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"I'm not addicted to reading, just let me finish reading this chapter."

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Goals I will probably never accomplish

~ Get 10 followers
~ Get 50 followers
~ Get 100 followers
~ Actually write a new story
~ Smile
~ Look up at the stars
~ Get a story on the Featured Box
~ Get some random song stuck in my head
~ Make a blog post
~ Work on the portal to Equestria... somehow
~ Eat some food
~ Face my fears
~ Rule the universe and surrounding multiverses
~ Keep calm and write my troubles away
~ Become best friends with a dictionary/thesaurus
~ Make an MLP OC
~ Practice writing until perfection comes
~ Play video games
~ Catch up on all the MLP: FIM episodes I haven't watched
~ Stop watching anime
~ Play flute
~ Somehow write a story that surpasses 100,000 words
~ Wait for the next meteor shower to pass on by
~ Enjoy and cherish life

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Serious Question · 7:45pm Mar 12th, 2017

Hey. Me again.

And I don't even know about my writing anymore after a "review".

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Hey there! Glad to see ya!

(aka that one user who wrote all the Luna fics and is literally stuck in the first-person)

Welcome to my user page! No matter how you stumbled here... I guess you're here (somehow. I'm surprised you're reading this and haven't left yet.)

I'm a fanfiction writer, which is quite ironic on a fanfiction website. But I won't clog this space up, I'll just cram a bunch of words below for you to read in order to get to know this nerd better.

Stuff about this little writer:
*My name is not telling.
*I'm a girl, a Pegasister if you will.
*I am aromantic and proud.
*TwiJack is love, TwiJack is life.
*I have an identical twin sister.
*I'm still in high school.
*As my username implies, I love looking at the nighttime sky. Too bad there are so many lights...
*I can't stop writing. 400k+ racked up between all my works.
*Along with MLP, I'm a fan of Pokemon and most other Nintendo franchises.
*And in case you couldn't tell from that, I love video games!
*I spend most of my time on the site never logging off and staring at the little bell... please turn red...
*Science fiction is my favorite genre of book.
*Neko Atsume is also love, Neko Atsume is also life.
*I've never heard of a matching pair of socks. Nor I have I heard of modest socks. They gotta be flashy.
*And you're my friend! Everyone is my friend as long as you respect me :)

Anyway, since you're here, why not read one of my awesome disasters fanfics? Sure hope to see you around and to keep producing quality stories for you guys :)

What do you even do? Why should I read your stuff, anyway?

I feel like there are two people on FIMfiction: the writers and the readers. I'm both, but I do my best to be the writer kind of person.

About my stories... my stories are always rated Everyone, usually falling into the Slice of Life or... whatever else I start writing in the future. However, if you've read any of my stories, you'll notice that I prefer to write First person (we need more groups or a tag for that...), but I can also do third person if I want to. All of my stories are One-shots, which means that they're perfect for a quick read.

And what's in my stories, you're probably not asking? Too bad, you're getting an answer. Most of my stories contain lighthearted and fluffy moments, usually without any plot line. However, I am capable of writing more long, E+ - T stories. It's just I feel like I'm better at fluffy rated E one-shots.

If this has convinced you to hopefully read one of my stories, then go on ahead! If not, I'm a writer who finds much enjoyment in typing miniature horse/weird-skinned human works of fiction, so just stick around! I'm bound to write something that tickles your fancy one day.

So you've scrolled all the way here...

...and if you're expecting a comment box to thank me for a fave, you're out of luck.

Just keep in mind that if I fave your story, you don't need to thank me. I really enjoyed your story, but if you really wanna thank me, give me an internet hug. *holds arm out for hug*