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Unparalleled flying skills. Limitless charm. A go-getter attitude. Despite claiming to possess such coveted traits and more, Lightning Dust was still unable to achieve her lifelong dream. Years of self-discipline and fine tuning down the drain due to one fatal error, with nothing to show for it but a single nagging question: what was she lacking? With the help of some old friends and the observation of new ones, the confounded pegasus hopes to polish her few flaws and achieve heights most ponies could only dream of.

Breaking the limits of perfection isn't easy, but Lightning Dust obeys no limits.

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Sounds interesting I'll give it a read.:derpyderp1:

Good luck Dust, be sure to send me a letter after Pincess Luna banishes you and throws you into a dungeon in the place she banishes you to. That's what's going to happen if you don't give up on this wonderbolt thing and just spend the rest of your life making friends like a NORMAL PONY!

This... this right here is glorious.

Lightning Dust is new best pony.

Redneck quarantine is probably the best description for Ponyville I've ever heard.

Instafaved. :pinkiehappy:
Keep up the good work.

Dear Author,
Could you please at some point have Lightning Dust learn that the "brain-dead ponies" saved Equestria twice, with one helping save Equestria a third time as well as the Crystal Empire being Celestia's best student, and being related to both the Equestrian Royal Family and the Crystal Imperial Family.
Her facial expression would be priceless :rainbowlaugh:

In all seriousness though, you seem to be giving yourself a lot of work with Lightning Dust. If you can successfully pull off making her into a better pony in a realistic manner, you'll have my full respect. :pinkiehappy:

I'll be tracking this :twilightsmile:

oh my god i hope you continue this

" I didn't even let Joe finish before it started pouring down my throat. Like, directly into my throat, passed the tongue and everything. Yeah, I've got some pretty intense throat control, but that shouldn't be a surprise." -Best line ever in fanfiction. And it ain't even a clop.

Sorry, that made me giggle as I read it. DAYUM she took that whole mug of burning lava into her throat... girl is so EXTREME 25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1eub3w0QN1qz56kjo1_500.jpg

This seems like a big exaggeration of her callous behavior, but I'm liking where this is going! MOAR GOOD SIR! MOAR!

Holy crap there still isn't a Lightning Dust tag? WE NEED ONE BAD! D:


In a way, poking fun at her wild behavior in the episode is one of the main points of this story. I mean, there are lessons to be learned of course, but she didn't really strike me as the type to suddenly seek redemption and feel bad as opposed to just being beyond awesome.

Anyway, second chapter is coming along, so it will probably be up in the next few days. Sorry for the wait, but I don't have a whole lot of time to write nowadays. Thanks for all the interest in the story, though.

1866007 All well and good, and honestly, I like her brash and callous shortsightedness and self indulgent behavior.
First Lightning Dust fic I can really get into! The train bit and her having to park at a train station just because all the other amazing pieces of machinery do as well was a cute quirk imho. Even if she nearly plowed a young colt (seriously, did he NOT see the Lightning Dust Cutie Mark landing pad?? GAH IDIOT!).

Good to hear a new one is coming along nicely :twilightsmile: I want no spoils as to how in the world this is going to turn into a shipping story. I'll be taking this story RAW with EXTRA RE-CAFFINATED x10 COFFEE!

Extra hot please. :pinkiecrazy:

Alright, second chapter is up. Hope you guys like it, and feel free to offer constructive criticism, of course.

And hell yes, Lightning Dust tag is a go.

"Appleseed Tractorfella" and "Hayslasher Sisterbucker" should be ponies. They sound like so much fun! :pinkiehappy:

"Yeah." I grinned, almost as much as I knew the kid would be grinning pretty soon. "Let me see that for a second. I wanna show you a trick or two."

This is either going to turn out awesome, or it's going to turn out amazing. One or the other, or all of the above. Take your pick.

EEE I was just stopping by after finally seeing a Lightning Dash tag in the search engine and whee~ a chapter 2 of all things! Happy day indeed <3

Derpy crushing on Rarity? Haven't seen that in fics since FOREVER ago. Seeing those two just not noticing each other till Rarity's ass was well past the doors, was a cute image.

Super-duper tired at the moment but felt I should comment anyways. Great follow up! I'll stop posting all the fav scenes like those awkward moments with a certain fine flanked mare, no not Lightning Dust I meant the OTHER one.

