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This story is a sequel to About Last Night

One month ago, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack got drunk and then got married.

Now Twilight's a princess, and the pair have to work on integrating that new aspect of it into their relationship. Add to that Spike's feelings on the matter and the fact that he's getting the attention of fillies his age, and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's relationship, maybe they're better off grabbing a few more drinks...

Chapters (2)
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Okay, this is definitely the Comedy tag more than anything else. LOVE IT!

Bummer this is the only sequel there will be. Oh, well, I'm at least looking forward to when the FlutterDash shows up. Also, will there be any mention of the cutie mark mix-up incident prior to Twilight becoming a Princess? I mean, she's got to feel bad that she scrambled the destinies of her friends and marefriend.

Okay Great first chapter. *insta like and fav*
But that last section man I just can't even.

This will only be about ten chapters long, and there will be no sequel after that. Hope you enjoy!

Never say never man.

Hilarious, as always. Really enjoyed it.

no force will make me leave until you give me an answer

Rarity, where do babies come from? Can one of us have a baby with Spike? Can Spike marry two mares?





I'm so happy this is finally getting started! I'm a little sad to learn it'll be so short though... hope the remaining ~9 chapters will at least be a bit longer.

Sweetie Belle spoke up. “Rarity, where do babies come from? Can one of us have a baby with Spike? Can Spike marry two mares?”


Apple Bloom shook her head. “I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out later. Right now we need to find Spike... an’ figure out how to make a baby, I’m curious now.


Pinkie was scribbling on a chalkboard. “This isn’t right! They were supposed to have a falling-out by now! Then they can repeat the process and fall in love all over again, at least until the next sequel!”

Sequel confirmed.

Silver Spoon looked up. “I don’t think a stallion can have more than one wife. My mom gets upset whenever that happens with Dad.”


some how the Spike subplot/ sideplot will blow up taking the main plot with it

Poor Rarity. I saw that coming a mile away, but it was still hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Found a couple of typos:

Spike stopped midway through reshelving a book. She turned to Twilight wearing the biggest, fakest smile Spike had ever worn.

“I think Spike is seducing our little sisters into becoming a part of this dragon harem!”

That was a good first chapter. That ending with the fillies and Rarity's reaction totally sold it.

Well, once again I have no idea where this is going to go, but I look forward to finding out.:rainbowlaugh:

Though already we seem to have started on the Comical Misunderstandings which wouldn't last for ten minutes if anypony actually spoke up....:facehoof:

And of course it's not a Darth Link story without Twimom being in denial.:trollestia:

“Spike declared me the winner!”

“Spike didn’t declare a winner, he never bothered.”

“Well do you think he’d pick a blank flank loser as the winner?”

“Do you think he’d pick some prissy brat as the winner?”

“Better than you!”









“Nu... hey, where’d he go?”

Just kiss already! :flutterrage:

oh god I feel bad for spike, the girls are going to be so mean to him, and it all over a misunderstanding .

also twilight is so spike's mom, thought I can also see Princess Celestia being his mom as well.......in fact where the dragon who lay spike's egg anyway

Rainbow Dash shook her head, then turned to Rarity. “Okay, let’s hear it. Whatever you have to say can’t be any crazier than this.”

“I think Spike is seducing our little sisters into becoming a part of this dragon harem!”

“...I stand corrected.”


Okay, I'm so faving this one right away!

:duck: Saturday
:unsuresweetie: Sunday
:pinkiehappy: Moonday
:scootangel: Twostday
:yay: Wedday
:applecry: Thirstday
:rainbowhuh: You serious?
:moustache: Harem complete . . . .
:trixieshiftright::derpyderp2::coolphoto: what about us?
:trollestia: Spike has swag for the Nags....


“I think Spike is seducing our little sisters into becoming a part of this dragon harem!”

That line alone got you my fav

Also i really love diamondspike

didn't think there'd be a sequel
"...I stand corrected."

God, i wish i could write like that last scene. Also, I sincerely hope Spike gets that filly harem. Celestia knows AB and DT could have hot angry sex when they're older. lol

And now I am following this....


Well Rarity, that's what happened when you let him on your personal leash for so long--another dog can chew the leash through and let him go free to roam with others that want to play with him.


“I had to look at pretty old you in that chariot fer hours. And that was after weeks of ya bein’ too busy gettin’ ready to be a Princess to visit. You better believe I’m frisky.” She kissed her marefriend a few more times.

This paragraph did not read right for me, what is it saying? Also great to see this story! Saw it in the new stories tab and had to read! I get the feeling that somepony needs to explain to Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, and the CMC the birds and the bees. So tracking this story.

My only concern is that the issue with Spike and Twilight seems a bit too reminiscent of your other works. Spike's unwillingness to talk to Twilight calls to mind Post Nuptials and Families, while Twilight's insisting she isn't his mother make her sound a lot like her Integration counterpart- though the circumstances of all this are of course very different, especially in the latter case. Given the focus on Twilight's and Applejack's relationship, I can easily see you taking it in some different directions further down the line, but as of yet, it strikes me as a mild issue.

And I do only mean mild, because aside from that, this maintains that wonderful balance of silliness and substance that I loved about the original story. I look forward to further chapters.

"Rarity turned around and left" made me laugh harder than I have this entire week.
I needed that!

