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Reflecting on my Path as a Fic Writer, So Far · 7:01am May 31st, 2013

It occurred to me a little while ago, while I was going through the favorites list of my first (and only) story so far, and sending out thank-you notes to everyone who clicked the star: I am part of an amazing, wonderful community. I mean, I've known that for a really long time, but you guys just continue to surprise me everyday. I mean you took me, a guy who hasn't done a lick of recreational writing since I was just out of high school (I just passed 26 a few months ago), and you favorited his

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930068 Of course! I was quite happy to do it! I am a big fan of fics with uncommon ships, especially Snips ships. He's a pretty cool dude.

Thank you, The Invincible, for the favorite! :heart:

Hey I've seen your PMV's and there pretty awesome! I have a question for you. I was just wondering what your render settings are for your videos? (Sony Vegas Pro 12) I'm having trouble getting good quality for my videos. Because when I render it is nice and clear. But when i upload it to Youtube it loses its quality. D:

Thanks for the favorite! I guess our stories have a bit in common. I'll have to read yours sometime.:pinkiehappy:

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