I was expecting Rarity to speak up or something at the 'take care of your foal' comment. LD than saying 'sister' at the end just confused me as to when LD knew it was her sister and not Rarity's foal.

That ending, makes me look forward towards chapter 3 even more ^^


Buck yeah, a Lightning Dust tag!:pinkiehappy: All that's needed is a new emoticon and we'll be set.:pinkiesmile:

So, Lightning Dust met Scootaloo. Now she'll make some headway. Oddly enough though, she missed the opportunity to talk to both Rarity and Applejack.

However, you might want to give LD just a bit more of a good streak. As the protagonist, she shouldn't really be a 100% jerk.

Yeah! Lightning Dust tag. Now all she needs is her own group.

I was trying to hit "favorite" and accidentally thumbed down, but then fimfic told me I couldn't. Huh.


I think the only way to change a downthumb is to give a thumbs up. For some odd reason, you can't just take one away. At least not from what I've seen in the past, not sure if it's changed or not.

No big deal, though.

That's the reason I even came to Ponyville... and why I was soaring fifty feet above that same town, hunched over a tiny scooter's busted handlebars like some kind of radical circus clown.


Can't really find fault with Lightning Dust's advice. Sometimes you have to throw down.

I really like this portrayal of lightning dust for some reason.

AN UPDATE!! Omg my favorites is finally tracking updates now! (some reason it always came up dishing always showing in the order they were faved :fluttercry:)

7:22am... MUST READ! :flutterrage:

That shit was AWESOME, loved the opening to chapter 3.

Luckily, my stunt-induced euphoria wasn't strong enough to make me forget that I have wings, so I had at least one easy solution right there.

Fluttershy, she's not.

So, unless I was prepared to make the most hardcore landing in Equestrian history, I'd need to sacrifice the poor scooter in order to make my getaway.

Yup. Poor Scooter. What can you do? Apparently, you ignore your own safety, like a total boss, and attempt to complete said DEATH-DEFYING stunt.

The last thing I saw before tumbling through the dirt was the scooter riding off into the sunset, unconcerned about the ponies diving out of its way. In a way, that scooter was a lot like me, except my handlebars actually work.

You know, despite you know, tumbling and skidding half a block after her not-so-death fall.

I would have kissed that filly... like, full-on made out with her if it wasn't completely illegal. So I did the next best thing.

Next best thing?

"Hey, how about you and I go get some ice cream or something? My treat for, you know, losing your scooter."

oh, DUH! Ice cream is like total sex. And totally legal. LD is the absolute kind of example of what Lauren DIDN'T want Scoots to have a sisterly role model. I guess she didn't take into account of a possible sexy cousin with epic life lessons.

I'm wondering what Derpy's connection with LD would be...

LD is bad. Badass that is! MOAR AWESOMENESS!

Bitches obviously can't handle the epic of this fic. Always trying to hold a mare down, but I'll just chalk up the low favs and total fails that downvoted, likely because of LD's pure juicy sexy hardcoreness, to just a rise in hater population. Keep being sexy author, totally my fav story on this site. :duck:


Glad to hear that you're enjoying it. There are still some things about the way I'm writing it that I feel could use some work (such as maybe that coincidental stuff has been happening a little too frequently in just one day), but I'm glad people seem to like it.

Better Than Best Super Update Double Feature.

Bear witness as Lightning Dust gets solicited, delivers the mail, and starts to actually give the main plot some shape.

So, my reaction after reading this chapter.


Seriously, I love Apple Fritter here. If you can throw Lightning Dust off her game like that, you must be doing something right.

Double updates are best updates. Lightning Dust would be proud.

Also, Fluttershy is best Wonderbolt. Or, she will be when LD is through with her.

Two chapters were posted on this story I'm reading today. It was awesome.

Seriously, RD's journal is the best thing ever.


This is buckin awesome! Fluttershy and Ditzy are best Wonderbolts!
Wait, but the trio will need a cool name, like Lightning Strikes Thrice or something.

