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Apologies for the overdue post, but as soon as I got back from Bronycon I came down with a bug and was laid up for the week.

Anyway, first con ever and it was pretty sweet and pretty much what I expected.

Gonna give you guys a highlight reel then get onto the souvenirs I bought from the vendor's hall.

Let's break it down!

1. Meeting other fanfic authors I've talked to online. - The main reason I came. I'm not going to list off all the cool people I met as they know who they are, but the list would include: JaketheArmy guy who gave an excellent panel on media relations. Hopefuly people will take it to heart and it'll cut down on cringeworthy interviews.

Spent most of the con in the company of xjuggernaughtx. Definitely made the con more comfortable. I wouldn't have come if I had to spend it all by myself. Got to meet Distaff Pope, who I preread for, and Jmac, of Quizzical fame. Bookplayer and Maskedferret were super friendly. It was neat to put faces to names.

But the highlight for we authors came on the final day during a group picture.

We were all set and ready to disperse when who stops by Quills and Sofas on her way to the closing ceremonies? GM Berrow! She of MLP book writing fame!

She asks if we are an organized group? We answer, yes. We are fanfic authors. She lights up with glee and insists on joining us for a picture. I even got a hug! :yay:

Hugs are always welcome.

Then she left and panic set in as no one could figure out who's camera or phone took it. It was supposed to be on Horizon's cell. He did find copies later. Check his blog for copies.

2. Panels. Kind of hit or miss. The ones with the show creators were pretty good as long as they were focused. The VAs and the writers are pretty funny people. Once they entered Q/A, that was my signal to leave. Almost universally audiences questions were not very interesting or they were rambling nonquestions.

M.A. Larson seemed wistful for the old days of season 1. I guess success brings happiness but also the gaze of corporate upon the product thus a loss of control. Such is life.  

He did demand I write a fic based on an insane idea he gave me. Expect that soonish. Speaking of writing, one fanfic author I meet was Somber, Fallout: Project Horizons. He offered me the most useful bit of writing advice I received.

Shut out everything for fifteen minutes a night and write out some raw text. Eventually you'll get something that can be edited. Great advice! My mistake has been trying to block out hours which never come. I'm simply too busy. But fifteen minutes is doable.

Surprising to me at least was that he'd read Lullabies Unsung, recognized me as the author, and encouraged me to finish it. And armed with his advice I can now do so.

What else? What else, what else, what else?....

Ah! The Grand Galloping Gala. It was really well put together. Too bad my missus wouldn't come. We could have danced. The sketch driving the dance's narrative and music was entertaining so kudos to the performers.

So much cosplay! Ranging all the way from "Wow!" to "Eww!" to "Huh?". A lot of Chrysalis.  Lots of Ember and lots of Vinyl. Not two many Sirens which was disappointing. I did see some Adagio, including one vendor lady who was spot on!

But I only saw one full trio. And only one Gilda. What's up with that? Best griffon getting no love!

Now onto the most important section. SWAG! There were plush dolls aplenty but I didn't buy any. Had to stay under budget and I've got no place to put them…. That my wife wouldn't find. Man, if you have the skills you could clean up making these given how much they sell for. Anyway, onto the booty!

First, plushies I wish I could have bought but had the willpower not to!

Look how cute Gilda is! I love how 'Meh' her expression is. 'Meh' indeed, Gilda. 'Meh' indeed.

Lightning Dust(best pegasus) is ready to fly. Such great hair!

Now, onto to things I did buy:

Zecora engraved mug. Can never have too many mugs. Already drank tea out of it in her honor.

I then spent time wandering around looking for Gilda merchandise. Couldn't find much but did come away with some odds and ends.

Now I have cute mini-Gildas sitting on my desks. No one at work knows who she is.

Miscellaneous badges and pins. Didn't cost much and they were cute. Especially, the pointy changeling pin.

An Alicorn Amulet! I already have an Alicorn Amulet t-shirt from Welovefine but now I have even more of an excuse to be evil! MUHAAHHAHAHAHA! :pinkiecrazy:

Any evil I do from now on is the amulet's fault.

And that's a wrap! Back to the grind for me. Hopefully the show will remain interesting enough to warrant attending next year! If so, I hope to see you there.

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Sadly I don't think Seether cares about telling his readers any news.

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Twilight (fellow book nerd) Lightning Dust

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