OK, a little part of this is pissing me off a little==Twilight, get the .... off of your high horse, stop pushing it off and finally talk to Spike. There will be times for you to have sex with your fiance Applejack later. It's just frustrating to see that they both can see that Spike's got issues that Twilight's got a special somepony, and in a minor twit, her denying that she's essentially Spike's mother in so many words, yet she continues to put it off or otherwise avoiding the subject. Get your damn hooves dirty and get to the bottom of it, and WGAF whether foalhoods are shattered because of knowing of the squicky truth. If that really gives you the shudders, you got bigger problems than that. :facehoof:

Also it just bugs me so much that it's once again a scenario where school-age fillies want the answers to some pretty tricky questions, and what do the so-called grown-up ponies do when confronted with that? Leave, or do a Big Mac saying "Nope!" and refuses to even try to answer. At this point, all these school fillies have been introduced to the birds and the bees. Seriously, is it gonna take a Pinkie Pie song for that answer to finally be discovered??

And yes, I believe that since they are already having feelings for the opposite gender to the point that a bunch of them want to be Spike's special somepony, they are also old enough to know the entirety of courting...

No law in Equestria says anything about harem.

I really like that this looks like it is going to be focused on relationships. Applejack is more qualified than anyone else in the world to help Twilight with her relationship with Spike. After all, Applejack has basically been a sister/mother to Apple Bloom for a decade, so she knows exactly what Twilight is going through.

I hope the nobles sub-plot doesn't take up too much focus, it seems rather pointless. I really doubt Spike is itching to seize control of the Equestrian government.

Now I don't want to say "dragon harem," but clearly at least DT and Apple Bloom are going to need to share here.

Annnnnd, followed. Too strong for me to resist.

I laughed so loud at the end my dog ran out of my room.

This can only end in hilarity.

Silver Spoon looked up. “I don’t think a stallion can have more than one wife. My mom gets upset whenever that happens with Dad.”

Silver Spoon, adorably adorkable all the way through.

Dat back and forth with AB and DT. Cute~

Funny story, I do hope to see more soon!


Can't wait for the next chapter, love this story. So many shipping options Cadence is gonna be worn out. Do like the idea of AB and DT hooking up when they get older

Spike shivered.

“What’s wrong?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“I don’t know... I just got the weirdest feeling Twilight is doing something that would creep me out.”


You're right Spike--it's called SEX!!!!:flutterrage: Considering your 'guardian' (you apparently don't want to call Twilight 'Mom') and her marefriend/fiance have unofficially tied the knot, there's gonna be a bit of that going on before the official wedding where Applejack and Twilight being married would be bound by Equestrian law.

And get ready--apparently you are about to learn about that process Twilight and Applejack engage in with those filles that became your friends in the previous story. Seems like Bloom and DT are interested in getting to know Spike a bit more, the other three fillies are witnessess to it, and surprise surprise, none of them even have a lick about 'the birds and the bees'...

Note: I'm aware that I've already commented on this story before, so it's roughly the same comment I probably made on this months ago. Surprised that I still feel the same way back then...who knew? And Spike really needs to realize Twilight is his mom, stop trying to deny it, and also accept that Rarity is way too old for him, but the ones like Bloom and crew are the right size and age for him, and also see that they are interested in him whether they show it, deny it, or just stay a bit aloof of the growing situation. But then again that's what the future chapters would cover. I just hope everything doesn't turn into a fiasco because something squicky is happening and the so-called grown ups are too chicken to put the kids on the right track w/o giving too much away (I hate to admit, but Spike and the fillies are school-age, so there will be a point where that bridge needs to be crossed.)

Apple Bloom shook her head. “I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out later. Right now we need to find Spike... an’ figure out how to make a baby, I’m curious now."

Discord is pleased by these developments.

I am just hoping we finally get something about Pinkie and Big Macintosh. We kept getting little funny hints before and I thought we might get some more info in this story.

Remember she wants to pair the squares...

To be truthful I do not feel sorry for Rarity after Rainbow Dash's little stunt, in fact I approve of it. Hopefully Applejack can work over her issues can get back to her book loving mare friend.

Damn...poor AJ.

And nicely done, Rainbow!

Spike felt unusually groggy that morning, but he brushed it off. He figured it was just those crazy fillies giving him a headache. He sneezed once or twice as he got out of bed and began his morning routine.

Sounds like Spike might be coming down with something, hopefully it's not to bad.

It's sad to say this but I forgot about this story. Not that it was not memorable and it truly is a good story. It's just been so long and I've read so much more since the last update. Well good chapter.

Read you later-BFBL

Ah, the plot thickens.

Nice to see you taking on the actual difficulties of a relationship rather than sitcom-style misunderstandings. It's a nice mix of serious and funny, though Spike and the girls are definitely the ones providing most of the comedy.

This will be interesting to see Twilight and Applejack try to make things work between them now.

I personally look forward to the talk with Spike.

And a new routine starts... At least nopony has gotten too angsty yet....

Dragon Harem approved!

Did they at least made Spike a legal citizen?

I like Silver Spoon's dad. I hope we meet him, I'm imagining a pony Bill Clinton or something.

ahh poor AJ, change is hard especially for someone like her. I do wonder how many farmhooves it will take to replace her though, 4? 12?

Nice going Rainbow Dash. :rainbowlaugh:

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