This was a pretty crazy chapter, a bit slow, but Apple Fritter really pulled through. Nice end, and lol at her trying to hit on anything that walks just to get her fix for the night lol I guess, despite LD's flirtacious ways, she's still got some of that maiden's heart in her left some how :P (assuming she's ever been laid or, she just finds certain mares hot but despite all the game she spits and monologues about, is still a total virgin lol)

Days late commenting on this, so yeah, tired of seeing this page with only 1 comment. Also, nice to see LD is so WELL KNOWN in Canterlot :rainbowlaugh:

That was a twist. She finally gets the dirt she needs to surpass RD, in her mind, and knows about her past exploits and eventual goals in life. And now she's going to train Fluttershy and Derpy to being best pegasi? I sense an epic montage coming up!

Seriously, I love the character you've established for Lightning Dust. I look forward to the intros a lot just to see what awesome quotes she'll say, I didn't quite get one of those this chapter as we did last chapter, but the breaking into RD's cloud home had more then enough good moments xD (That whole 'I bet the darkness wasn't prepared for Lightning Dust' opening though was pretty damn hilarious) but lols at having LD acknowledge the fear of her making too many friends too quickly :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: I'll be less lazy next time and comment on the day I read and not simply wait on more delicious updates as if you're a machine >< I is sowwy! Still feel bad I didn't think to comment sooner. Belated thanks for the double shot of vod- I mean, double dose of Lightning Dust, I damn near OD'd on this chapter xD

Don't leave us hanging bro :heart:

P.S. hope you're feeling better these days. <3

Dinky with a cardboard helmet and sword?
Yep, there it goes, my heart just stopped.
You have killed me. Thanks a lot.


Nice chapter, lets see if this works out for Dust in the end.

Lightning Dust, hate to agree with AJ here, but she's right. Maybe you should pick some fliers who, you know, have actually potential. Just saying. Still Lightning Dust is still best pony/coach/ future Wonderbolt.

Aw man, was that some hardcore Flutter/Dust shipping I saw? :trixieshiftright:

Well, probably not, but the poor mare needs to get her game on some day!

All I'm saying, game recognize game and that bitch signed my yearbook.

I actively tried to keep myself from thinking of how that happened, although it did explain the wide hips.


Um -- creeping out Rarity at that level is a good way to get Rainbow Dash in your face level attention.

Of course if you want the most unbiased opinion of Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo is the pony to ask... She doesn't have a pedestal high enough to set RD on.

2368201 even they don't look like they have potential, they met in the end. I mean really people say you can't do this but wean you go do it and show them woger they met have over seen potential

Your Dinky, Warrior Princess was the best Dinky *EVER*. I swear all she needed was a battle cry. She was sharp as a knife, and pure as the first snow. I love her little deductive reasoning and her solemn vow to vanquish all "poopyheads". Dinky retained actual childlike behavior and still show off a bit of bratiness xD

Someone needs to do some fanart of LD laughing her flank off while being assaulted by Dinky, Warrior Princess.

Great chapter, bro! Much awesomeness. And man, LD is such a purest, she would never imagine a pony would crossbreed with another race of pony it seems. Her comment on Derpy's curvature.

Overall, a nice chapter. Not too over the top like Apple Fritter chapter, which played into heavily implied territories and at times makes you feel empathy for the female guard that was traumatized outside the doors. But it wasn't so tame that it felt like punches/bucks were being pulled on LD's part. Hell, she was even ready to throw down with little Xena up in there. Really enjoyable chapter, and I won't spoil the flight lesson, but that was a nice setup.

*Dinky appears*
No wait, I'm allergic to adorableness
*Continues reading*
Awww (image of tombstone with Larger Seagull engraved on it)

Can't wait for RD to show up again. She should be able to get LD straight.


Set LD straight how?
Lightning is doing great.

1. Giving Scoots super awesome advice.
2. Making a pass at Fluttershy...maybe. (Don't Rarity is going to work out)
3. Gonna turn both Ditzy and Flutters into the most bad ass wingponies since Maniac and Col. Blair
4. Letters delivered, like a boss.

But Fluttershy is already perfect :fluttercry:
She was best pegasus in Season 1 when :rainbowdetermined2: was a jerk and before :derpyderp1: talked. She continues to be a wonderful character even as third best.

You can't change who people/ponies are if they don't want it and what may be best for someone in one's opinion may not always be best.

Not to mention, she called Fluttershy and Derpy her b*tches.

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