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This story is a sequel to The Risks of Braving a Storm

Tired of the city life in Manehatten and longing for something simpler, Silver Moonshine uses his life's savings to open a business in Ponyville. While he is mostly well recieved, the one pony who takes the most issue with his trade happens to be the only mare that's ever caught his eye - Applejack. However, she is incredibly skeptical of the newcomer even as she struggles with feelings of desire, loneliness, and the fear of having her heart broken twice.

Credit for the art goes to guttyworks of DeviantArt, though his account is no longer active.

Chapters (31)
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ok you need to take a break. this menny storys in this short a time will stress you to no extent.... not that im comlaning i love your storys and cant wait to read this one

A promising beginning. Color me excited! :rainbowkiss: I look forward to what's coming.

Nice start.

Its so promising!!!! Haven't been excited about the beginning of a story in a longtime

HEY! You forgot to give me credit in the description.::applecry::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::raritydespair:

Impressive as always! :pinkiehappy: I love how you make all the stories fit together, makes it seem like one huge story instead of several different ones. :twilightsmile:

484906 Here, have a credit. *alters description* Logged in from work, hope you're happy! And on an unrelated note, as with most of my main stories, expect updates once a day. Hope you all enjoy reading! :twilightsmile:

485604 they're all sequels and prequels and... Stories that happen in between? What do you call those? Either way he's a great writer

Lol. Didn't mean for you to go that far.


And lol hes been there one day and already doesnt trust pinkie :pinkiecrazy:

“They haven’t healed at all, have they,” she said softly, her eyes tracing over his frame.

“No. It’s part of who I am now, and not even magic is going to help.”

So there was good reason why he's "hiding" himself. It seems like all stallions who comes to Ponyville have bad past behind them.

Hmn, some sort of horrible scaring?

So, Macintosh is interested in Cerulean's sister? Are we getting a two-for-one romance this story?

just saying, cerulean was right, it's smarter.

488606 you know... I was wondering about that yesterday... because if he actually was right, then the shame falls on me. which is has. :facehoof: I will find a fix for that.

488615 What, did I miss something? *Sighs* Oh well. Never said I was perfect! xD

How fast can you type on a key bored? You made three chapter very quick:pinkiegasp:

We started this well before we were even half way through Unplanned, I won't say how many chapters we have done already, buts its enough that there will be plentiful updates.:pinkiehappy:

48996 that cool:rainbowdetermined2: You guys plan a head that good and even know the next chapter maybe done ready. I still can't wait to read what happen next in this story :pinkiehappy: You guy make really good story:scootangel:

That ending... must.. have... more! :pinkiecrazy:

489960 Before I begin, A. I'm on a phone, so excuse autocorrect, and B. Because of the phone, I cannot PM you, and since this isnt a personal matter, I felt it appropriate to put it in a comment, replying to yours, because notifications... I'm rambling, aren't I?
Anyway, Story Ideas! If you ned any ideas, you could detail Storm's wedding, adventures of the pranks of the Royal Castle, Rainbows pregnancy, Rainbows life as a wonderbolt, and so many more. By the way, I've always wanted to collaborate with you on a fic. You seen to be able to expand on basic plots easily, while we both can create plots well. I'm available out of school hours on school days on Skype or Steam, go ahead and name something if you'd like to collaborate. PM me if you would like to reply by means which are not visible to the public.

Signing off (not literally, but you know what I mean,) awesomekik.

Hey pal thanks for the heads up I'll read this when I'm done with your other work. Really want to see what happens but I must wait to find out. Thanks again for the warning.

Oh AJ.

Starfall Tavern is a great name.

Lying about what?...

About his relation to Berry. She heard from him that Berry was his cousin, but then Pinkie pops out and announces to everyone they are a couple. So right now the confusion from the two is making her angry and figure he is a lier.


I know but why I asked was that Applejack is Element of Honesty. She should be able to tell that he is actually telling the truth.

493266 Yes, Applejack is the Element of Honesty, and can typically discern truth from lie. However, her emotional state is in turmoil, and thus distorting her perception. In spite of all this, she's sitting there listening, trying to convince herself to give him a chance and is met with a: he's opening a tavern, and she isn't exactly on good terms with alcohol, and b: Pinkie declares that he's in a relationship when he had said otherwise. Something tells me his stammered out rebuttal would fall on deaf ears the way she's feeling. Does that make any sense?

493266 493295 I find it ironic that the author forgets something else... To them, they ARE BOTH telling the truth! At least as far as I know of, AJ would only be able to tell if somepony is lying about something, and they KNOW they're lying, and Pinkie isn't lying. She's just misinformed. So to AJ, they're BOTH telling the truth, but it seems like Pinkie is to her, since she knows and trusts her. Make sense? (Written on my phone, so I can't correct anything. Hope it makes sense still...)

493381 Ironic? I forget stuff all the time. Your explanation works though too, so thanks!

Countdown to unwarranted social faux pas...ENGAGE!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Surprised no one has mentioned the scene with the ring, was my most favorite part of the chapter with how funny it is seeing Scootaloo react

Dammit Pinkie Pie. Why you have to mess thing up for other pony. stop troll:pinkiehappy:
That a pretty good chapter. I like the part of scootloo reaction to storm ring.

Interesting. I like your development of Rarity. Given that she does have a tendency towards displays of selfishness and possessiveness, it makes sense that this would extend towards her friends as well as objects. In which case, she perceives Storm and Cerulean as taking those important friends of hers away, which leads her to look for excuses to try and shun them. Given the lead-up Applejack's problems got in your previous work, I get the feeling that this is signaling that Rarity is next on your list (or getting close, anyway). :twilightsmile:

This was a very nice chapter. :rainbowkiss:

Great work as always. You've definitely made your way onto my top author's list. Keep em coming :rainbowdetermined2:

Ok. I am wondering: Is a Silver being a Booze Alchemist not that interesting for it to be mentioned by anyone? Or do we have to wait for him to start using it to make actual strange and amazing drinks?

I like where this is going. keep up the good work

I challenge you to say that by the end of chapter8/start of chapter 9. :trollestia:

I was planning on posting this warning at the end of seven, but seeing as how Ominous likes to troll I will just say this now. There is a sad tag on this for a reason, and things are going to get really rough really fast as eight ends and nine begins. So brace yourselves, everypony. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

*braces for one more chapter today* :P

498242 Im sure it is related to Silver's scars. I got good hint of it when Cherry commented about it in end of chapter, I forget which haha.

This is prelude to dark/sad chapter next eh? Im bit worried what will happen when Applejack find out the reason why he always wear clothes, especially with Luna and Celestia right there.

498782 I think you meant "chapters." I shall say no more on the subject for now, only that any seemingly "out of character" actions will be fully explained eventually.

498822 It's fine, you already explained why Applejack is "out of character" and it does make sense.

Ahh misunderstandings bane of my existence

497870 I found it very interesting actually, though you are right in that it is even more interesting now that he has started mixing drinks up.

It reminded me of Drop of Moonshine in fact, which is kind of funny since that fic was just uploaded here.

Another good chapter. I LoL'd at berry's last line :rainbowlaugh:

oh no applejack why!

And drunk princesses me gusta

Sneaky, sneaky, stupid, stupid, Applejack. I expect severe burns and scars, along with rage filled Silver. What will Twilight do? Find out tomorrow when he double posts again, which I do not recommend. By the way; as far as I know this is first post.

EDIT:BUUUUUUUCK! Never get first post.

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