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At what should have been a routine doctor's visit, Applejack learns that she can never bear foals of her own. After an emotional breakdown, her friends do their best to calm her.

However, as the discussion develops, nopony is prepared for Twilight's revelation: the grand event which brought them together has left a hidden scar within each of them.

Tempers flare, relationships are strained, and the strength of their friendship is tested as each must come to terms with her newfound sterility.

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Such a depressing story... and it urges me to read on. Great work so far.


Hmm, interesting premise, I'll keep this on the read later list for when I want something that is sure to be depressing.


I am feeling so emotionally wrecked right now.

:twilightoops:Damn Applejack what I do?

:ajbemused:You know what you did.


Here we go with this story.

This will be a heavy one.

~Skeeter The Lurker

But you can’t love a foal that ain’t yours by blood the same as one that is. Fact.

Dang. This line hit home. A very staunch catholic philosophy teacher I took classes with some time ago attempted to justify this opinion to a class that was about 5% adopted kids over a span of about an hour. I respect this man's level of knowledge like no other, but sometimes I wonder if he even knew what was coming out of his mouth. Yet the whole time he was so impassioned. I don't think he even knew he was talking to adopted kids the whole time. You've portrayed this mindset very accurately.

twilight just got served!!!!! at the end.... aj :twilightangry2:

So it's Twilight's fault that they all decided to follow her to Everfree Forest which would eventually lead to losing fertility? I seem to recall Twilight telling them to leave Nightmare Moon to her and they all stay home, but they all followed her, dood.

It could also be Princess Celestia's fault for pushing the responsibility onto them to be Equestria's Anti-Ancient Evil Brigade, dood.

While Applejack's rage is understandable, the fact that she and Rarity blame Twilight for it is kinda messed up, dood. I may worship the ground Best Alicorn walks on, but even I can admit to when she does something dumb or wrong, dood.... most of the time.:scootangel:

Can't say this hit me in the feels, but then again, I am a cold-hearted bastard. It is interesting, though, and I look forward to reading more.

Well, this looks to be a heavy hitter, but a good one all the same. I'm sticking around for this one.

Poor Pinkie and AJ. While I disagree with AJ's statement on not loving those adopted as much as born, I also feel RD was being more insensitive then usual already seeing on how this new affected her normally tough and open friend. This is really only going to get worse before better can even think of coming out.
This is some heavy feels, and really I can't wait to see how this works out. I look forward to the progression!

:fluttershysad: I-I... I'm gonna go cry in a corner for a bit until I can think of something happy *looks at own depressing stories* :fluttercry:

Damn... This is some powerful reading right here.

Son of a gun... :fluttershyouch:
Right in the feels. :fluttercry:

My first though is Rarity's reaction to Twilights admission she was always going to be infertile, even before she met them. And she was right it wasn't their right to know that and nopony asked.

But this story is good man keep it up, and as depressing as it sounds most of what happened in this story does happen in reality. So you probably made some tears with this but hey it's fiction so I enjoyed reading it.

... I don't get it. But that's nothing new. Good luck mang!

Pulling up a chair and making sure I have a drink handy, this is gonna be a good one.

Waiting on the inevitable conversation with Celestia. If somepony manages to string together the rather hurtful line of thinking of 'sacrificed 6 mares' future foals to get your own insane megalomaniac sister back', there shall be glorious fireworks. Dunno what could bring Twilight to such a state as to think that, though, and she's the one most likely to talk to Celestia.

Oh, even worse spin to throw on it. 'sacrificed 6 mares' future foals because you were terrified your crazy sister would stomp a mudhole in you'. That's a REALLY irrational take, but ooh, so much fun.

The insistence that some of these ponies have about how a woman needs to have kids or else they fail at life is kinda...ehh...to me...

If I couldn't ever have children, I'd be a little sad but not to the point of how AJ reacted. It makes sense she reacted in that way though, because of their (and I agree Dash on this) silly tradition that Apples can't adopt ponies because you can't love adopted ponies like your own.

I think Rarity overreacted when blaming Twilight though. How would she know that her friends became sterile this whole time? Why did Rarity get mad when Twilight said she's been sterile ever since she was a foal?

Interesting story so far.

