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For all the stories that take place in Cerulean1313's awesome universe. As well as a place to talk about Cerulean's stories, ideas, etc

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As I have just found out about the Ceruverse no longer being updated does anybody think they could with Wintergreen Diaries permission finish the series surely there could be somebody who could bring this series to a close

If anybody would like to make a group icon and/or make a banner for this group send me a link so I can add it to the main page

Thank you Humming Notebook for adding "Cutie Mark Catastrophes" to the side story folder I can't believe I forgot to add that in there it's one of my favorites

Good, because there have been times where I've missed PMs, mostly since we got the new feed system.


Done and done

You sent him a PM, but did you leave him a comment on his user page?



Glad to see you on here now if I can just get Cerulean in here and bump him up to co-owner type status

Totally getting in on this.


Now if I could just get Cerulean in sent him the PM but no response yet. At least I finally figured out how to add stories to folders finally :twilightblush:

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