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Tears in the Snow - Wintergreen Diaries

Twilight sees a vision after casting a spell to see the future and ends up saving a mysterious colt.

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To a Glorious Future

Chapter 16: To a Glorious Future

Cerulean slowly lifted his head and looked up at Twilight, her words still lingering in his ears. The warmth of her touch filled him from within, and at that moment he knew beyond a doubt that there was nopony else he would rather be with, nopony else he would give his most guarded treasure. Twilight opened her eyes and smiled down at the one she had given her heart to, and gently pressed a hoof to the amethyst around his neck. Cerulean in turn placed his hoof on the sapphire, and they leaned into a passionate kiss, oblivious to the host of eyes that were watching from all sides. As they pulled away and Cerulean tried to speak, Twilight covered his mouth with a hoof.

"Not here," she said gently, then turned to address the host of ponies who were silently observing. "I have reached a verdict." Cerulean felt a pang of fear as her voice hardened and her face turned serious. "As he is guilty not only of breaking into the castle and assaulting the guards, but also causing me great grief..." Cerulean hung his head, awaiting judgement. "He shall be sentenced to become my assistant in the research of the magic of friendship, until all the scars of his past have healed." Cerulean's fear turned to laughter as he tackled Twilight, squeezing her neck tightly in unrestrained joy. The room erupted as everypony's cheers shook the foundations of the castle. Princess Celestia approached, beaming as her student found the answer to all the questions she had posed when she came to her two nights back, teary eyed and exhausted from teleporting all the way to Canterlot.

"Congratulations, Cerulean. Very well done. It looks like I will be receiving letters from you in the future as well."

"Letters, Princess Celestia?" he asked, returning the smile but still very much confused.

"I'll explain on the way," Twilight said as she grabbed Cerulean's hoof and led him back to her room. "For the last two years, I have been studying the magic of friendship in Ponyville, and every time I learn something new, I write the princess a letter detailing what I've learned. Now that you're my assistant, that means you get to do the same," she explained with a grin.

"Judging by my performance thus far, I'd say I have a lot to learn," he chuckled ruefully, shooting her an apologetic smile. Twilight shook her head as they entered the room that she had used back when she lived in Canterlot.

"No Cerulean, you've proved again and again the depth of your devotion... I'm afraid it's me that needs to learn." Cerulean was about to protest when she held up a hoof. "Cerulean... I'm sorry for running off the way I did. When you... When you hit me, it was because you were angry about working so hard only to have me explode, wasn't it..." she said, casting her eyes to the floor.

"What? Twilight, you couldn't be more wrong," Cerulean replied emphatically, his sudden increase in volume causing Twilight to take a step back.

"Then why?.."

"Twilight, you saw the snow around, didn't you?" he asked. Twilight nodded and noted the pained look on his face as he recalled how he had struck her. She placed her hoof on his shoulder as he continued. "I had just awoken from a terrible nightmare, probably the worst I've had. I heard Bangles' voice say she was coming for me, and the fear and anger I felt didn't end when I came to. I didn't even realize it was you until I had..." he stopped, not wanting to say it. He looked into her eyes, making sure she heard every word. "Twilight, no amount of physical pain you could cause me would ever outweigh the peace you give my heart. And I would be burned a thousand times over if that's what it takes to be with you. You're worth the pain, every second."

Twilight's mind reeled as her heart soared. All this time she had thought that he was angry at her for putting him in so much pain, and yet he wasn't the slightest bit bothered by any of it. "I thought that after what happened with Applejack you couldn't forgive me, and then when I scared you off I thought I had lost you for good. Just as I started to hope again, Amora came out of nowhere right as you came out of the book shop..."

"Amora, is that her name? Who is she?" Twilight asked calmly, genuinely curious.

"She's my ex-fillyfriend from back in highschool. She was way more into me than I was with her, and she didn't take me ending it very well. I was so relieved when I moved, you have no idea."

