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Why do people think my stories are funny? Also, know any cool fics about RD? · 12:08am Oct 21st, 2013

People keep saying that I need to put comedy tags on my stories, but my stories are totally romantic and not funny! I mean, yeah, they should make people feel good because they're really good, and ponies are totally happy to get to have awesome sex with Rainbow Dash... maybe that's what they mean?

I don't get it.

I just put up the story about Rainbow Dash and Rarity I was working on. This should show that person who thought that Rarity isn't totally into Rainbow Dash.

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Have you ever thought about getting it on with Cheerilee? I mean, not you. Obviously not you. I meant Dash. Do you think Rainbow Dash has ever thought about getting it on with Cheerilee? 'Cause that would be totally hot.

Smart mares like Twilight and Cheerilee are awesome.


This is good. I figured this was a amusing gimmick... Then CertainlyNotRarity shows up.

BOTH of you get a follow for that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Here here!
Three out of six mustaches for you.

Not all of my stories are going to be about that. It just seems like I should write one for each of them, because it would be unfair for a pony as good at sex as Rainbow Dash to leave one of her friends out.

But I'm also working on a story where Rainbow Dash gets to be Super-Captain of the Wonderbolts!

Are all of your stories going to involve Dash having sex with her friends?
What are you going to do once she has sex with all five of them? Move on to the background characters?
ALL HAIL TOWN BICYCLE DASH!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

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