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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13


This story is a sequel to The Cheval Glass

It is in the nature of an enigma to confound reason, and sometimes, the bafflement caused to others is rivaled only by the confusion of the source. Pinkie Pie couldn't begin to explain how or why spending time with her Ponyville friends had slowly become a chore, or why seeing them so happy with their significant others made her heart ache. Forcing a smile became a daily routine that weighed heavily upon the once happy mare, and one day, she reached the end of her strength and retreated to the one place that she knew she could feel safe: her family's rock farm. The support and concern of her kin didn't answer the questions, though, and even removed from every reminder of what was left behind, the void only seemed to grow.

A tale of a fun-loving pony struggling to accept the realities of maturity, and of the stallion that would help her find the answers, one faltering step at a time.

Cover art by: TheNornOnTheGo

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Yay! New story! :pinkiehappy:
And Pinkie's turn now... so excited!

Oh fuck Yes!

I had a feeling Merry would go for a dog like that, and I already know I'm going to like him.

...bet Rarity is going to be pissedwhen she finds out she's last. Well , there is always Blueblood!

I was gonna put in a Seras going "Oh Fuck The Hell Yes" but it seems all the videos are broken and won't have her say yes

returned her family’s rock farm.

returned to her family’s rock farm.

...dammit Pinkie, why did you do that... wait, it's going to land near Merry, isn't it? Then he's going to want to return it to the owner...

So, Pinkie's turn at bat is it? I've been looking forward to this one, so color me excited. :moustache:

Title caught my attention. Powerful. Should be good.

Hello, new fic! So it's Pinkie's turn, and the fic is starting great! :D

Hope you don't mind if I add some things I found that needed to be corrected. I didn't catch 'em all (which is a shame since I love Pokémon), but eh...

“Woohoo!” Whooping as loudly as a quite pony could,

I think that should be 'quiet.'

garnering no small amounts strange looks.

This needs an 'of.'

And so it begins...

oh wow
been waiting for another in this series for a wile now

...if this doesn't result in the package hitting Merry Mint in some way, I shall be both very surprised and, I must admit, somewhat disappointed. :derpytongue2:

5951830 Without divulging too much of a spoiler, I'll just go ahead and say that the option you came up with is both more practical and far less exciting than the route that I chose. I honestly didn't think of the package hitting Merry until a few days ago. :rainbowlaugh:

5952145 Lol, it's the first thing I thought. :rainbowlaugh:

The story begins. Great job. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Good luck.

No, you deal with it!
...is my response. :eeyup:

Secondly, this was way more fun to write than having the package simply clock him in the head, and actually serves to accentuate a key element of Merry's nature. In essence... deal with it.

I figure the same thing when I see some things in episodes that seem a little "off". It's their show, they do what they want with it. Atta boy Ceru. Sticking to your guns. :moustache:

I like the way you portray pinkie and merry, their characters really shines through the writing :trollestia:

not after the telling off that she gave that Rainbow Dash mare.”

Um... wasn't it Rarity, not Dash?

only to her her right get in one last lick before settling down

A bit amiss here.

Secondly, this was way more fun to write than having the package simply clock him in the head,

Well, I may not have got that bit right, but I think we all saw it being him who got the package.

So, Pinkie has started opening up? That's good, means the healing can begin/

5961193 Remember the end of the Cheval Glass? We don't know what happened back then, when Rainbow went back to talk to Pinkie. And for Rarity, it wasn't so much Pinkie that told Rarity off as it was her sisters. This is the first hint/indication of what happened when Rainbow went to Dodge Junction to find and talk to Pinkie.

Glad to see you writing once again! I'll see you around on LoL.

Now this just feels like an allegory for how Merry will need to approach befriending Pinkie as she is after her return to the rock farm. Or possibly the whole Pie family, given their portrayal in the last story Pinkie isn't the only one of the sisters who needs careful handling.

Minty has a Sense? Interesting, was that it the previous story and I'm just forgetting?

Pinkie, as they had been reminded in recent days, was a pony that could be as stubborn as could be, and despite their insistent support and care, they had yet to glean much information out of her to explain her behavior.

Yeah, too bad there wasn't someone in town just a few days ago who might have been able to shed some light on the situation. Oh wait.

If that package doesn't fling across town and comically bean Minty in the head I'm going to be mildly disappointed.

Wow, so Pinkie's sisters also drove off Dash in addition to Rarity? No wonder they can't figure out what is wrong with her, they keep driving off any possibility of getting enough pieces to put the puzzle together. Maybe they should try having a civil conversation with the next friend to show up, assuming any others bother.

Good call on making Merry getting the package more complicated than just getting hit in the head, I think it worked out pretty well.

It's nice to see that their adopted home town is so concerned about Chai and Merry, honestly just as much as Ponyville would have been about Pinkie had she let anyone know about her problems.

“Because I don’t want him feeling abandoned like I do!” The words tore from Pinkie’s throat before she had the chance to worry about whether or not it was alright for her to open up.

Limestone, Marble, take note of this and compare it to Pinkie's reactions to the friends that came and tried to visit out of concern for her.

Oh maaaaan, all that effort to get the package to Pinkie and then Igneous just goes and carts Merry right back to town with it.

So Minty is going to meet Pinkie. I wonder will it be love at first sight, or more of a less than enthusiastic approach. I can't wait to read it. Thanks for the updates.