"I can't believe how wrong all my assumptions were... If I had just taken the time to talk to you, then maybe we could have avoided all this," she said, turning away. She shivered as Cerulean gently kissed the back of her neck, the sensation sending sparks shooting through her spine and again waking the butterflies that had lay dormant within for the last week.

"Perhaps that would make a good first letter," Cerulean said with a grin. "I'm just glad that you could forgive me, Twilight." He laid his head on her back as thoughts of life without her flooded his mind with anxiety. The worries melted away as he was again wrapped in her arms, the fire within blazing merrily as she hugged him tightly, their necklaces clinking together quietly. They stood there a long while, until a knock on the door interrupted their peace and Celestia walked in. Cerulean bowed low and then looked up with shock as Twilight skipped over and embraced the princess like an old friend.

"Celestia, thank you for making me see Cerulean. I don't want to think about what would have happened if we hadn't spoken." Celestia smiled down at Twilight's beaming face as she stepped away.

"You're quite welcome, my dear student. And now that you have a new assistant, I look forward to many letters of your experiences, both together and with the rest of your friends." Twilight's face flushed slightly at the term "together," fantasizing about the prospect. Celestia noticed and cast a glance at Cerulean.

"Twilight?" he started, watching as she slowly turned to face him.

"...Yes?" she said hesitantly, her nerves faltering as anticipation built like storm waters against a dam.

"Will you be my fillyfriend?" The dam broke, and Twilight attacked him in sheer elation, disrupting his neural synapses with an immensely satisfying smooch. A cough from Celestia disrupted the moment, and Twilight pulled away as they both blushed deeply. Celestia noted their horns, amused that they were so easily aroused, and regarded them both with warm affection and a touch of teasing.

"I look forward to reading about your... exploits," she murmured with a coy smile, leaving the two embarrassed ponies awkwardly glancing anywhere but at each other. The door closed, and after a time Cerulean gave a short cough to get Twilight’s attention. She looked at him expectantly, and his words filled her with anticipation.

"Twilight? Let's go home." She nodded, grabbed the book and together they began the journey to the train station. Twilight's fierce glare silenced any would-be verbal assailants, and they made it in time to board the Ponyville Express. As they prepared to board, Cerulean saw Amora sitting on a bench at the station, no doubt waiting for the next train to Manehatten. Her vacant stare spoke volumes to Cerulean; she wasn't just upset with what had happened yesterday, but the way things had ended between her and Cerulean as a whole. Twilight noticed the sadness with which Cerulean regarded Amora, understanding it wasn't a look of longing but of regret that she had been hurt.

"Talk to her," Twilight whispered as she nudged him forward.

"Do I have to?" Cerulean complained, shooting her an imploring look that soon withered under her gaze. With a sigh he approached, Amora not noticing him until he was right in front of her. She looked at him briefly before averting her eyes. "Amora? I'm sorry." She said nothing, continuing to stare at the ground. "I know it was wrong of me to move away without saying anything, without warning... I knew you would be upset, and I guess I just didn't want to have to see you cry. But in the long run, the path I chose was likely far worse. I'll understand if you don't forgive me, but know that I truly am sorry. I hope you find the one you're looking for." He gave her a short but firm embrace before returning to Twilight's side.

Amora watched Cerulean board the train. She had desperately hoped that he would take her back one day, but as she saw the way he acted with Twilight, she knew it wasn't to be. That special spark that was missing between them was proudly on display as Twilight bust up laughing, falling down the boarding steps in a heap of giggles at something Cerulean had said. As much as it hurt to let go, she smiled through misty eyes as she silently wished him well. Nopony took any notice of a hooded figure that watched the scene unfold, her deep emerald eyes locked cerulean stallion that helped the lavender mare to her hooves and led her into the train car.

Riding a train with a companion is infinitely better than riding by oneself. Cerulean would say this proves doubly true when said companion is an overly, though enjoyably, cuddly fillyfriend that had a newfound taste for his lips. As she pulled away and leaned contentedly into his chest, he glanced across at the book set on the opposite bench. Levitating it in front of him, he read the cover aloud, much to Twilight’s consternation and extreme embarrassment.

