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Sweetie belle and Button mash are confused why they feel these feelings for each other. From elementary school to when they are grown up, the eyes through Sweetie belles and Button mash's mind describe what its like to be in love. Will they finally confess their love for each other and learn the true meaning of love?

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just to let you know, i decided that button mash is alot more mature in this story even though he's a complete geek and is really immature and usaully really excited about everything. Button mash has to be a bit more mature because of what will happen in the story and it just seems to fit better that way. I will however include some of his "immature" moments just because you know, he's button mash.
Just thought i should say this.:twilightsmile:

I don't see what's wrong with that, if they are never mentioned in the show! Besides I'm not compleatly screwing with his personality. He will still be sort of how he's like on the Jan animations just less excited all the time.

Wow, lots of people hate this story. That's too bad. What's wrong with it everypony ? Not your taste?

Well I have not red this story, yet, but I'm gonna like it just to p**s off everyone that down voted.

So screw you haters. :trollestia::moustache::rainbowdetermined2::scootangel::twistnerd::coolphoto:

Yay! I hope you like it!:twilightsmile:

Ok first of all (excuse my language) WHY THE HELL DOSE THIS HAVE SO MANY DOWN VOTES seriously I see no problems with the story and demand an explanation!

Thats what IM wondering too! All the other Sweetiemash stories i have read are never disliked at all! I guess im just unlucky, or maybe its my spelling mistakes....
Maybe people will like it, when the story progress's, who knows?
also im glad to hear there is no problems in the story so far.


“And I bet you think your so cool, just because you have some lame cutiemarks that represent your name on your flanks.”the three fillies strared at him, surprised. “I mean who ever heard of a talent with spoons and tiaras. At least we might actually get a cutiemark that’s actually talent!” he spat.

. . . FINALY I HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT SENCE FOREVER and you couldn't have picked a better pony to say it! Man I'm really happy right now.

Thanks! Im glad you agree with Button mash and myself. I mean really who HAS heard of a talent with tiara's and spoons?

5593867 I know, and it only adds to the B**CH ness that is demon tiara and silver spoon.

Sure does! Sometimes i just want to slap those evil devilish cute little cartoon pony faces. (Not the CMC of course)

5593894 exactly

i actually have a magic portal that I have used for things like that and maybe some...other things that May or may not have involved knives blood ropes and death :pinkiecrazy::scootangel:

haha! I must borrow it sometime, so i can cause horrible things to happen to horrible characters.
also are you the ax murderer pinkamina pie, or am i just mistakin.

5593926 I'm not pinkamina no no no no I'm much much worse. :pinkiecrazy:

Anyways I can send my henchmen to build you one.


Why this get so much hate?

possible reasons:

1. you changed Button's personality

2. A few spelling mistakes, that were very far apart.

I'll give you a like anyway

Ya that's what I'm starting to think too. I am sort if regretting changing his personality a bit. I was thinking of making him more energetic when they get to know him. Maybe people will like it more that way. It's just the first few chapter where he will be less excited and happy all the time.

Oh sweet Celestia :raritycry::trollestia:
Run awaaaayyyy!
*runs into magic portal* thanks for the portaaaal!!!!

5595027 I like your button better.

Thank you! You are the only person who actually like the way i wrote Button's personality!
I tried starting the next chapter but i stopped because i don't think i'ts as good quality as the last one. Maybe when im feeling more inspired i will post a new chapter! yay!
p.s that portal is coming in handy, i have all ready ruined the lives of of two horrible nasty fictional characters, oh what fun!

5596825 well that's a shame it's a really good personality for button. maybe if you put like an alternate universe tag or something than people would stop with the hate?

Also, ruined them? :trixieshiftright: huh I usually end them in the most painful way possible. :pinkiecrazy::scootangel:

That may be a good idea if people continue to complain about how I changed his personality.

You ARE worse than pinkamina pie! The horror!:pinkiegasp:
Also I would like to know, how DO you end them?

Question: should I change the name of the story to something like sweet love or something tondo with sweetie belle's and button mash's name?

There is a lot of stories named young love

5597808 how do I end them? My friend if I told you that, you would have to put up a gore tag.

but if you really want to know, this one time I ripped out this guys heart whale the blood veins where still attached keeping him alive and I proceeded to cut out every single organ in his body until I got to his brain where I proceeded to drill into his scull until I got to the brain and he was still alive until I let him diy

5597808 you could change the name, I can't think of any at the moment tho.

Well if you think of one, please let me know!:twistnerd:

5596825 would their initials happen to be DT and SS?

So i started writing the second chapter but im kinda worried that people wont like how button's personality is like again. I know i shouldent care what others think but it still bugs me.
Anyway in the chapter it explains sort of why Button mash isent as happy in my story, i thought i might as well do this to make it more interesting and i think what i did makes it more different than other Buttonbelle stories. That's partly why i changed Button's personality.
Iv decided that in the story,Button is going to become happier in the story when he gets to know Sweetie belle. I want my story to be original and if someone dosent like what im doing than too bad for them, i can do what i want. They arent forced to read my story.
Sorry for ranting for so long just had to say this.:twilightblush:

second chapter will be done soon, each chapter will probably take about a week each. There kind of long:twilightblush:

Im having a complete writer's block ahhhhhh! Cant concentrate on writing the chapter!
So.. many.. jelly beans:pinkiecrazy:

If you where worried that this chapter wasn't good, than you have nothing to fear.

Good job.

That's a relif to know that someone likes it. Thank you.:twilightsmile: I guess I I'm too hard on myself sometimes, thinking that all my stories are bad. That's what happens when your a perfectionist :twilightblush: ( I'm pretty sure this is like my Favorite pony face to use)

Oh jeez, A paragraph dident copy into the story,It was when she was looking for the bows, better change that.:rainbowderp:

if you want I can help with proofreading this.

Apparently Sweetie Belle Lost Her Nose :twilightoops:

As you can probably see i haven't made another chapter. But don't think that i am abandoning this story! I haven't wrote anything recently because of personal reasons.
Hopefully i will be feeling better soon and will start writing another chapter and continuing the story.

Thanks! That would be great help!

you can send me a message if you like. I might not get back to you for a while though, just letting ya know.:raritywink:

5643058 eh, It gives me more time to slack off work.

Yes!!! A fic that finally characterizes Button not as a crybaby, but someone with enough experience to handle with tough situations, as his rep upholds that! THANK GABEN, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!

Haha! I'm SO glad you like it!:pinkiesmile:

Hey every pony! I was thinking, of considering posting all the chapters at once. Only it will take some time for me to write all those chapters,but I think that will work better than for you ponies to have to wait all that time just for one chapter. I may post maybe a few at a time if that works better. I just really don't like stressing about posting another chapter and then its not as good quality. So I think I will write them at all then start posting. Please don't hate me for doing this if that's what I choose to do, it will just be a lot easier.

Thanks for understanding( if you do) and i will keep you updated.:raritywink:

I'm sorry but the grammar mistakes really bug me. I don't know if it's because I'm tired or a terrible person, but I can't get myself to read this story with all of these grammatical errors.

5716041 It's understandble, I will try to change them and correct them later.

I changed the story name because there is way to many stories called young love. I think this one suits it a bit better.

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