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Belayed Post Bronycon Report + SWAG! · 8:10pm Jul 18th, 2016

Apologies for the overdue post, but as soon as I got back from Bronycon I came down with a bug and was laid up for the week.

Anyway, first con ever and it was pretty sweet and pretty much what I expected.

Gonna give you guys a highlight reel then get onto the souvenirs I bought from the vendor's hall.

Let's break it down!

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Things I like so so should you #2: xjuggernaughtx's Resolution · 2:35am Aug 23rd, 2015

Hey there, so it's secret that I enjoy simple stories with simple writing. Quick enjoyable fluff, you could say.

But many times I want something with depth of flavor beyond one note. Something with world-building and imaginative prose to satisfy the appetite.

Something like this:

xjuggernaughtx's Resolution

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Stuff I like so so should you #1 · 9:44pm Aug 2nd, 2015

Hey there!
So seeing as all the cool kids are doing it, I figured I would start a spotlight feature of my own.

I totally am. :twilightblush:

Now unlike most, I'm not going to follow any sort of rankings. I'll be spotlighting authors or individual stories which personally tickle my fancy.

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State of the author or Where the hell are the story updates, you lazy bum?! · 2:01am Jul 17th, 2015

Get the lazy bum!

Woah! Hold on there! Put down the torches and pitchforks folks.

None of my stories are dead, I Pinkie Promise. I’ve just been really busy with real life stuff. The picture below explains everything.

I feel for you, Rarity.

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Griffons, Griffins, Gryphons! · 11:23pm Dec 14th, 2014

Why griffons?

Because griffins are awesome! I've been on a real griffon kick lately. Looking at art, stories, etc. I've even got a Gilda story in the works.

Hopefully season 5 will explore the griffins as a people. See their lands and culture. As politeas Gilda was and as.... um... French as Gustav was, there's got to be more to them.

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An Apple Comes Out Of The Cellar: Now with Dramatic Reading! · 11:23pm Oct 14th, 2014

Hooray! More Apple Family hijinks turned to audio!

All provided by the very British sounding AShadowOfCygnus

His Granny Smith is hilarious! So thank you again, good sir!

Dramatic Reading Link

We really need more funny Granny Smith stories.

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Revist Applejack's Tax Relief Plan With A New Dramatic Reading! · 9:10pm Aug 27th, 2014

Talk about a blast from the past. The first fanfiction I ever wrote now has a dramatic reading! And with a British accent for +50 points.

All provided by the dapper AShadowOfCygnus

So thanks to you, good sir!

Revisit what I thought would be my only story. That originally was the plan, I swear.

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Lullabies Unsung Updated! A Plea For Mercy, And A Fic Request · 5:02pm Aug 21st, 2014

To Applejack fans:

Please don’t kill me! :fluttershbad:

Things will get better, I promise you. I know many of you think I am writing her OOC, but bear with me. Emotions make people do they things they later regret.

As a pick-me-up; here, look at this picture of my cat.

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A Slight Delay. Sorry! · 3:13pm Aug 20th, 2014

Apologies, but I am forced to postpone the next update of Lullabies Unsung by one day. Work issues. Basically, someone did this:

So we are scrambling around.

The update will definitely be published on Thursday.


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Lullabies Unsung Updated! Why Yes, It's Still Alive · 2:17am Aug 19th, 2014

Why yes, this story is alive!

Many comments expressed surprise at this fact. Not that I blame them. But fear not! This story is still a going concern!

Some readers did notify me that the fave tracker didn’t inform them of the new chapter. Odd, but it happens.

To make up for the long time between updates, here is an adorable picture of Zuri by MuffinExplosion.

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