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Commander Cocoon has a pretty great life, by changeling standards anyway. Born and raised into his revered rank, he has everything many of his fellow changelings can only dream of: power, muscles, two gawgeous mates and the long-fought spot as the Queen’s number one minion. And yet, greedy and endlessly hungry as every other changeling, all this luxury and tail still isn’t enough.

When returning home to the Badlands colony after a year of conquest, Cocoon expected only to resume his humdrum life, at least until his Queen's next big crusade. He certainly didn’t expect a personal invitation to the royal chambers by Queen Chrysalis herself.

That night, as the colony celebrates their soldiers’ return, Chrysalis makes Cocoon an offer only a brain-dead male would refuse: to stand at her side as her consort, the first changeling prince consort in over a hundred years.

His pelvis already crying out in joy, is Cocoon really prepared to deal with the real problems and even dangers being Queen Chrysalis’s top buck-buddy entails?

A follow-up to A Canterlot Wedding, The Return of Queen Chrysalis, and FIENDship Is Magic #5.

Edited and pre-read by Chaodiurn, SketchyChangeling , Scarheart and Mistermech

Cover art by Mistermech

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It’s strange times for changelingkind. Their despotic Queen has been overthrown and the traditional system of Queens with her. ‘Liberty’ and ‘Democracy’ have finally arrived for a species who’ve been squashed beneath the fat rump of tyranny for generations. To take the helm of their reborn nation, the changelings elect the charismatic Lord Hopper as President of the Federal Changeling Republic.

This young noble, notorious for his playcolt lifestyle of partying, booze and an infinite string of marefriends, doesn't exactly seem to fit the bill of somechangeling who’s being hailed at home and abroad as the “modern champion of democracy”. But now elected on a platform promising wealth and love aplenty for his revolution-wary citizens, as well as rebuilding friendly and closer relations with Equestria with the Alicorn Princesses’ support, President Hopper’s issue of Equestrian Times' 'Stallion of the Year' looks a shoe-in.

… Providing, of course, he doesn’t totally screw it up first. As they say, “once playcolt, always a playcolt.”

Edited/pre-read by: Chaodiurn, Seether00, Scarheart, nioniosbbbb, Anonymoose and Mistermech.
Cover Art by Mistermech.

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Weevil and Echo are a married changeling couple who, amongst thousands of others at a time of mass migration, have left the Changeling Kingdom in search of a better life in Equestria, the so-called 'land of love, tolerance and opportunity'. Now Equestrian citizens and living in Six Points, a diverse and deprived district in Lower Manehattan, Weevil and Echo have opened their own business and are trying their best to raise their family and simply live their lives

Of course, raising a family is never easy wherever you live, especially in this bizarre urban jungle populated by friends, enemies, and all out crazies. But through it all, Weevil keeps a level head, an unwavering dedication to his friends and family and his values, and by doing so will come out on top out of whatever this Celestia-forsaken city throws at him.


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Queen Chrysalis has only one grub that has survived into fillyhood; her daughter, the physically lame and mentally impaired Crown Princess Pupa. Chrysalis has never been what many would call the 'maternal type', even towards Pupa, whose adoration of her mother has no bounds. Preferring to swamp herself in the dire affairs of state, Chrysalis lets her crippled daughter be raised by her affectionate nanny.

But one day, as the Changeling Kingdom's problems reach boiling point, the Queen's already short temper erupts and she must deal with the heartbreaking consequences...

Edited and pre-read by Chaodiurn
Pre-read by Scarheart

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Would you believe Queen Chrysalis has a child of her own? No, she is not a warrior or military tactical genius, nor is she planning to rise against her mother and bring liberty to her people, and she is sure not planning on infiltrating Ponyville to seek acceptance from the ponies anytime soon. Heck, if asked, she probably could not even point out Equestira on the map.

The truth is, Princess Pupa Roachanov, the only child of Queen Chrysalis spends most of her time in the royal gardens, waited on by her nannies and treated with as much delicacy and care as the rarest rose. It's a quiet, meager life, but it's the only one she's ever known and she is content with it.

The only thing she ever really wishes more of is the affection of her beloved mama...

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Important notice: This is not in the same universe as Maternal Instinct.

Years after the failed invasion of Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis has grown indolent and inept in running her kingdom. However, she grows concerned when she no longer senses the love and adoration of her subjects. Her advisors proving unhelpful, she goes seeking the council of what many would consider the most unexpected sources...

Picture courtesy of Yula568

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