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I'm a mysterious man with a large Viewer list, despite being very self critical of my work. Looking to write professionally someday.


Nyx is having a difficult time. So difficult that he wants to leave everything behind. His arguing parents, his troubles at school, everything. But where can a high school student with no diploma go?

Well, he meets a strange creature who offers him a way out... to another world. But he finds that this contract has a few hidden clauses...

Commissioned by another user.

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Every 500 years, the dragons pick one of their own to take a journey to the First Flame, the origin of the dragon's fire breathing ability, and rekindle the sacred fires. When the time comes again, Dragon Lord Ember has decided that, for political reasons, Smolder should be the one to go. And in order to help her, she's allowed to pick one companion to go with her. So, she decides to pick the absolute best professor to go with her, one that has taken on several large creatures and escaped without a scratch.

Professor Fluttershy.

It can only end so well...

Inspired by Rated Ponystar.

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Commissioned by an anonymous reader.

After the trouble at Camp Everfree, the Rainbooms are hoping for some quiet time. However, one of Princess Twilight's potions has ended up in their world, and has been found by the worst possible trio.

Now the Rainbooms are going to have to put their newfound powers to the test against a big problem. A really, really big problem.

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All Spike wanted to do was read some comic books while Twilight and Starlight were away. But alas, Trixie has come to visit. And to make matters worse, a spell has backfired on her, leaving her split into several tiny little versions of herself. That are all running amok in the castle. Great...

Commission for Swashbucklist.

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Queen Chrysalis is in a bad spot. Twilight Sparkle had made a fool out of here so many times, she's now the laughingstock of her own kingdom. Her royal coffers are empty, and her subjects are defecting to new lands daily. To top it off, her daughter Pupa is whiny, wimpy, and generally an embarrassment to her name.

But that might all change when she pays a visit to the Goddess of the Changelings, who "blesses" her with a new power, to turn anything she touches into gold. Now she can defeat Twilight Sparkle and increase her riches... or she could fail and lose her greatest treasure in the process.

Commissioned by Magic Man. The OC Pupa is his invention, seen in Pupa-chan and Maternal Instinct. However, this is a different take on her, and is not in the same universe, so you don't need to read those to understand this.

Cover from IDW Comics.

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Twilight Sparkle suddenly finds herself caught up in a grand tradition for the immortal rulers of Equestria: holding their own funerals. What can possibly go wrong? The answer: a lot. A whole lot.

Sex tag is for only the mention of it happening. Nothing truly explicit happens.

A commission from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

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This story is a sequel to About Last Night

One month ago, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack got drunk and then got married.

Now Twilight's a princess, and the pair have to work on integrating that new aspect of it into their relationship. Add to that Spike's feelings on the matter and the fact that he's getting the attention of fillies his age, and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's relationship, maybe they're better off grabbing a few more drinks...

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Good news: Daring Do has defeated Ahuizotl and freed the hostage he had kidnapped from Canterlot!

Bad news: that hostage from Canterlot is none other than Prince Blueblood. Now she has to put up with the uptight stallion. Well, maybe it won't be so bad...

Valentine's Day one-shot for 2016. Pairing comes from someone joking about it and me not willing to leave it at that.

See a reading by Brain Random here

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Twilight's gone. In her battle through time, she died, a victim of an alternate timeline. Starlight is defeated, but at what cost?

Spike's lost the pony that's always loved him, the one who acted as a mother, sister, teacher, and best friend. Now he's in pain... but he's not alone. Because Twilight's friends have vowed not to let him become an orphan. In place of one mother, five will now raise him.

AU in regards to The Cutie Re-Mark and Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Basic idea by Rated Ponystar

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This story is a sequel to Direction

A year ago, Scootaloo's parents were arrested, and Scootaloo was placed in Rainbow Dash's care. Now, she visits them for the first time, to say what's on her mind, even if it's hard.

A Nuptialverse story. Takes place during Direction.

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