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One fateful night, Apple Bloom discovers Diamond Tiara's deep, dark (?) secret. But will this discovery cause a greater rift between these two, or will it bring them closer together?

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I'm not quite sure of what I just read... but I guess all's well that ends well?

Their destinies being each other was completely unexpected. As was Diamond's apparent fetish for being bossed around... and then AB's apparent fetish for bossing others around.

Now to see the reactions that Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have to their friend's new Cutie Mark :pinkiehappy:

Looks like they just have to change identities.

dat ending.... role switch? :trollestia: apparently Trollestia approves.

Add on to this story, there is so much that could be done with this. Please:fluttercry:

Imma just use ecomotions for my reactions:

lol-They have each other's cutie marks. :rainbowlaugh:

YOU GOTTA MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage: this was awesome! :twilightsmile:

Ha... what a twist! Got a little weird neat the end but still funny.

This is amazing. I wish you would continue... Pwease

i just imagined kinky foreplay...

DT x AB anyone?

All of my approval to this. I love it.

2558593 2558509 2558169

I'm sorry to say, this will remain a one shot. I wrote this to get my creative juices going and for fun, but I feel it's just fine as a one shot. Besides I haven't thought nearly ahead enough to warrant making this a multichap story :ajsleepy:.

Ha! I didn't expect for Apple Blooms cutie mark to be a diamond tiara!!!:applecry:
I :heart:ed it!


This was really good but it needs a little more to fulfill the romance tag, make out session anypony?:twilightsmile::heart:

2559527 this is one of those I think would get ruined if it was turned into a multi-chapter story! THAT was one TWISTED ending:pinkiecrazy: liked it:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Ôooooohhhhhh, how's she gonna explain that one.:derpyderp1:

while I agree this is a great 1 shot I would still love to see how everyone reacted to this.

also don't see why its got a romance tag... unless I missed something.

This was an over-all good story. though it does need more to fill out the tag. The part leading to the cutie mark was funny and creepy, making me think there was more. Thank you for a good read.

Finish Oohh Mama.

As for this story... hm. Just in time for mother's day. It's not bad, great build up, and simple depth that's hard to explain in a small format. Not bad, I liked it.

This is...

2560368 I'm working on it...slowly. Ooh Mama is really hard for me to write for some reason. Not giving up on it but just saying.

2560242 The romance is verrry subtle. It's so subtle I was afraid it wouldn't pass moderation, that would have sucked.

Cute story. I think it works great as a one shot - expanding it could easily ruin it. The romancy bits were subtle, but good.

I'll just pretend I never read that last sentence :applejackconfused:

why?! oh sweet light why couldn't it have been something else?! anything but that!

I, along with probably everyone, have mixed emotions about this. Very... interesting.

Something about that last line that made me grin creepily while bashing my head against a pillow. :pinkiecrazy:

There needs to be kinky sex in later years.:trollestia:

I :heart: it! wheres the romance!!:facehoof:
Oh well it was still really good:pinkiehappy:


That freaked me out :pinkiecrazy:

This was... Sorta exciting to read!

Great one shot, the role reversal is golden!

I almost gave up reading at this sentence near the beginning: "she trotted over to a nearby ally way, and sat down on the cold cobblestones that made up the sidewalk." Capitalize it, and 'alleyway' is one word.

Big mistakes early like that make me less likely to finish a story. Fortunately I read on and really enjoyed it. A thumb up and a fave.:twistnerd:

I absolutely love how it is all tied together. And the "overtime" thing was great.

2613467 *sigh* I hate it when I make stupid mistakes like that :ajbemused:. Thanks for letting me know, I'll make sure to fix it.

I'm always looking for ways to redeem Diamond Tiara's character. The idea of her secretly lusting after hard work never occurred to me before but I love it.

Excellent one-shot!:heart:

your story is only flawed in one way: it's too short!!!!

Bwahahahahaha :rainbowlaugh:

Lol ...............but still, good story

Awesome short :pinkiehappy:
thumb up and fav :moustache:
(not fav since I got: Stop right there criminal scum! Error creating new favourite)

3063122 Aw, I hate it when that happens :twilightangry2:!

Do I have too many favorites and they want me to sort out some of them? :fluttershysad:
...or is it a mean error for real? :applejackconfused:

3063183 It's just the site fucking up I think, nothing to worry about. Try favoriting something, see if it'll work. Preferably this, and have your friends upvote and favorite this too! Just to see if the site's working right....that's totally the reason you should do that....:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

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