“‘101 Ways to Please a Stallion: A Mare’s Guide to the Male Heart?’”

“When you were in bed, I spent most of my time reading relationship counseling books to try and make up for my somewhat lacking knowledge in the dating arena. I looked and looked, but I couldn’t find anything that was even close to our situation. When I saw this, I thought... that maybe I should just find ways to make you happy instead. I mean, you’re complicated, Cerulean.”

“That I am. Well then, let’s take a look.” After a couple of pages of silent reading, Twilight opted to read aloud, seeing that Cerulean’s reading speed wasn’t anywhere close to where her’s was. This was fine, and Cerulean closed his eyes and absorbed not the contents of the book, but exultation in Twilight’s voice. It was a time of peace after an admittedly rocky start, and they both savored each other’s presence, comfort and affection. Cerulean cracked open an eye as Twilight faltered.

“Maybe... we should just, um... skip this chapter.” She attempted to turn the page when Cerulean put his hoof down, grinning and blushing at the same time as he read the title.

“‘Horns, Wings, and other Fun Things.’” He looked at Twilight who was again displaying that disconcertingly adorable blush. “Let’s... save that one for silent reading, shall we?”

As they stepped off the train, Twilight inhaled deeply as the sweet scent of Ponyville graced her senses. They bantered back and forth as they walked, several ponies shooting them curious glances, recognizing that the two who had gone separate ways just a few days ago were now chatting like lifelong friends. They arrived at the library around two in the afternoon, and Spike was less than thrilled that Cerulean had returned, demanding that he sleep outside for at least a month. He relented after much persuasion from Twilight, and even with his loathing for the blue stallion that would again be staying in the library, he couldn't deny the delight that seemed to radiate from her every action now that Cerulean was back.

“Maybe this won’t be so bad after all, Twilight.” A grin was just starting to form as he watched them tease and laugh with each other, until they both indulged a rather heartfelt kiss. Spike inserted himself solidly between the two and shot Cerulean a murderous glare.

"Spike, me and Twilight are a couple now. It's not like I was kissing one of her other friends like Rarity, ok?" Cerulean reassured him with a grin. The very thought of the event caused smoke to shoot from Spike's nostrils, Cerulean's words having crossed a boundary he didn't know existed. Cerulean bolted away as the first flames shot from Spike’s mouth, and it quickly became apparent that the baby dragon was indeed very seriously trying to torch him. Twilight tried unsuccessfully to simultaneously contain her laughter and calm Spike down, inserting chiding remarks between snorts of derision. She collapsed on the floor, tears of mirth flowing at Cerulean's error, knowing he had no idea that Spike was very much in love with the one pony he happened to mentioned by name. Several minutes and small fires later, Spike stomped out the door amidst a steady stream of mumbling, Twilight catching a few words she would never approve of anypony using, much less a baby dragon.

Ever the studious unicorn, Twilight was eager to return to her research, but at Cerulean's urging she decided to wait until the next day to delve in so that they could spend some time together. The news of their courtship became the talk of Ponyville, spreading quickly throughout the town. This was largely due to a particularly loud-mouthed cyan pegasus. Many a pony stopped to congratulate them as they walked through the town, and they both gratefully accepted the warm reception. Twilight noticed Cerulean's countenance fall as he surveyed the still ongoing repairs.

"Why don't you offer to help?" she urged, knowing Cerulean enough to see he was kicking himself internally.

"I seriously doubt anypony would want help from the one who destroyed the town in the first place," he replied. Twilight thought for a moment then noticed one of the ponies that was repairing one of the buildings was carrying a megaphone which she promptly "borrowed" without permission.

"Hey everypony!" she yelled, causing everypony to stop and stare. Cerulean shifted uncomfortably at the unwanted attention. "Cerulean wants to help fix the town. I know some of you may be somewhat hesitant to accept him, but I would like to ask you all to think about how many times you have been given a second chance, and the way it felt. He will be available to help starting tomorrow." She magicked the megaphone back to it's owner who gave her a winning smile before resuming his shouting at the other construction ponies. “There, now you have no more room to sulk.”

