking out against the dark colors of her room.

"Your Highness, your sister has requested you in the throne room." The Guard said.

"Very well. Has she told you anything about why?" Princess Luna asked as she changed course from her bed to the door.

"Unfortunately no, she only requested for me to take you to her." The Guard exclaimed, moving out of the doorway to let Princess Luna through.

Princess Luna and the Guard quickly went down a set of stairs and towards the throne room, the only light from sets of torches and moonlight from the windows.

The two trotted in silence up until they reached the doors of the throne room. The Guard opened the doors, before standing back and giving her a salute. Princess Luna nodded, before entering the throne room and shut the doors behind her.

Princess Luna immediately spotted her sister Princess Celestia. She also noticed that Princess Celestia wasn't smiling like she usually did. This meant that this meeting wasn't for fun.

"Sister? You wanted to see me?" Princess Luna asked.

Princess Celestia stopped pacing and turned to face her sister.

"Yes Luna. Twilight Sparkle sent me a report on a creature that is currently living in Ponyville. So far, the creature seems to be peaceful since she didn't say anything about it hurting anypony." Princess Celestia said.

"A creature? What species?" Princess Luna questioned, mentally making a mental checklist on what creature it could be.

"That's the thing sister. Twilight said that she didn't have any information on the creature, but she did write a description. I'm sure that the description matches with the creatures that were told in the ancient tales." Princess Celestia stated.

Princess Luna's mental checklist quickly vanished, replaced with memories of the tales that were told to her by her mother.

Princess Celestia motioned for her to follow as she opened a door that led to a hallway behind the thrones. Princess Luna followed her sister as they went down a dimly lit hallway until they reached a massive vault door.

"Surely it couldn't be the same ones. They went extinct decades ago." Princess Luna claimed.

"We don't know if they went extinct. We were only told that one day, they vanished. But if my assumption is correct, then we might have a very bad problem on our hooves." Princess Celestia exclaimed as she ignited her horn with her magical aura.

Several locks and switches were engulfed in yellow as Princess Celestia unlocked the door. Once one last click was heard, the door creaked open a little. Princess Celestia opened the vault door the rest of the way, letting a thick wave of dust flow out into the hallway, before stepping inside the room.

Princess Luna followed, her eyes adjusting to the dark room. Princess Celestia levitated an unlit candle towards her and used her magic to ignite it.

The room was quickly showered with the flames light, showing the terrible state the room was in. The walls were coated with dust and rotting wooden beams. Several wooden shelves were laid out around the room, some of them broken beyond repair.

Several strange old items were scattered around the room. Some on rotting shelves while others were in boxes or just on the floor. The remains of what once was a chandelier rested in the middle of the room, cobwebs covering most of it.

Princess Celestia went over to a corner that had several boxes stacked on to of one another as well as a few posters that were so faded that nothing in them could be identifiable.

Princess Celestia gave the candle to Princess Luna, who quickly grabbed it in her own magical aura. Princess Celestia then trotted over to a box that rested right in front of a grey poster. She pushed aside a few stray objects on the box before opening it and dragged the box over to where Luna was standing.

Princess Celestia then levitated a scroll out of the box and unraveled it. She blew off a bit of dust that was covering some words before turning the scroll around for Luna to see.

After briskly reading a few paragraphs, Princess Luna took the scroll in her magical grasp as well as levitating the scroll Twilight had sent from where Princess Celestia was keeping it on her back. Princess Luna compared the two scrolls, focusing on the set of illustrations that they both had.

"These two creatures do seem to line up with each other. But where did this creature come from?" Princess Luna wondered out loud.

"No idea, but if one can return, then others can as well." Princess Celestia claimed.

"What about the mirror?" Princess Luna questioned.

"A Guard would of reported seeing it, not to mention get all the way to Ponyville without being seen." Princess Celestia said.

Princess Luna nodded in understatement, but that just rose another question, where did it come from?

Princess Celestia trotted over to a shelf that had several old books scattered on it. She levitated a red journal with a golden hand print on it and flipped through some pages. When she was done, she put the journal back on the shelf and moved onto another.

Princess Celestia went through several other books and journals before finally coming across a grey journal with a strange symbol on it. She flipped through a few pages before stopping on a page that showed an illustration. She looked at the illustration for a few seconds, before giving it to Luna.

The illustration showed a tall alicorn shaking hooves with a bipedal homo-sapient who was wearing a set of robes. Several other homo-sapients and ponies stood behind their leader, each one staring blankly ahead. The ponies wore armor while the homo-sapients wore robes and their own armor.

"Almost everything that was written down for that time has been lost from age or destruction. But from what information we have, I think that our races came to an agreement about a war." Princess Celestia said, trotting over to another shelf.

"A war? Every war that has ever taken part in Equis has been archived. No war has ever been fought with these homo-sapients." Princess Luna exclaimed.

"All the wars in Equis, yes." Princess Celestia agreed, grabbing an object in her magical aura.

Princess Celestia levitated the object with her as she trotted back into the candle light. She rotated the silver object in her magic, before stopping once she found a button. She used her magic to press down on the button, activating the device.

"But not from beyond the stars." Princess Celestia claimed, watching as a green line of energy shot into the air from the device.

Princess Luna set the two scrolls and the book down on the ground, her focus now on the neon green light that illuminated half the room.

Princess Celestia switched of the device and set it down on the shelf. She looked over at the book and scrolls, before facing her sister.

"I don't know what might be going on beyond our skies, but I know that I will do whatever it takes to defend our subjects and keep them safe." Princess Celestia proclaimed.

"So will we." Princess Luna stated.

The two sisters took one last look around the room, before Princess Celestia grabbed the two letters and the book and began to trot towards the exit. Princess Luna followed, but not before snatching up the device from the shelf and taking it with her as she left.