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I can show you a *real* Tunnel Snake, Amata...


Paladin Commander John Maxon unexpectedly arrives in orbit above Equestria. Following a 90 year interstellar journey to Proxima Centauri in Cryostasis, John must learn to survive and inspire in a strange new world.

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This seems to be opening a bit like Article 2 by Muppetz. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

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Needs a grammar and spelling editor, but it's a fairly good story.

You're pretty good! Liked and followed.

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She approached him and folded her wings behind her, before saying, “Our name is Princess Luna, and these are my compatriots, Guards Frosted Whip, Starfire and Steel Mustang.” She looked at each of the smaller creatures as she said it. “We are called ponies, human.” She pronounced the word ‘human’ a little weirdly; stretching out the vowels with slight difficulty. “It is our pleasure to welcome you to the land of Equestria; we would very much like to share our culture with you and your people.”

Ummm, he never said he was a human and Luna knows he is a human? :twilightsheepish: OP Luna or OP plot hole hehe

After reading the first 3 chapters I can say this is one of the better fallout crossover. I hope it update soon.

just a side note, and something that I really appreciate is *how* you've described things from John's perspective: someone who has so many traumas, and leads a soldiers life with nary any example of a positive experience tends to color even the things they like with negative connotations - something isn't beautiful, as much as it is not as repulsive as everything else.
I know it's a tiny detail, but this kind of attention to detail is what I can really appreciate in fiction. it makes the characters feel more real.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment!

John scrambled for the emergency release lever inside his pod, it was above his head and with difficulty, he gripped the handle with both hands and pulled. It came down with a crunch, and the pod's door opened upwards.

This reminds me of halo 4

The halo 4 teaser trailer gave me a little inspiration for this part.

I like this.... But there is one thing wrong with this chapter, the ponies shouldn't know how to fight like that. They haven't seen war in thousands of years and they also wouldn't have the stomach kill someone or something.

I'd considered that approach but I figure in training they've been practising for combat. While there hasn't been a major conflict in centuries (at least in my version on Equestrian history) guards units routinely patrol rough areas and have to stack bodies due to raiding and scavenger attacks.

The Changeling attack on the capitol also saw much bloodshed (again, in my version) so just bear with me I do intend to address this, I'm actually writing this as we speak so stand by!

Sooooo, John x Midnight? Meh, I ship it.

I can't wait to see everyones reaction to the Fatman :rainbowlaugh:

... and that's how Equestria became an irradiated hellhole...

Nuclear subatomic detonation + the presence of magic = ?

We'll sure as pie find out!

had to stop lurking and make an account just to say how much I LOVE this :heart:

Good premise.... at least I think that's the proper word to use here, finish this story please:pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:

Holy shit. Sorry Twilight; I don't think the magic of friendship will work this time.

Just a quick note, it is close to impossible for a fusion reactor to meltdown. Anything that damages it would stop the reaction as it takes a lot of effort to keep is going.

Well yes. But also no.

it is close to impossible


Fair point it just took me out of the story a bit, even accounting for fallout science.
Still enjoying the rest of it so far.


I did research a little into it, I believe I loosely based the "science" portion on real-world nuclear reactors. Basically what happens to them when they "meltdown".

There's no really knowledge on Fusion Reactors as it's currently not largely successful.

Glad you're enjoying it nonetheless. If you (or anyone else) wants to have some interactivity within the story, I posted a blog asking for suggestions that may or may not be considered. Go wild!

Sorta, close enough for a story as few people would find an actual meltdown impressive. Destructive, and devastating yes but not anywhere near as thematically impressive.

Should mention, I was a nuclear electrician in the US navy and have spent way too much time learning the ins and outs of nuclear reactors hence why things like this stick out to me.

Fair play. I remember thinking I was a little out of depth as I had no real idea. Knew it would stick out to someone, probably others noticed too and just downvoted.

Any suggestions on how to rewrite it? I'd rather it be a little more realistic even if it is cliché.

Theyre going to more Buck Rogers, or ONiell the things instead of Light Brigade?

I had planned some light brigade shenanigans, Guess I'll write something else instead :facehoof:

Actually, I was thinking more of Easy Company in Normandy.

9555616 No, it is impossible. Straight up. A fusion reactor can not have a meltdown. There is no possible way. It simply can not happen.

Fission reactors contain all the fuel they'll ever have. The energy is released at a controlled rate by manging the speed of the chain reaction that releases energy. If the rate gets too high, too much energy can be released at once and you will get a meltdown.

A fusion reactor gets fed fuel a bit at a time. It requires an impressive amount of energy to force it together to fuse. But the amount of energy in play at any one time is peanuts compared to the stored energy in a fission reactor's fuel rods. If a fusion reactor fails, the only energy that can be released is the instantaneous energy of that bit of fuel. It would vent, probably through a relief valve as a puff of mildly radioactive plasma, though since the plasma inside the reactor will be very hot and very low density, I could equally see outside air flooding in and quenching it down to room temperature. If you only have a few grams of hydrogen or deuterium, even heated to a hundred million degrees, cubic metres of room temperature air are quickly going to soak up that heat. So a fusion reacor just stops working.

Well either way I edited my initial fusion reactor bit to be more realistic, under the advice of 9554822 that guy.

Oh nice, the bugs decided to get the drop on the camp by direct delivery of one of the artilery bombadier class beetle, Changelings?

John is going to be most annoyed.

just got clean, next, so much bug juice. :unsuresweetie:

Why does this remind me of the Invasion of Klendathu?

9683474 I gotta admit, I take inspiration from a TON of sources. This is just all my fave sci fi's rolled into one honestly. Hope you're enjoying tho


Yeeeeees, I would LOVE to see that become the night guards slogan for this campaign!

Was Dahlia, Dalia, and the problem with heavy weather, is you cant use heavy fuel air clearence warheads. :rainbowderp:

Dahlia is Dahlia, did I use two different spellings?
While ANFO explosives aren't water resistant, the ones used had special coating to prevent such difficulties. The large-scale detonation was more from the bugs exploding.


Ah, sorry, I tried to mean, was Dahlia the entity, person known as Dahlia, or someone else using an image, illusion, alternate form and name as a Dahlia?

A Dahlias a flower... and a fitting pony name.
Major Dahlia is the Battalion surgeon. What entity?

The pony (Major Dahlia) visited John in his tent. The use of italics to write is for dreams/memories and occasionally for thoughts. He was talking with Dahlia and remembering the things he's experienced.

Hope that clears it up. If not, hit me up fam 👊👊

That gorge needs Orion landing on it.

Well written, keep up the good work.


Can't wait to see what you have in mind.

this chapter's name is an achievement in minecraft, i believe. :P

All of the chapters are named after Brotherhood of Steel quest from Fallout :twilightsmile:

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