I'm not wild about the way Applejack's being written in this story. She's being needlessly cruel and stirring up conflict, which isn't like her. It seems like she's being shorhorned into the role of bad guy just so there can be one.

I also hope this isn't the last we've heard of the adoption issue. It's a valid point which was dismissed far too easily.

Great concept, though. It's intriguing enough that I'm looking forward to more, and the other ponies are convincingly written. Also, bonus points for RD being okay with the whole thing. It provides a much-needed ally for Twilight Scapegoat (and honestly, in that circumstance I'd probably react the way Dashie does.)

...the emotion here...kills me. :fluttercry: Why!? Why does this have to be so good!? :raritydespair: It's too late now. I've already read the first chapter. take cover from the incoming feels, everyone.

So... Depressing. Hope it ends well :raritycry: it's so painful to read, cause they're friends with a beautiful bond and they're treating eachother like dirt... But it's very realistic. :twilightsmile:

Great start. I especially liked the part with Pinkie Pie. My feels don't usually get stirred easily, but her little monologue made me grimace.

I will say that there were times where Applejack seemed a little over-antagonistic, but that's such a tiny problem that it's not all that significant. You handled all the characters admirably.

I especially liked how you gave them each a unique reaction to being infertile: Rarity being concerned with producing an 'heir,' Applejack getting angry about not being able to carry on Apple family traditions, Pinkie wanting to experience the same joy she sees from the parents of the foals she throws parties for, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy not thinking it's so bad (but each for different reasons)... It really does a good job of getting into each one of the character's heads and seeing what makes them tick. It's pretty brilliant, honestly.

Loving it so far, man. Have a watch, fave, and upvote.


My feels are bleeding.:fluttercry: I don't think I can keep reading this. But it really is a great story. Like and fave.:heart:

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go bury myself in happy fics. If I don't, I might cry myself to death.:raritycry:

3878084 I hate to tell you and myself this, but the only tag is sad. I don't think there will be a happy ending.:fluttershysad:

I hate how you made Apple Jack say someone can't love their child if its not their own flesh and blood. And this story was making me start to love AJ.

Usually that concept applies only to the Tragedy tag.
Worst-case scenario: They remain sterile. Big freaking tragedy. Long as nopony dies, it's a happy ending in my book.

Wasn't the moral of "Pinkie Apple Pie" that you could choose your own family.
Pretty sure it came from AJ herself actually.

planned out (then scrapped) a similer idea.
Flutters is dating Big Mac, and is devastated when a standerd blood test reveals she's infertile - due to a smiler effect- and makes a deal with Discord to 'change her destinty'

Well now, this one should be interesting. I especially feel bad for Pinkie Pie. Poor girl, she will never experience the joys of raising a foal...


"Thaum" is an actual unit of measurement? Who knew?

Good start by the way. That's some rough stuff.

This hurts, and I kind of hate you for writing it. Favorited.

I have to say I was getting into this, with a good, heartfelt look at each of the mares' likely reactions given their situations and attitudes.

you can’t love a foal that ain’t yours by blood the same as one that is. Fact.

Fuck you, Applejack.

Both he and AJ are full of shit:ajbemused:

you know i cn argue it may not have been the elements that did it for some of them, pinkie and Rd for instance may have already been sterile to begin with rd created the rainboom and pinkie took a huge dose of it.

There can be a happy ending with the sad tag.

"Ha ha! I Discord is free one again! And to punish you girls for imprisoning me in stone I shall make you all pregnant! *Snap*... what... * snap snap snap* Why isn't it working!?

"Were sterile Discord..."


Like, fav, and punch you in the nuts.

Seems like everyone is writing Rainbow Dash as an unlikable prick. D:

Um, there are many things I could ask about this. I could ask why Twilight didn't ralize this a lot sooner. She became infertile due to her own magical surge, a very rare thing. Why did it now occur to her that channelling Equestria's most powerful magical atrifacts would cause this? What I really wanted to ask though was, is that how you really feel about charities for children in other countries?

I don't say this often, but...


Wow, Applejack's a bitch.

I guess this would be rather devastating in a late-19th-Century society like Equestria, but it still seems like AJ is overreacting...

beutiful and harsh in so many ways.,

This is going to end up like "It's a Wonderful Life", isn't it?:unsuresweetie:

Time for Applejack to get a bitchslapping from an adopted child.

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