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Nopony knew Scootaloo was an orphan. Scootaloo didn't know who her parents were. After discovering her secret, Twilight casts a spell that can show the young filly her parents. The result will change both their lives forever.

Edited by LunaSol, Templar22 and Bpkyle777

Chapters (3)
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i hate cliffhangers but o well can't wait to see who scootaloo's parents are in the chapter

Considering the character tags I can guess who the parents are. Since it doesn't seem to be Scootabuse I think I may keep an eye on this.

You.... Now I have to read next chapter :D


I actually was going to tell you who the parents were this chapter but my editor told me to reveal it next chapter :rainbowlaugh:

Son of a cliffhanger !! Btw nice story.:pinkiehappy:

F*** you, this seems interesting and then BAM, cliffhanger.

You bastard!

Why a cliffhanger?! Now I really want to know who it is!:fluttershbad:

Damn that one way to keep you on the edge of your seat! I want to know!

Great chapter :scootangel:

Can't wait to read this but I think I already know who scoots rents are because of the characters marked....

i hope you are busy with next chapter or else:twilightangry2:


The father is about to find himself in the middle of a shitstorm, it seems.

I liked it! Good job sir! My only problem is that it felt kinda rushed and I noticed quite a couple if errors in your grammar but overall, it was good! Just work on your pacing a bit in the next chapter. Oh, and good job as to coming up with an excuse for Twi to know that spell! And when she actually preformed it...... Sir, I see a magic duel scene in your future!!!!! PS sorry if you are a girl and not a sir, but sir sounds more sophisticated...
-Derpy 2

Oh yeah will have 'suplaing to do to his wife, sister, mother... And a lot of other mares. Of course Scoots' mother has some explaining to do as well

*tap tap*

Her parents are actually Batman.

Stew on that.

you should have not included Spitfire and Shining Armor on the characters list, could have kept the drama and anticipation up till the reveal. Not a bad start though

Must. Read. More!:flutterrage:

Man talk about a great cliffhanger, it definitely does it's job.

Welp, I alredy know who her parents are, and they r in the description u should really take them out. :/:ajbemused:
I wish they were Celestia and Luna! One of them would have Scootaloo, and the other would keep it a secret! Cool Huh?:pinkiehappy:

3886301 You do realize those could be fakes to throw you off track and the author would remove those and add the actual parents later? DURRRR

I'm just going to give a shot in the dark and say that you put those character tags on there to make us think it was certain ponies when it wasn't, but they will still somehow play a role.

Everypony stood still in shock at who they saw.

*scrolls down*
How I imagine the author right now - :trollestia:

Everypony stood still in shock at who they saw.

*scrolls down*
How I imagine the author right now - :trollestia:

Oh god, I'm calling it right now. Scootaloo is the product of a drunken romp or something similar, and her mother was forced to give her up by her family. Just like in the tv soaps.

Nah, hopefully it's something more original.

You know what this cliffhanger reminds me of? The one in South Park.
They're about to reveal Eric Cartman's parents then... bam! Cliffhanger!

Oh my Celestia.
Read the character tags.
Holy buck.

very nice idea, the cliffhanger. impressive first chapter

Dammit!!!! I accidentally looked at the character list...... Oh, the Princess is NOT gonna be pleased.


Tell your editor you forgot to not use the character tags.

Not a big fan of cliffhangers, especially ones that are so central to the progression of the story. :pinkiesick:

You have Spitfire and Shining Armor RIGHT THERE, dude. We know already.

Anyway, I'll track it. Sure. Why not.

I have a very strong feeling that Scootaloo's parents are going to be Discord and Tom the Rock.

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