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Every child has some sort dream, of some sort of adventure. Being small or big.

That was the dream of one human boy, to experience a grand adventure, having the powers of his favorite fandom, Dragon Ball. Like so many others, he had thought of himself as a Saiyan, practiced the Kamehameha, and pretended to go Super Saiyan. It was the only thing that let him escape his hard life with his foster family.

Then one day, on his tenth birthday, he is given a birthday wish from a friend.

He wishes to be a Saiyan, and be sent to a world of adventure. His wish is granted, and he gets more than he had imagined.

Like a mother, and friends.

Cover Art by FrostTheHobidon. Goten with his hair cut, made for a video series of the YouTuber MasakoX titled What if Raditz Turned Good? and its animated follow up, Dragon Ball R&R.

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You have the manga?

Yes, from Dragon Ball, to Dragon Ball Z. Loved them as a kid.

Interesting start. Perhaps have him live out in the wilderness for now, so he can get a hold of his surroundings and figure out the extent of his newly acquired powers. Doing reconnaissance and all that. He may not be as ruthless as a Saiyan, but I don’t think he would be so trustworthy of Natives he knows next to nothing about.

It would be great if he hides his ship. Wouldn’t want Twilight rummaging through advanced tech and create mishaps.

Perhaps a potential Oozaru fight between him and the Ponies?

Nice suggestion, I definitely will use that. Thank you. :heart:

Just go with the original plan! Prepare the planet for sale! :trixieshiftleft: :rainbowlaugh:

Give me a nice offer and I might consider it. :trixieshiftright:

I cannot offer anything that could possibly reach your standards! :raritydespair::raritywink:


No problem mate. Love the stories you’ve been making, you have some talent that’s for sure. Some of your work has made me wonder whether or not I should try my own take on story writing.

You can always try, see if it is something for you or not. It can never hurt. :twilightsmile:


Thank you for the advice. I have an idea brewing in my head, just need to have some motivation and confidence in my writing abilities.

I hope you don't call him daniel

It's not a very cool name and not intimidating either

Its like some scary guy having a lame name like rudy sheldon or tim that makes the situation sound less scary

Look like Dan is going to have an amazing adventure


No no no, as I wrote in my author note, I have a Saiyan name for him. I just picked a human name that was close to it so it sounded more natural when he comes up with his false new name.

Hehe, Sheldon the Saiyan..

I wonder how they would react when they finger out how mush he eats.

I doubt Saiyans can sustain themselves on sweets. Does this count as alliteration?

So, this is a rather unique story. Well, not entirely unique, but it's a distinctly creative twist on the usual human-in-Equestria-as-[insert thing from other franchise here] type of story, with not only a much younger-than-normal protagonist, but a very different method of turning him into [thing from other franchise] than the usual "something happens at a convention". There's an enormous amount of potential here, and you're off to a short, but acceptable start.

If I may ask, please, please don't permanently remove his tail. I'd be okay with losing it temporarily to stop a Great Ape rampage, but I really don't like how Saiyans just don't have tails anymore in canon DBZ.

“I really don't like how Saiyans just don't have tails anymore in canon DBZ.”

You’re not alone there.

Yeah, I feel the same way. I won't remove his tail permently, it's a part of him, and he thinks it's cool. :ajsmug:

Aren't there always a full moon?

Oh you tease that last bit of this chapter was a good cliff hanger keep up the good work I can't wait to read more chapters

This is gonna suck for Daniel because it's always a full moon.

I’m sorry that your sick man. It’s sounds like your really SICK of it.

I’ll take my leave now.

The reason why the moon isn't always full is because of the 8 lunar phases dealing with the suns projection onto the moon. A lunar phase is the appearance of an illuminated portion of the moon as seen by an observer. The lunar phases vary in a definite cycle as the moon orbits the Earth.

Im just using some of that nature in Equestria. :pinkiehappy:

I'm loving this can't wait to see where you go with it

I meant that I've never seen the moon in different phases in the show.

Comment posted by AstralFlare42 deleted April 6th

Welp ponyville is ded, no big surprise.

I did think about just ending it there for shits and giggles. XD

And everyone died.

The end.

Seems pretty good so far. My only concern is that he might be completely trusting to a species he knows barely anything about right off the bat. Offering up his abilities, the fact that his tail is a weakness (ESPECIALLY this second part), etc. I hate it when the first encounter in stories with the MC, the MC is just completely forthcoming with information despite the fact that they have no clue if anyone is plotting against them or not. Looking forward to the next chapter though.

To be fair, I'd say it's justified in this case, if that even is what happens. Let's not forget that Daniel is a ten-year-old kid-- clearly an intelligent kid, but a kid nonetheless. Even if he thinks to keep the full extent of Saiyan abilities and weaknesses a secret, I'd bet he won't be too good at hiding that info.

I won't say he trusts them right away, but he won't be hostile towards them either. Though most of the problems starts when he wakes up, then little by little he and they will come around.

Honestly all I’m asking for. He doesn’t have to be super paranoid or anything but a little caution is nice to see for once.

If he does have his tail though, then literally everytime he needs to fight someone is just going to grab it and he's going to be crippled. Unless he gets rid of that weakness asap

In the manga, Goku trained his so he could handle it when someone grabbed it. I plan to do the same here.

Good to know, did his tail get removed in the manga then? I haven't read it at all but it sounds like there'd be no reason to remove it if so (besides great ape IG)

He got it cut off and pulled off a few times, but it grew back. Though when he was training with Kami he got it removed permanently.

I feel like fluttershy would have the most interest in him because he is an unknown animal.

Nappa and Vegeta also worked the weakness out of their tails, something the anime explicitly points out during the fight with Nappa. With that weakness gone, the tail is actually quite an asset for Saiyans-- putting aside any and all discussions of power levels, the tail is an extra limb that can be used in combat in a variety of ways, including tail smacks and grapples. It'll also be useful for traversing the environment, at least until Daniel gets the hang of flying and doesn't tire out so quickly.

"Yes, I am."

I think you meant do.

Hey great work on these chapters so far keep it up

Comment posted by Awesomepro55 deleted April 10th

The white uniwinged horse spoke. "Do you understand Equish?"

i want to learn about this equish.

Maybe Daiko will be Equestria’s savior if he learns to embrace his Saiyan heritage. But I belive he will be a great warrior.

Does this mean he will get a visit from a our favorite Saiyans at some point in the future?


Oh my god. you are the MVP, my guy!

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