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Do you like Pony Fanfiction with a sense or realism in it?

Do you just HATE IT when someone makes a character COMPLETELY OOC to their cannon personalty?

Do you prefer stories that have realistic events depicted in them?

Then this is the group for you!

This group is dedicated to fanfiction that depicts a sense or reality or realism to the pony universe.

That being said here's the posting rules:

1. Humanized and Anthro ponies in fics are NOT ALLOWED.
2. You may post a story to more than one folder.(3 max)
3. OCs are allowed but the story MUST include or be related to the MLP FIM universe directly in some way.
4. You MUST post the story to the folder(s) that best suit the category the story fits in.(Fanfiction spammed in random folders will be removed without notice.)
5. Human in Equestria style fics are allowed but MUST go into the proper folder.
6. Clopfiction and horror MUST go into the proper folder.(if not, it will be removed without notice)

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Cannons! Aim... FIRE! *BOOM!*

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