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I was born in a small rural town in Australia, married a Texan that I met as a pen pal whilst I was an undergraduate student. We are now married and living in Houston with two kids. I don't consider myself a "brony" since it's essentially Pinkie Pie I'm obsessed with. More than happy to meet with others around here - especially if you like to shoot or scuba dive.

408126 Well, I'm more of Pie Guy than a brony, but I live in Houston.

hi my names nick im a san antonio bronie also im 22 i really need freinds in the area cause it seems like every nerd here hates me even some of the bronies i met on facebook in the ares are mean to me

Born and living in El Paso Texas, where if you look out your door at the right angle you can see Mexico and New Mexico.

Hello from Fort Worth TX

HaHa surprise, surprise no bronies still live in Longview TX :ajsleepy:

Lancaster (South of Dallas) Signing on!

Hey, can I get a head count for north Dallas and collin county? I go to quad C, does anyone else?

Howdy all! San Antonio, signing on! :ajsmug:

I'm a fellow CS resident! You can find the other Ags in the group by looking through my chat chains with them here.:twilightblush:

Born, and raised in College Station TX!

Born, raised, and still living in good ole San Antonio! :pinkiehappy:


Thank you. I'm glad you like it. :pinkiehappy:

Born and raised a few miles east of El Paso, discovered MLP while flippin' through the TV channels one day, I have no regrets! :ajsmug:

All is pretty quiet on the western front... :ajsleepy:

Anyone still kickin' around here? I like the idea of Texas representing their brony fervor.

I have found my residence in Houston due to the medical center, I was in need of some specialized care that couldn't be found otherwise, and have been living in the city since.

Born in Oklahoma, Living in New Mexico, and going to be living in Texas in a few months.

Wow. Whoever's in charge of the main page--excellent work. It looks amazing. Waaaay better than it did long, long ago :rainbowkiss:

This is fantastic. Just remember to reply to the post on the bulletin board so I can add it next time. :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 85 - 104 of 104