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Wintergreen Diaries

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13



Magic is supposed to be controlled, released when the caster wants it to be and in the form dictated by the spell. To Twilight's glee, she succeeds in creating a spell to see a short distance into the future after many hours of research. The test doesn't exactly go as planned, but it works just in time to save a stallion's life. As she tries to reach out to a pony who she finds has nearly given up on life, she finds to her surprise, wonder, and concern that not all facets of magic are explainable, nor the workings of the heart - especially one that has been broken.

First story in my series. Currently undergoing a massive edit, as there were a lot of errors. Chapters 1-16 completed on the edit thus far. The endings are slightly un-canon, and that will be fixed by the edit, but until I get that up, take comfort in the fact that the shift has no bearing on the rest in the series, which currently follows the alternate path. Chapters 21-24 will likely be edited the most, as they were, admittedly, kind of rushed.

Oh, on a side note, I wrote this whole thing releasing a chapter a day as a personal challenge. Not my best piece, but the one that started them all. Ending one is blatant gary stu, I'll say it now. Art by askheroichamburger of DeviantArt

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Very interesting, TRACKING!

I. Want. MOOAAARRRR!!!! :flutterrage:
Very nicely executed, if I do say so myself. I will be watching this closely

This has lots of potential. I look forward to seeing more of this.
Aspicio, diluculo Infinitas Noctis.
Shadow Horizons

I get the feeling that Applejack is getting so angry about Snowgleam being so close to Twilight is because she is in love with her.

...Why do I get the feeling shit is gonna hit the fan with AJ next chapter.

I find this to be an excellent story. Keep it up!

So he was forced by a stuck up, pampered, spoiled bitch to have sex with her and then she probably did what she threatened to do anyway? That would ruin anyponies life I guess.

i would have done the same thing to defend my friends, but killing them would have been much better. rather let my life ruined than let others ruined.

Why am I getting the feeling that later on Bangles will show up in Ponyville and try to ruin Snowgleam's life again?

i like it! keep up the good work ^^

232502 because it will happen because you gave the author the idea. Wait; I just jinxed it by saying that. Oh well.

already tracking since first chapter. I like!:twilightsmile:

lolololololl! :heart::pinkiehappy:

I see where this is going :scootangel:

232723.......I...would like that plot twist.

I love this story. It's simple, yet touching. But it's also not so deep it hurts. It's like you found the perfect balance between sad and happy, and kept it there. At least, that is the best way for me to phrase it. That said, I also admire the speed at which you are putting out these updates. I seem to find a new chapter every day, instead of every week. A good change of pace, if I do say so myself. However, I do find myself wishing for more conflict. Just my opinion on your story. Please, do keep this up.


And that is why I mentioned earlier that I think Bangles is gonna show up and eventually be put in her place... Which should be the center of the sun.

Aw, yes... be put in her place by twilight tht is!

snow you sly devil you here is a moustache spike:moustache:

Seesh. What is with Applejacks distrust in colts and stallions? She seems to have gotten over it with Snowgleam, but I would like to know why she has it in the first place.

i tried clicking next chapter but it was not there D;

The Apple Family invented Icy Hot? Oh dear, if they decided to sell it back then, they wouldn't whine so much about bits...
Looking forward to the next addition to this story, as always.

235980 I think she is a fillyfooler :trollestia:

Anyways, cool story, enjoyed this chapter, keep up the wonderful work my good sir :moustache:

I had... way too much fun writing this last chapter... :pinkiehappy: Anyways, I will try to keep putting out new chapters every day but as of recently I have taken ill, and nausea has a nasty habit of causing writers block, so if production slows down a bit I apologize.:fluttercry:

...... Nothing to say... Applejack kissing a guy who is already spoken for... just nothing to be said about it.

This WILL not end well

That is why I have nothing to say on it at all. The mildest thing I can imagine is Sweet Apple Acres being reduced to a giant crater.

well applejack you just ruined ceruleans life

and maybe destroyed all of equestria in the process

"laughing at the rediculous display." You sure it wasn't a greeniculous display?
"Wouldn't exactly call it 'humerous,'" no, I'd probably call it femur.

Couldn't help but comment on those typos, if only because I care. I'm not one for shipping, and especially not shipping OCs, but for some reason I'm still reading.

Haaaaa! He gon' git it! :trollestia:

The Element of Honesty doing something to break trust for her own gain?
Oh dear, this is delicious...

Well. The shit has hit the fan.

I fear that Ponyville will need to get them apples elsewhere...

:fluttercry: so good...cant wait for the next chapter!

Damn it. Not you too. Every fic I have read today has left me feeling bad.

Damn it. Stop with the bad feelings and drama. Get to some actual happy stuff.



He gets caught in so many bad spots, doesn't he? :trixieshiftright:

248109 yep and thats what makes this fic so interesting:pinkiecrazy:

Finally. Less drama and sadness... though for some reason I feel that there will be some in attendance that will not be happy with this.

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