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This story is a sequel to Under the Starry Skies

After a recent humiliating experience involving too much chocolate mead and karaoke that was less than "family friendly," Fluttershy flees into the safety of the forest to escape the mess she's made. Wandering aimlessly for hours deep in thought, she comes to and realizes she has no idea where she's wandered, is incredibly thirsty, and very uncomfortable under the late summer sun. So, when she discovers a chilled pond with which to slake her thirst and cool down, she pays little heed to the strange green bush on the far side. That is, until it opens its eyes.

Creds to OminousBrony for cracking the whip, and tossing in ideas.
art by askheroichamburger of DeviantArt

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A new one!! I'm addicted to these damn stories! This already has the makings of another awesome piece of writing. I can't wait for more!

a new one!! yay !!!:yay:

I figured that Fluttershy would be next. Gotta give rarity enough time to brew her, *ahem,* story, as it were.

Mare Grylls, I presume? :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, great start to another story! Can't wait to see where this one goes!:yay:

YES!! ALL MY YES!! Been waiting for Fluttershy's, was hoping it wouldn't be last. :yay: , :yay: , and more :yay:

Side note: Rainbow Dash with twins = win

Another story?

I can't wait for you to post another chapter! :yay:

Ooooo, I like the sound of this one already.

A bit of a time skip it looks like, since AJ and Dash are both pregnant and AJ and Silver at least have tied the knot. Looking forward to finding out how Crimson and Big Mac are doing.

Everyone that was engaged have tied the knot.

I love this! But wait story 5? I thought this was 4...Twilight, rd, aj,who else was shipped before flutters?

Can't wait to know the new guy.
Also, he looks terrified on the image, but that's probably intentional.


the only way I think they can make there story ever more awesome if they make they're story into comic. I love to see all the angry faces she made when she was pregnant :rainbowlaugh:. or even all the awkward moment when Storm and Rainbow Dash hugging in public:twilightsheepish:. That be the best :trollestia: It a idea to think about?:moustache:

Oh my gosh, more stories. They're all so good. More, more, MOAR!!:flutterrage:
Excuse me, ahh, keep up the good work.:moustache:

613375 the pregancy one counted? I thought 5th meant 5th EOH shipped

To quote a great man:

"And. Here. We. Go." :pinkiecrazy:

let the new form of Chaos reign :pinkiecrazy:
speaking of which, wonder how Discord is going to be tortured in this one

See what I said? Back in the feature box!

this seems like it will be a fun story:pinkiehappy:

616045 Feature what now? *takes a look* :pinkiegasp: I... :rainbowderp: :yay:

Hmn, so Whisper is Cerulean's missing brother? That is what I am guessing at the moment based on the story name and Cerulean remembering the pony who taught him the spell. Seems like the 16 year timeframe could match up as well, though I don't remember offhand if we have been given a timeframe for how long the brother was missing.

I made an account specifically to thank you, Cerulean and OminousBrony. This series has truly cemented me to this fandom. You stories are, frankly, amazing and I've enjoyed the entire series thus far. I can't wait until the next chapters because I feel like this is going to be an amazing story.

Thanks for being such amazing writers.:yay:

616157 Thank you for reading, and everypony else, too! Seeing others enjoy my stories really is the highlight of my days, and Omi always loves the attention. :twilightsmile:



Omi mentioned something on your blog post and it's DRIVING ME NUTS!

616184 YAY! Do ya hear that, Omi and Cer? That means we can make Trail Mix now! HUZZAH! (And right in time, too. I'm hungry!)


Ha-ha-ha. You're hilarious.:trollestia:

XD The nut's I'm generating are pecans and macadamias. They NEVER go into trail mix. :flutterrage:

616198 That's alright! Now I can make muffins instead! EVEN BETTERER! 8D And Pancakes with Pecans!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png
(Not to mention the pies and cookies!)


That actually sounds amazing. Never mind it would be like me eating craziness. :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Not that I do that...

616210 Me neither! Who knew we had so much in common?!
:pinkiegasp: We should have a PARTY! :pinkiehappy: I mean, we already have muffins and pies and (pan)cake(s)! All we need now is some fruit punch!


:pinkiecrazy: Yes. A party. Not a plot to take over Equestria. A party. Yessssss...

616246 EXACTLY! TOTALLY NOT a plot to take over Equestria! I mean, gosh, whatever gave you THAT idea? :trixieshiftleft: Certainly not me! I certainly don't have my hoof in the black market, no sirre! :trixieshiftright:

S-so, uh... Who's ready to PAR-TAY?! :pinkiesmile:

(XD We should stop. We're cluttering the comments with non-story related comments. *Whistles innocently*)

I do believe you are on to something there... siffice to day it would make for a good plot:moustache:

“Right. Now, how many of you have heard of alchemy?” Only one or two ponies raised their hooves, which was expected. “Alchemy was a branch of magic that was long thought a dead end, as what was meant to be accomplished through alchemy could be done much easier, and with much less danger, than regular magic. However, what you drank earlier, and this creation as well,” he said, holding the barrel aloft, “is something that no conventional magic could hope to produce.” Eager chatter erupted as he poured them all servings of the Phoenix juice, though they soon found themselves much too hot to do anything other than gasp for air and fan themselves as best they could.

I think that "than" is supposed to be "with" or something along that line.

But grammar-nazi bullshittery aside, fantastic chapter. And now I'm beginning to wonder if djthomp is right...that could be Cerulean's brother......that would be interesting. I've been wanting his brother to show up, even if only to make his parents put in an appearance, but if that really is his brother then it's official, Cerulean's family is one step closer to their goal of taking over all of Equestria!....Well, at least Ponyville.....*whispers from come from off-screen*...what do you mean that's not their goal? By the end of this story they'll have married into the families of three of the six Elements of Harmony!....*more whispers*....what do you mean "slander", I'm not....*whispers again*.....fine....I hereby retract any statements that may or may not have been viewed as offensive to the family of one Cerulean Snowgleam, as well as any insinuation that they have anything less than pure intentions for their spouses, their spouses' families, and the town they now live in.....there, are you happy now? *grumbles and walks off screen*

Is his full voice like a banshee's?

Holy crap that would be cool.


Drunken alicorns never gets old. :trollestia:

Of Course they don't. They're immortal and unaging.

Dat angry flutterpony

I admire Whisper's self-restraint.
In that situation I would have made the Greybeards envious.

ooooooh angel dead
i suspect this will be whispers first snap

So after looking at all the evidence, and seeing everyone's expectations about Whisper's secret, there is only one logical conclusion:

Whisper's voice isn't terrible, he doesn't kill ponies like a banshee or anything like that, the secret is, in fact, the exact opposite. His voice is too PERFECT. Rather than hurting ponies directly, his voice sounds so amazing that everypony he speaks to ends up being accidentally seduced by his dulcet tones. All the accidents he's caused are because of the ponies frantically trying to get closer to him, and all the anger is from the spouses and lovers of the ponies he's seduced. He does all this unintentionally of course, and therefore doesn't understand why other ponies keep chasing him or getting mad at him every time he speaks, only that bad things happen every time he does. Yes.....this is obviously the only logical conclusion....

i feel sorry for angel...no wait i don't he deserves whatever Fluttershy is going to do to him

Angel Bunny's thoughts: After all these years she finally snapped :pinkiecrazy:

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