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A question regarding My Little Megas XLR · 5:20am May 8th, 2014

I know it's been awhile. What with my computer dying and taking a chapter I was working on with it, I hadn't really been working on it much.--plus I haven't had much time either--

But I'm finally at it again,--from scratch-- and there just something I want to ask. Does anyone care if I cut this next chapter into parts?

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hey is this guy ok or something????

You REALLY need to update Bowser and Pinkie's Super Bizarre Saga.

977134 Okay but I'm hoping that Coop returns home to Jersey City


That one my take a bit. As I've stated, my comp has died and I've yet to purchase a new one. I'm currently borrowing one for the time being and am updating chapters when I've got the free time at night to do so.

The MLM/XLR one in particular may take longer than the others. Mainly because I was working hard on it and made a fair amount of progress when it was wiped away with my comp. Every time I begin to work on it, I think back on all my lost work and get a little pissed.

Well, I'll be working on it soon and perhaps just update that chapter in parts instead of a completed story like the others. From what I had going for it, it's fairly long like the previous ones and would essentially have brought the story up to speed with the currently season, more or less.
I'd have to hammer out the finer details later, but it's gonna involve two big support characters--as in not the main characters, but not a background character--and a bit of history building; or would it be considered destroying since this is a Megas XLR crossover.
Anyways once this chapter eventually gets done, I can start bringing in more characters and swap settings from Equestria, to Jersey City. What? You though it'd just take place in one setting? How else would I involve more of Coop's villains. Wait, don't answer that. I'm sure there's a way. I just hadn't thought of it yet.

Well that aside for now, I've got to go deal with this pesky Space Dandy crossover idea that's bothering me right now. That and finish the next chapter of Bowser and Pinkie's Super Bizarre Saga.

Thank you for favoriting "Assist me!! Princess Luna!" I hope enjoy the ride!:twilightsmile:

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