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Magic Man


It’s strange times for changelingkind. Their despotic Queen has been overthrown and the traditional system of Queens with her. ‘Liberty’ and ‘Democracy’ have finally arrived for a species who’ve been squashed beneath the fat rump of tyranny for generations. To take the helm of their reborn nation, the changelings elect the charismatic Lord Hopper as President of the Federal Changeling Republic.

This young noble, notorious for his playcolt lifestyle of partying, booze and an infinite string of marefriends, doesn't exactly seem to fit the bill of somechangeling who’s being hailed at home and abroad as the “modern champion of democracy”. But now elected on a platform promising wealth and love aplenty for his revolution-wary citizens, as well as rebuilding friendly and closer relations with Equestria with the Alicorn Princesses’ support, President Hopper’s issue of Equestrian Times' 'Stallion of the Year' looks a shoe-in.

… Providing, of course, he doesn’t totally screw it up first. As they say, “once playcolt, always a playcolt.”

Edited/pre-read by: Chaodiurn, Seether00, Scarheart, nioniosbbbb, Anonymoose and Mistermech.
Cover Art by Mistermech.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 29 )

The only mare in the group cackled, “My husband so wants to mount you!”

... A mare said that? ABOUT HER HUSBAND? WHAT THE FUDGE?

Fifty Shades of Hey

I think you mean "hay"?

The fact that this thing was an Equestrian bestseller made her heart weep for the great masters.


“H-Huh? Wha… What’s goin’ on? Is that you, Dracula?”

I don't know whether i should be more disturbed by the fact that Spike talks about Dracula so casually or that he just said Twilight was like the Dracula.

On the note of the fanart I might have mentioned it before. I sort of expect him to have his eye twitch all the time and a small laughter increasing in volume as thunder strikes in the background with him saying... "I HAVE THE POOOOOWER!"

Oh man, this is gonna be good...

Politics can be a cruel mistress...as can Celestia, as Hopper may soon find out.

*cautiously upvotes, but reserves favoriting*

I'm trying to figure out if this is set in what I've dubbed the "Pupaverse" or not. it doesn't seem like it is...

5691141 Oh no, friend, it's not set in the "Pupaverse." It's its own thing, I assure you.

He kinda looks like Jack Nicholson. I kinda like him.

So far, so good, though the Changelings seem to be headed for a bigger mess than they had with Chrysalis under this dunderhead Hopper.

The rest she didn’t speak out loud in fear one of them, or worse, their parents, heard, jumped her and laid their eggs in her brain like she’d heard all about.

They'd have to find it first.

Following this out of the linked image, and this has potential. I hope it does well.

“I believe that with Lord Hopper’s election to office, our two nations’ relationship shall grow much tighter and intimate…” His stony expression dissolved, a suggestive smirk taking its place, “Maybe you and I can go back to my apartment and get to work on that, eh, Ms Smiles?”

Not necessary I get the feeling Twilight and Hopper will be working on that in the foreseeable future.
And some other mares.
And big Z.

This is going to be an entertaining clusterfuck and Hopper will stand right in the middle of it.

Any ETA on the next chapter?:pinkiehappy:

I love it already. Magic Man, you have a rare ability to contrast a rather shady and cynical setting with a funny and optimistic plot, and it seems you are in full force here. I'm torn between feeling like this is a story close to House of Cards, or more like: What if Prince Blueblood was a changling. Either way this should be awesome.

He's into zebras?

5690649 Yeah, heh, that mare's drunk out of her mind. And thanks for noticing that typo, been fixed.

I sort of expect him to have his eye twitch all the time and a small laughter increasing in volume as thunder strikes in the background with him saying... "I HAVE THE POOOOOWER!"

5690929 Oh ho, indeed.

5691364 Really now? A Changeling Jack Nicholson, now That's an OC I'd love to see.

5691540 Thanks, and...

The rest she didn’t speak out loud in fear one of them, or worse, their parents, heard, jumped her and laid their eggs in her brain like she’d heard all about.
They'd have to find it first.


