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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


After the once Great and Powerful showmare Trixie Lulamoon fails to take her own life, she falls into a comatose state, and shows no signs of waking up any time soon.

Twilight Sparkle vows not to leave Trixie's side until she wakes up. If she wakes up at all.

Warning: This is a sadfic. It does not have a happy ending. You have been warned.

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Interesting concept, but not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

Huh. The Twilight and Trixie theme in fics is kind of overdone, but this is looking nice nonetheless.

Not quite the ending I was expecting, but sad nontheless.

I also hope we get at least one more reference to Trixie somewhere in the series, a conversation with her in a town, a background shot of her doing a show. Even something as mundane as

TWILIGHT: I got a letter from Trixie today, sound's like her show in Los Pegasus is doing well.

This story was sad and NO that was NOT A HAPPY ENDING:flutterrage::pinkiesad2: she just down right ignored twilight telling her to wake up but its just tearing her more apart with trixie ignoring her what the hell man that was not happy:applecry: but still it was good keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

aww ok sad but believable :trixieshiftleft::pinkiesad2::applecry:

Put my story to shame...

Now pardon me while I empty my tear ducts. :fluttercry:

So very sad. :fluttercry:

The idea was believable. The way it was implemented was also believable. So, overall, good job.

Remove information about ending from the description. It's huge spoiler and it removed the whole suspense. :twilightangry2:
"she was didn’t die. " Wording

I'm also not sure how Twilight got such attachment to Trixi.

Well, anyway, this sadfic, particularly scene of Trixie+Twilight+Rainbow Dash, also reminded me how last year my grandma died in her bed, how during her last days my mom was at her all the time, at how I visited them. Sad times.

Sad, truly sad. And showing almost every reason why suicide is just retarded.

The people who are a blight don't consider it. It's only the ones who think they are a burden or can't stand to see others pain.

It's fucked up.

WAKE UP TRIXIE!! :fluttercry:

Poor Snips and Snails really... they feel that her condition is their fault, and it kind of is, poor guys... just kids and they have to deal with this

Comically tragic endings soften the blow when it's all over. :pinkiecrazy:
Suicide is a last resort when one cannot bear the mental weight of our own sadness sometimes, I have been there a few times.:applecry:
But then I realized that I am to afraid to die and face the unknown horrors after death claims me.:applejackunsure:
At least ponies give me a sense of what my soul yearns for, though it will not last forever.:twilightsmile:

Sadness mirrors happiness. :raritycry::pinkiehappy:

Wow, choked up on the ending. That's a first. Usually I just get sad.

Trixie soon died and Twilight slit her throat after extreme depression. Overall this story is whack. Do a sequel where Twi forcibly wakes Trix up with magic and Trix is mad or something cool.

Cusi #17 · Apr 29th, 2013 · · 2 ·

As much as I hate myself for it, I'm glad Twilight is suffering. Trixie living her fantasy while in her coma was a nice touch. I always love your stories and the ways you portray Trixie.

2209212 I second this idea.

damn dog, that shit was feelsy:pinkiesad2:

THAT CAN'T BE IT!!! :raritydespair:

:fluttercry::raritycry: Noooooo!!!! I...AAGH WHY DID I PLAY VIOLIN MUSIC AAAAAAARRRGGHHHH:flutterrage:

Oh. Wow.
The twist at the end is interesting.
Although tragic without a happy end - or at least a glimpse of hope is not my cup of tea, I think its well done - despite some minor misspellings.
It was overall believable, and the characters emotions were deep.

The sudden attachment to Trixie was a little weird to me at first, but I loved seeing Twilight suffer! Kinda wish she used magic anyways to wake her up and start a fight (or have a sappy/cheezy hurt/comfort scene that ends in friendship, going their separate ways, or getting Trixie "mental help"..... :pinkiecrazy: there's so many ideas for mental torture on Twilight's end how this will all end :pinkiesad2: its so beautiful! Faved and liked, I can't complain about this story at all.... even the attachment to Trixie makes enough sense and is believable enough for me to not be bothered by it. Well done on this fic! :derpytongue2: :twilightblush:

But there are a few things I would like to pick apart a little though:

And nopony saw it coming

Really? Nopony thought the mare that would disappear leaving behind a trail of tears would kill herself from the sadness?

But nopony would have guessed, that those tears were from something much deeper. Each tear shed, was another ounce of her faith in ponykind leaving her body. And another ounce of confidence in herself forever gone.

I'm sure the ponies that helped cause her sadness actually wished for her to kill herself.... and they didn't know that those tears could be caused my lack of confidence? Wow.....

“Even if we manage to force her awake, what good would it do, if Trixie herself doesn’t want to be awake?”

And how exactly would anypony know that unless there was an attempt? Come on, in the end of the story she comes off as more clueless of her actual situation than not wanting to wake up.... Trixie of all ponies needs some love... real love, not the substitute her subconscious created to try to fill the gap. I dunno, this one part made everything feel really shitty :fluttercry:.... like the lawmakers didn't actually care enough for their fellow ponies in their times of need... :raritycry:

EDIT: forgot to mention that I liked the sadfic parts too (see, I'm not that bad). Wasn't enough to make me cry but it was more than enough to make me feel for the characters so, in my opinion, the fic still did its job as a sadfic.

a touching fic, but wont celestia intervene, seeing how twilight, herself, is deteriorating, due to her anguish ? I think celestia eventually, will have to do something drastic, to alleviate the entire situation. I hope twilight will not die, herself as a result of her agonizing attachment to a hopeless situation. it would really be tragic if Trixie came out of her comatose state, only to find out that twilight, in her misunderstood loyalty to Trixie, had died of depression and neglect. that would guarantee a state of extreme hatred for her.

The tears didn't fall, but you still stabbed me with a machete. :fluttershysad:

Tears, why u no fall? I have read more than one sadfic before this one, and I cannot convince myself to cry. HALP PLZ!

Earmuffs? Trixie you fool. The voices can't be blocked out forever. Plus these are the ones that you should listen to.
Would you kindly JUST WAKE THE FUCK UP!?!!?!?!!:twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Um....pardon my French...:twilightblush:

snap "Due apologies dear, but on behalf of my sound cancelation field, she doesn't want to wake up, then I say she sleeps. And naturally, my will on earth be done."

I know a sequel kind of defeats the purpose, but..

fuck it, a sequel would be rad

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