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Would you believe Queen Chrysalis has a child of her own? No, she is not a warrior or military tactical genius, nor is she planning to rise against her mother and bring liberty to her people, and she is sure not planning on infiltrating Ponyville to seek acceptance from the ponies anytime soon. Heck, if asked, she probably could not even point out Equestira on the map.

The truth is, Princess Pupa Roachanov, the only child of Queen Chrysalis spends most of her time in the royal gardens, waited on by her nannies and treated with as much delicacy and care as the rarest rose. It's a quiet, meager life, but it's the only one she's ever known and she is content with it.

The only thing she ever really wishes more of is the affection of her beloved mama...

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So this is another My Little Pony story focusing around Queen Chrysalis and more significantly, her OC daughter, Princess Pupa. Not many Bronies have written stories about Pupa having a daughter, so here's my take on it. It's third person, but it is meant to be from Pupa's perspective.

I really like the idea of writing Chrysalis as being maternal, well, as maternal as possible with still keeping her in-character and realistic. With any luck, I've managed to do that and write Pupa in a way that she's at least somewhat interesting.

Also, if it wasn't obvious, the culture in which I have given the Changelings and their society and culture in this story is Japanese. I assure you all I have nothing but respect for Japanese culture, their fundamental principles of honor, tradition and quiet dignity. However, I admit that I am most likely still ignorant of a lot of aspects of their culture too, but I am willing to learn, so if there is anything I have significantly got wrong here, please do let me know so I can promptly correct it.

I also want to point that yes, in my previous story, 'Adored', Changeling society was more Russian and Eastern European, but this is a separate story, experimenting with different cultures, and I must admit, I am more fond of writing the Changelings as Japanese and East Asian than I do as Russian.

Ps, 'haha' is Japanese for 'mom', if my limited grasp on the language is correct.

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1479456 Oi vay...

It's supposed to mean the is the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation, but hey, thank you for sharing the information.

1476073 I thought Okaa-san was "mother"

What does &#133 mean?:rainbowhuh:

1479488 From what I've looked up, Okaa-san is what you say when you directly call your mother. To mention your mother to the third person, more formal, but you can use both haha and okaa-san.

Interesting concept but can't say anything more

1479509 Well, I thank you for taking your time to read it.

1479492 Oh, sorry, that's supposed to be '...', I'll fix that. So what did you think of the story?

1479517 I think I will read, but will ponies be involved at all? And I've always found the changelings more along the Persian Empire, not the feudal Japanese.

1479527 There's a slight reference to ponies, but that's just about it.

Persian Empire, eh? Well, I do admit, that is an interesting concept for the Changelings, but we each have our differing views on the issue. To each their own, and all that.

This was a very... different experience for me. I don't usually see much of Japanese culture on FimFiction. I doubt many people do. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading the story, and I think it was pretty decent for a 4k oneshot.

1479896 Thank you. I'm glad I gave you a taste of something different.

1482858 Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it.

This was...interesting. And a little creepy, honestly.

Chrysalis...I went away from this not sure if she honestly loves her daughter or just sees her as a food source.

1600413 Ah, well, that's really left up to you...if you go by this story alone, because I'm working on another, multi-chapter story featuring these two. It's quite emotional, really showing the human (well, you know what I mean) side of Chrysalis.

no why the koi why:raritycry:

"My darling, how could you think I would ever harm you?"

how could you think I would ever harm you?

I would ever harm you?

harm you?

*reads Material Instinct Ch. 5*
Lies and Deceit

2423380 glad to see we are not alone

Sir, this story got my interest, and I read it all. This fic is really good, and some parts of it are cute. But the cutest part of it all was Princess Pupa herself. I've never seen a slice of life story towards the Changelings before, but this is very well made and well written. Great job! :twilightsmile:

hey, did you base this off of Maternal Instinct?

2929377 It's the story I wrote before I then wrote Maternal Instinct. I guess it was supposed to originally just be this, but one thing led to another and now I'm currently writing my best fanfiction.


Now I have another reason to follow, my friend.

2987140 Thanks. This was a oneshot, also on DA, but I'm glad you liked it. What did you like in particular?

I just thought it was a different take from Maternal Instincts enough that a reader can tell it's a different Pupa and a different Chrysalis. I would like to see you pursue this story line once you're done with Maternal Instincts. That way you can sit and compare the two as parallel universes, so to speak.

I love it how Chrysalis approves of Pupa just killing a fish because Pupa thought it would please her.

Still adorable! Makes me want to adopt her even more.

it's a nice story magic man i really like it, keep up your amazing writing skills:yay:

Lokum... had to look that word up. It means "Turkish delight", a type of candy. However, it's also a Danish word for "toilet".

this is quite ironic if u read the other story in which Chrysalis is shown to be a fucked up mother

Oh my god, the changelings are Japanese. You, my good sir, have a favorite and a like from this weeaboo!:rainbowkiss::derpytongue2::raritystarry::yay::twilightsmile:

3725757 if they are indeed Japanese, I guess I have yet one more reason to love them.
Now, off to the reading...

I loved the Japanese feel to it, but then it just ended.
this could have been broken up in chapters and then continued further.

Not so much when you think about the cultural taboo of feeding on one's family in the other story.

As I read this, the taste of my favorite candy appeared in my mouth. Good job, dear sir.:pinkiesmile:


Hm Japanese culture, aside from the often seen zerg/borg take on it ill only seen an sort of southern, desert with a bit of bedouins influence as for there culture. But never Japanese or Asian in general, i like this. Hope it stays in Maternal Instinct. Her feeding was very surprising, thought it was a dream of the child first, also lets hope that is brought up again, would be somewhat interesting to see that in more detail. if there is any danger for the child or the action have any social taboo to it etc.

I had to come up with a new word to describe this, adoracreepy. Good job.

Well done, sir!

Very nice depiction of affection, coldness, and how Chrysalis acts with both. Creepily enough, at the same time.

Also, Chrysalis feeding on her explains why Pupa can’t walk nor talk…


2423380 My thoughts exactly, heh!

I literally deadpanned and went "Chrysalis...do you have amnesia? Liessss...Decieeeeet."

Pupa is a beautiful little princess.

Pupa Chan? Wait is this Japanese?

uhm, what else could it possibly be?
the entire scene positively ozze of Japanese theme ..

but alas, why did it stop here?

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