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In the Wasteland, a place without laws and where justice is spilt blood, sometimes all you have is a choice.

Yet, it is also the most precious thing you will ever own.

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1842648 So that's what that feels like...

Because in the Wasteland, justice took the form of a bullet over three inches long.

Yes, it usually does.

Fuck yeah, magic sneak attacks!

The best kind of sneak attacks!

I mean really, why would the slaver, a shitty pony in no barding, have attacked a pony like me who was in barding?

That is a question I've asked myself many times.

a pegasus called Jet.

I see what you did there.

The anger was there, bubbling like molten steel, but I knew how to control it, to focus it, to make it my anvil and let practice be my hammer.

I love this line. It's poetic, accurate, and violent, all at once.

She looked so scared too. And when she screamed… she sounded just like her.

The implications of this sentence are... disturbing. Disturbing and enlightening.

the place never changed. Dead trees should fall down, right?

You'd think, but not even a rocket can scratch them.

I really liked it. Sometimes right is hard, if not impossible to find.
I'm sure I'll be thinking about this story for a while to come.

1842763 Thank you for reading, and I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you wrote it! Now to wait for your next story. (Any idea what it'll be? And if so, care to share?)

1842777 As soon as I get the cover art, I will start to roll it out. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later!

So, its topic is a secret? Or am I just forgetting something that you put in a blog?

1842800 All I'll say is that it's a long adventure and it should be very epic, hehe.

Ooh, you're mean.
See you then.

Let me tell you a thing or two about Wastelands...
They don't care about you. All you got is your friends, and maybe your family if your lucky. And if you're out all alone in those wastes, hunted by enemies, you better make some friends quick. Or else you're going to end up deader then a neutron star.
I would know...

"Oh, a new Fallout: Equestria story"
"No downvotes? That's pretty rare"
"Huh, it's by Mystic. Why is that name familiar?"
"Oh! All Paths Lead Home!"
Well, little fic, you get to skip the Read Later queue.

1842858 Hehe, it feels good to be back in post-apocalyptica! Let me know how you find it! :twilightsmile:

1842870 Well, this story is definitely going on my recommended list. The story seemed to be about the raw emotions the main character goes through and his attempts to remain professional, something most stories seem to leave out, and how in the end emotion and compassion won out. And the drops about his past with his wife/daughter. And something tells me the part about what the raiders would do the family was a lot more personal than he let on.

It had the emotion and internal conflict that made All Paths Lead Home great, mixed with the sharp combat that the Fallout setting lends itself to. Definitely one of the best Fallout: Equestria stories I have read. I hope you write more post-apocalyptic stuff in the future. It's always so enjoyable.

1843216 Heh. Thanks so much, man, both for reading and taking the time to leave your thoughts. I really appreciate it. :heart:

I like this story, which is a big surprise for me.
I mean I really like fallout 2 and post-apocalyptic genre in sci-fi, I think that "A Canticle for Leibowitz" is one of the best pieces of literature ever written and I read a lot of post-apocalyptic sf, but FOE was great disappointment for me. I could not even force myself to finish half of it.
So I opened this story with apprehension that I will regret that decision. But being one of your fans, and seeing that story is complete, I decided to check it. And I was pleasantly surprised.
Wonderful piece of art !
Thank you for sharing it with us :twilightsmile:

Okay I'm going to leave a legitimate comment on this story later but if this doesn't get more likes soon I'm gonna smack a filly. I know how hard you worked on this so I'm putting it under favorites already and voting up for it. I WILL return.

Ahh. The curse of being a writer.

That's the second story in a row I called really early on and really ruined the end by doing so. Of course, I can no better say whether it was a fluke, or whether it was just a bit too obvious—only bulk opinion can offer any insight into that. Perhaps this is one of those times where the blurb alone gave far too much detail away.

Beyond that, it strikes me that the lack of empathy I have with this story has exactly the same roots as Dancing on Silver Strings: the character motivation is too nebulous for me. Without feeling for the protagonist, the end just fell flat. Similarly, the choices in what to describe and what not to is a subject we both know we fundamentally differ on, so that says less about this piece and more about us. Now I have a bit more of a feel for Sessalisk's work, I can see how that comes about :P

What really does strike me, though, is the way it reads, compared to my issues with TD's story yesterday. This didn't trip me up, or cause me to re-read, or doubt, or ponder. The presentation is truly flawless, and the effort you put into it really shows through.

Have a brew and enjoy your Crimbo,


Even at the end of things, friendship is still magic. Or something like that.

He didn't have to let himself care, but he did.

Thank you for writing this. I liked it.

I say it after reading this fiction, and I'll say it whenever one of those crosses my paths: I do not adore Fallout: Equestria fictions or any other novels of that kind, because I am much into symbolism and therefore can't really handle works of (post-)impressionism. It's a violent contrast, after all.

Given to the fact that i know your skills in world-building I gave this one a read. And I tell you, it was worth it.
At one hand, I had a good sneak-peak of that storyverse, on the other again you crafted something, that carries my mind away, right into the sweetest sort of escapism. It was coarse, rude and it bristles with low-lifes you don't wanna know a thing about.
And yet - the world-building made me almost feel my heart pounding into could stone. The protagonist hadn't much to say what goes beyond the necessary to reach his targets, yet I would bet that he has some deep roots in his mind. That's a good job in creating characters and giving them life.
But I don't know anything about Fo:E, so I don't rate the characters any further.