Merry completely

Merry was completely

Well. They finally meet.

Equestria is doomed.

What a great scene between Pinkie and her father.

The clarity that she had longed for came without warning, and her head bowed as she acknowledged the truth that she hadn’t known that she knew, and the one that she hadn’t the strength to face: her friends weren’t the problem. It was her.
It had been her from the start.

Revelation! Now, the question is what to do about it. Hopefully Merry can help.

Merry and Igneous was also a pretty great scene.

“Thaaat shouldn’t be a problem, sir,” he chuckled, flushing a little with embarrassment. “I wouldn’t rough house with somepony I’ve just met.”

Hmmnn... :raritywink:

Ugh, sorry about the wait, guys. I've been fighting the craziest bout of insomnia ever this whole last week, and it hasn't improved. I've only been getting ~4 hours of sleep per night, so I've been too tired to edit. x_x

Me when trying to sleep: *pling "oh ffs what is so important that it can't wait until morning?, what in the entire wide wide world could be so F*cking important that you have to disturb me in the Middle of the f*cking night!?"

*grabs Phone, "Oooh uppdates"

6045671 Your stories gives me insomnia, i lied in my earlier post, i wasn't trying to sleep i was reading cutiemark catastrophes, I need to get up in four hours. I have a problem...

Protip: if you need to sleep take sleep pills and alcohol, that stuff could knock out an elephant.

PS. Don't

“Merry muh...”

“M-Marry you?” Pinkie squeaked, blushing hard. “I, um… th-that’s a little quick, don’t you think?”

snrrrrkkkkktttttthhahahahah! :rainbowlaugh:

I'd say this was worth the wait. Great read and, looking forward to more.

Yey! She gets to see her Ponyville (minus Rarity) friends again! :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter. Thanks for the update. I love this. Good luck with the next part. Thanks for the UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! PINKIE SQUEEL!!!!

death threats a generally

death threats are generally

suspect any mal intent

suspect any malicious intent

“We can take it nice and slow.”

If only Twilight, Dash, AJ, and... well, Flutters kind of did. Anyways, if only those three had done that as well!

Merry was just grateful to have done for another what he hadn’t been able to do for Maria.

....no no no! Don't you do this to me! Maria went to her forever home and had a happy life! I don't care what you say!

Huh... Looks like Merry has a free pass... to attempt to court 'Mena' anyway. BTW, I like that name for her. Might have to steal it.. with your permission of course.

Now... who's is Pinkie going to have to battle in order to regain her room in Sugarcube Corner?

Also, how will she react when she finds Rarity has gone?

Also Also, I guess Merry will be following her soon, going by the cover art.

6045671 For your stories, it's worth the wait.

The first scene between the two of them, and Merry is already a winner. Mint Pie, easy to ship.

Despite his darker coat, his ears were taking on an obvious scarlet hue. “Do your ears always change colors before you give somepony a surprise?”


What an excellent gift from Rarity and the rest of the girls. Welcome back, Pinkie.

If I had to list everything I liked about this chapter, the list would consist of the entire chapter. Sweet Celestia, it is so good to have Pinkie back. And the interaction between Pinkie and Merry, please sir, may I have some more?

This was great! Exactly the sort of thing that needed to happen, and the HMCS Minty Pie is off to a swell voyage! :pinkiehappy:

May the Grace of the Valar Protect You

Shire Folk

6047708 Totally my fault for the first, but 'just' mal is correct as well. (Since it means bad.) Malicious might be more technically correct, but people DO say mal intent relatively often. Though considering the red line, perhaps it has become slang without anyone knowing...

Anywho, glad to hear you're liking it! Besides, I'm sure that Maria is more than happy right now, wherever she is. :3

Finally got around to reading this. And all I can say is... MOAR!

Oh yay, she's going home.
Oh shit, she's going home.

She's going to be able to make up with her friends!
She's going to absolutely decimate them (at least Rainbow Dash) and the rest of the town for running Rarity out of Ponyville.

She's going to solve her problems!
I'm little confused about her problems but I also probably have everything down. That is if the issue is simply that she's emotionally a child and Rarity rejecting her just set off her already growing downer attitude over not having someone for herself.

But hey, Rarity might come back to town. Might.

Well, finally caught up to everything! Stop reading during In Swept a Blizzatd, waiting for updates. Such an avid reader I am I still unsure how I missed the stories you've written since then. I'm quite happy you've begun writing again. Being one of the first authors I followed here in FiMFic, and truly one of my favorites! Can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:

to finish his degree

You know, I found myself wondering about that awhile ago... glad to see he's doing it!

“You’ll be lucky if Applejack doesn’t hogtie you the moment she sees you.”

Didn't realise we were reading one of my stories!:trollestia:

You feel like you should have told her about Rainbow Dash, don’t you?

...and now I'm worried.

Pinkie found herself well beyond hogtied,

...yep... we've slipped into one of mine!

...well... fuck. Looks like I was right to be worried...

Something very wrong is about to happen...

*sniffles*:fluttercry: that...that was beautiful :pinkiesad2:

Yet another great chapter to one heck of a romance series. Just wish we had more frequent updates, honestly. Guess we'll have to leave life up to you though, and wait patiently for the next chapter.

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