“Thank you, it was getting old anyways. I’ve had about enough of that after the last few days.”
Spike wasn't home when they returned just after sundown. Cerulean followed Twilight into the kitchen and began examining the cupboards to see what she had on hand. They were surprisingly well stocked, though most of the items hadn't been touched since they were purchased. Recalling some of the things he had learned from Lemon Chiffon, he began mentally creating a menu for the evening, stopping Twilight just as she raised a carrot to her mouth.

"Nope, nothing so simple tonight. Go on, shoo, dinner will be ready in a bit," he chuckled as he pushed her out. She struggled half heartedly before a smack to her flank caused her to yelp, galloping a short distance in surprise. He shot her a mischievous grin before returning inside, where he immediately chided himself for his hoof’s behavior. Any residual annoyance that Twilight may have felt at having her personal boundaries transgressed was soon gone as mouth watering scents swirled around, making the usually simple act of focusing on the book she was reading extremely difficult.

Whatever he is cooking is going to be well worth his momentary breach of etiquette. Besides, I wouldn’t... mind another. Oh my gosh, did I really just think that? No, no, no, I can’t give in that easily. Still, some of the things in that last chapter... Her inner discourse was interrupted as her stallion’s call signaled the end of reading time, fortunately keeping her mind from wandering further.

"Twilight? It's ready." She eagerly entered the kitchen and stopped short, her breath catching as she took in the sight. There were two places set at the table, all of the plates and dishes made of the clearest ice that was indistinguishable from the most flawless of crystal. In the center of the table was a single candle in a holder made of the same enchanted ice. It was as ornate as anything that would be found in the royal palace save a heart that formed near the top. The pale candle light danced as she slowly sat down at one end of the table, and her amazement grew greater still as she noticed that the plates and utensils weren't the slightest bit cold to the touch.

The meal, while simple in appearance, tasted every bit as grand as it smelled. She watched in amazement as he set the table with fresh bread, a fully loaded salad, baked apples and a small cake with a message. "To a glorious future with the one I love," read the inscription, written with red icing in skillful, flowing letters. The bread was sweetened with honey and a smattering of spices Twilight couldn't identify, but it smelled extremely festive. Thanks to a recipe of Lemon's own design, the already top notch salad was elevated to gourmet status on account of the vinaigrette Cerulean had whipped up to accompany it.

The whole scene struck Twilight as ethereal, like something out of a fairytale, and she couldn't help but stare starstruck at the blue stallion who stood by her side. He softly kissed her cheek before taking his seat across the table, motioning for her to eat. A loud growl from her stomach helped her mind once again resume its regular duties, and she dug in eagerly, a growing warmth burning within her chest as she glanced at Cerulean.

"To a glorious future... with the one I love," she whispered to herself, gazing at Cerulean through shining eyes. "I can hardly wait."

“You seem somewhat shaken up after having seen him again.” The mare disregarded the voice and closed the door behind her, avoiding eye contact with her father and making straight for her room, where she removed her cloak and lay on the bed. Her vision of the ceiling was soon obscured as a black earth pony with blood red hair stood over her. “You should have said something to him. Honestly, isn’t it just infuriating? That stupid stallion acting like he doesn’t have a care in the world, prancing around with that filly like he could actually find love.”

“Spikeflail, be quiet,” Bangles whispered, pleading with her other half. She knew that the pony speaking into her ear wasn’t physically there, but she was very real. And she was more malicious than Bangles had ever known. She had allowed Spikeflail control to counteract her extreme shyness and fear of other ponies, but after what she had done to Cerulean...

“Oh ho, defensive of the stallion? Awww, does my little Bangles want her Cerulean back? I can arrange that, I’m sure.”

“No, just leave him alone. You’ve hurt him enough, just... just let me sleep.”

“Yes, sleep, just close your eyes, Bangles. I will take care of everything.”

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