5692389 5692645 Thanks, much obliged.

5693759 Thanks. I think you'll like what I have planned, heh heh.

As for the second chapter, I'll be getting to work on it, don't worry. Sadly, I'm not the fastest writer (not molasses slow, but not as fast as I'd like), but when inspiration strikes, I get a-rollin'.

5693925 Why thank you very much. I'm pretty you'll enjoy the direction it'll go.

5695122 Ohhh, Hoppy-poo's into a lot of stuff. I can't reveal anything major here, of course, but you'll definitely see as the story progresses. I sincerely hope you'll be interested in it enough to follow it.

5695365 I hope Hopper and Blueblood get to meet someday, maybe compare Cognacs?

5695365 Mistermech's a very good artist of choice for good works to do cover art for. So this ought to be quite fun.

5695122 Changelings are pretty much into evrything. EXPECT anything.

May God have mercy on the new changeling republic...

'Cause Celestia and Luna are going to be too busy laughing to lend a hoof.

Bahahaha, I hadn't read the part with Sparkle and Flash before this… I think you hadn't written that part last time I looked at the doc. I was wondering why this had nine down votes… now I know why.

Flash hate is kind of hilarious.

I've been looking about for this since I saw the cover art on Mech's tumblr:rainbowkiss:

I loved this! It was hilarious seeing Starry Smile's misfortune again and again, and WOW, Hopper's personality certainly smacks you in the face with how much of a lech he is. He's almost likable in how much of a lush he is! And it's very interesting to see Twilight not having much of an opinion in Hopper. I thought she'd be more "Ugh, THIS guy?"

5700274 Well, we can only wait and see, heh heh

5703100 Ah well, what can ya do? :moustache:

5714817 Indeed it is. And I sincerely hope you enjoy the story.

5720998 I'm glad you liked it. One of the big things I wanted to accomplish here with Hopper was an Establishing Character Moment and from the sounds of it, it seems I've succeeded. I certainly hope so. As for Twilight, well, we'll see more of her opinion of him as we go along, rest assured.


Also reminds me of house of cards :derpytongue2:

“Oh, Hoppy-poo!” Flitter shrieked so loud it put a school filly’s to shame as she hilariously tried but failed to scale her lover’s back. “I’m gonna be an Ambassador!”

What's kinda frightening is that might be true. Hell, Ambassadorships were seen as political favors from newly elected Presidents in the US till the early 1900's. Fingers-crossed we might see Flitter again as the Equestrian Ambassador.
Good thinking on his part, he bases his selection of Ambassadors on his lovers, he has a girlfriend in every country and they never interact. Seems like something Hopper might do.

As a first chapter, this does quite well at drawing in the reader's attention and including several amusing scenes.

Personally, I feel that after setting up the bar so high for yourself, you're in for a bit of a challenge with Hopper's story. Maternal Instinct worked thanks to the adorable character of Pupa and its ability to make Chrysalis sympathetic without whitewashing the fact she's a villain, while Citizen Weevil's namesake protagonist is just plain likeable as a struggling and flawed yet well-meaning everyman.

This guy, on the other hand, comes off to me as basically a Changeling Prince Blueblood. Which I'm actually interested to see more of, since as you know, I like it when the pony Blueblood is given more depth. In order for that to meet its full potential, though, future chapters will need to do a damn good job showing how suave Mr. Hopper can be when placed in the public spotlight.

It sure beat transforming into her in front of his mirror two or three times a day with a bottle of lube in hoof.

I had wondered when someone would think that one up for Changelings in their stories.


I seriously hope this ain't dead. This is to interesting an idea to die after 1 chapter. :fluttercry:

Is this what happened after Maternal Instincts? It would make sense if it is.

Damn that pic
Zebra is hot
Changling fucking creepy

Do you know more or less when the hiatus will end???

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