I also have to say that I didn't like the huge amount of maledictions, but I guess that's needed to keep such a scenario (why is that spelled with c instead of z again?) believable.

Congrats for sending the first Fo:E and most likely the sole post-apocalyptic fiction ever into my fav-list.

1843651 Hehe, well thank you for giving it a shot, and I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

1843731 Heh, I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

1843752 Thanks heaps for giving this one a shot and taking the time to leave some feedback, Scott. It's really appreciated! I have to admit that I am very happy to hear that you noticed the execution of the prose; after all, it was definitely the thing I worked hardest on to make shine.

Anyway, thanks again! Have a good one, mate.

1844499 All he had to do was make a choice...

1845984 Well, thank you very much for actually giving this story a shot! That alone is really awesome. The fact that you also enjoyed it makes it even better, haha. Writing stories like this is so exhausting because the situations the characters are in--and who they are--is always so dark and oppressive. There is a lot of stuff that I try to deal with in a way that isn't angsty or unbelievable in an attempt to make the characters feel real and give them depth. As a result, hearing that the character resonated with you and felt 'alive' makes me very happy.

Anyway, once again, thank you so much for reading and taking the time to leave your thoughts. It's really appreciated! :twilightsmile:

I felt that you really jumped around a lot in the story, especially in the beginning. It did confuse me a little bit because as soon as I was getting into a scene it just kinda shifted to another. Of course, you went back to all of these. But it still feels like even though the narrator likes doing the right thing, he likes to manipulate the reader more. :rainbowlaugh: or just me anyways.

How many times did you write the word 'fuck' in here. Honestly, TOO MUCH! I don't mind the bad language but people don't talk with a curse in their speech every single time they open their mouths. I mean... what do I remember. "...Does any pony know where the fuck-" "Fuck off!" "...I will cave your fucking skull..." "Fuck! I know you!" "No. Fucking. Way." It's like, please expand your swears!

I liked it. I like everything you write. I never read Fallout: Equestria but this was A-ok. Merry christmas!

I read it, enjoyed the reading, wonderful worldbuilding, but I missed there something. I missed that feeling I had at the end of All paths, Sun whispers or Hells traitor.I can't describe the feel, it was like "man that was fuckin intense". Good nevertheless, so thanks for making my night better (and longer, 4:30am here fucking hell :D )

I wished you already nice X-mas you nub, and it's over x-mas anyway, so have a wonderful new year my friend :)

Can't wait for MOAR STORIES from you! :D Ciao!

1853141 Hehe, it's funny. You should come down and visit me sometime. You will quickly realise that oh boy, this character doesn't swear half as much as some of the people I know, hahaha. It all comes down to character voice, really, and in my head this was a character who swore a lot because the people around him always swore; he is vulgar, essentially. He's just that kind of person.

Anyway, thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to leave your thoughts, and I'm really glad to hear that you liked it!

1854846 Maybe because it's shorter? I am not sure! :Mysticshrug: Regardless, I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it, and thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! It means the world to me! :twilightsmile:

I know you like your feedback, so have a little feedback…

If there was anything you got right in this story, it's consistent voice. Through everything, I always knew it was "Winter Fall" (did we ever get his real name?) telling it, through his experiences. You did a very good job of painting the impassiveness of the world as well - FoE and all, 'wilderness,' what-have-you- with the different manners in which it affects its inhabitants being displayed rather well, I thought, even if some of it is taken on faith. To clarify that last bit, at least marginally, consider the positivity and pleasantness of Gale, and how its station is not explained in any fashion.

A few critiques, however are in order. Most notably, as commented before, the story itself had a tendency to drift hither and yon, with no obvious through-current of narrative or purpose. Emphasis here on obvious, as there are a few possible contenders when considering character and theme. There are also places where the diction seemed awkward, mainly where the descriptors were more meta or literary than I would have expected, given the otherwise remarkable attention to voice. (I must apologize for no examples, I didn't take notes.) Finally, there were a few places where thought-tangents seemed as though they were not as well blended as may have been possible, and the extended case of this nitpick where the visual/textual description of the hunt through the gorge seemed to jut from the otherwise sinuous curvature of the story.

In all, a thumbs-up, but not quite a favorite. I cannot comment about the outside continuity with FoE, having not before read (knowingly) any other works of the universe, but I will say that your depiction of the universe was well executed, internally consistent, and fitting both within rational expectation for a grim, post-apocalyptic world and from a passing familiarity with Fallout, proper. If nothing else, I don't think I'll forget this stallion for a while. Keep up the great work, Mystic!

1879811 You're very right indeed; I love feedback, and there's some fantastic stuff there, so thank you very much! Definitely gave me some great points to think over, and hopefully I can learn from it!

Thank you very much for reading and for taking the time to leave your thoughts, and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it overall! :twilightsmile:

I don't know who you are. I don't know why you're so awesome. If your looking for donations, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have, are very particular pair of arms. Arms that I have acquired over a very long career. Arms that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you write a sequel now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I'll hug you.

wonder why he didn't shoot them after they lowerd their guns ...

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