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Serious Question · 7:45pm Mar 12th, 2017

Hey. Me again.

And I don't even know about my writing anymore after a "review".

So... I've got a very important question: after submitting Candy Hearts to Equestria Daily and getting borderline bashed by a pre-reader for my writing style and apparent murder or characterization along with my terrible "cliche" plot... should I even try writing more shipping fics? Should I keep putting out apparent garbage with stupid smooches? Or should I just backtrack to general 2,000 word one-shots? I know I like using first-person as it's a fun break from my constant third-person on other projects, but is it worth it, as an aromantic, to keep doing this if it means I'm putting out bad stories?

Another question: I know that Candy Hearts has gotten tons of love from you guys, but is it really as bad as the pre-readers made it out to be? Is it cliche and rampant with plot holes with apparent OCs because I seemingly don't know who Twilight and Applejack are? I'm getting mixed messages from you (you d'awwed) and those pre-readers that aren't the kindhearted mentors I remember when submitting Luna, the Hide-and-Seek Master (they n'awwed).

I'd love if you guys would answer these questions... but I just also have to thank you guys for all the love you give my writing. It is the thing that keeps me going on this site, so I appreciate it tons.

Another note worth... noting, heh: I may be considering an April Fool's Day fic. Perhaps keep an eye out for that.

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