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First Story, what should it be about? · 8:13pm Jul 23rd, 2013

Hey bronies, this is my very first post( witch i doubt anyone will read)
and i was wondering what my very first fimfiction story should be about here are the some ideas.....
Cutie mark crusader stories
1. scootaloo tries to find her parents
2. The cmc's are older and need dates to go to the hearts and hooves day dance.
Mane six stories
1. Pinkiepie gets kicked out of sugar cube corner.

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Comment posted by SuperPinkBrony12 deleted Mar 13th, 2015

That profile picture:derpytongue2:d'awwwwwwwww

Thanks for faving my story, "A Final Goodbye" I'm glad you like it!

thanks for the advice, i appreciate:pinkiehappy: it.

Yes! To encourage myself, I always try to keep myself immersed in the story, and keep myself motivated to write it. Thankfully I had ponies that helped me(I.E. Rain Dasher) and encouraged me to keep writing.
My advice is to surround yourself with ponies to encourage you; they are the only ones that will help motivate you. Otherwise, you could be falling into a hole.

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