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Foun MLP April 2011, started reading fanfics as of june 2011, and am trying to be a better writer.

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736158 When you told me you were writing it, I got all caught up :ajsmug: So yeah, so far great job.:pinkiehappy:

Well thanks for the vote of confidence, I do heartily recommend reading Millennium Wake, part I before trying to follow my contribution.

Just a suggestion :duck:

468487 Aye it is. Currently me and notMurphy are working on something, i am developing an extra story plot for later, all up until i can figure a way to make BoaW better, (I am thinking it may need a rewrite.) So yeah absolutely anything you can think of helping with, for example if you see any kind of glaring errors or style that are off putting. Hell even if you say the story sucks in its own right and needs a rewrite, i will listen and take it under advisement (after i argue for about 10 minutes >.>)

But so far I feel as if it is progressing a might bit fast. Little later ill tell you the jist of the story and what i expected from it ect. For now i must work >.> Gotta love Uni...

P.S You are doing an amazing job on the Scion of Chaos Prequel I am loving every minute of it. And i thank you for taking the time to help me :twilightsmile:

I read your message on The Writer's Group. So your story is on hiatus then? Hmm, maybe I can help you somehow... Feel free to send me a PM about it if you want. I'm happy to talk about the writing process and such. :twilightsmile:


I Do shift work for my job, and I am on nights, maybe if i get access to a cpu tonight but I doubt that will happen.

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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